parcels of joy

I’m feeling so crappy today; achy, throaty, sneezy, urghhh thinking I’ve caught the boys sniffles.  I feel like curling up in bed to read and sleep all day.  Bugger, can’t possibly do that as it’s the start of my working days now.  I really need to be feeling 100%.  Lots of tea and all things good for me today.  Beautiful Spring blooms from the garden are taking my mind off feeling unwell.  Such a pretty time of year.

I’m still busy working on my Christmas cards, greeting cards and gift tags.  These shall be finished by the end of the week and I can’t wait to share them with you all.  I have so so so missed my painting time though and am looking forward to spending long periods of time in the studio again in the next few weeks.  I did manage to sneak an hour in of painting fun yesterday afternoon while lil Flynn slept and Tully had some quiet time.  Fun free-spirited time is joyous and I think I need to make more of these snippets of creative time.  It certainly invigorates the soul. 

I had another attempt at painting with Tully again, but my patience didn’t last too long.  He’s still a little unpredictable to really enjoy painting together.  My time is spent watching where the paint is going and stopping him being silly instead of us just having fun.  He was actually better when he was 18 months than 3.  We had fun while it lasted though (o:

I have enjoyed lots of fun and giggles with my lil boys the past few days; we painted, we baked, we drew, we built towers, we raced cars, we road bikes, we posted parcels, we collected our mail, danced, chased butterflies, walked, ran, explored.  Don’t you love being childlike with your kids.  Whilst exploring outside we had fun photographing some beautiful Spring cheer that is abundant around our garden at the moment. 

My little boys love cooking in the kitchen and making things.  They helped me post some parcels late last week and they also loved baking a slice and cookies yesterday and then wrapping them up and delivering them to our friends doorstep on our way to the park.  I love showing them the gift of giving and generosity to others.  I do hope this is one of the key things they remember and hold onto through life. 

We enjoyed the generosity of a gift from another yesterday too.   When we walked down to check our mail in between the showers of rain we were all excited to find a parcel in there to enjoy.  Thankyou so much “you know who” xxx We were delighted to find and open this gift from the heart.






It is so very true that what you give to others of yourself will find its way back to your heart too.  Sharing, caring and love for others is such a special and fulfilling part of life.

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the week, and I’ll pop back here later in the week to share my new card designs with you.

Liza xxx


10 thoughts on “parcels of joy

  1. You are one busy lady! I love the colors you used in that painting…so warm and bright…perfect to see after our long, gray rainy day here. It was dark by 5pm! Oh..its going to be a long winter…
    Off to see Flora in seattle this weekend Yippee! Shall I say hello?

    • Yes busy busy busy, but aren’t all Mums (o: I forget that you guys are now heading into the cooler, darker months, I will definitely keep up some warm, bright Aussie Summer colours then in my work especially for you all! YES, definitely say a big HELLO to Flora for me, that would be lovely X You are in for so much fun, freedom and total JOY!!! Enjoy every moment of your weekend, I know you will and I can’t wait to see how your already amazing work continues to grow and develope. Liza xxx

    • Thanks Michelle, I decided to pop a panadol when I got home from dropping the boys at daycare this morning and that’s unusual for me as I usually don’t take anything and just go with it and take good care, but it was the best thing I could’ve done this morning, the aches have eased for now and in between writting this post and keeping up on FB I’ve finished off 2 incomplete Christmas card designs and started another, so I’m making progress which is awesome as at the start of the day I was thinking ohhh boy I was so looking forward to getting busy today and I just don’t see how that’s going to be achievable now. I’ll be as busy as possible today then have an early night so I am ok for tomorrow I think. Off to make a healthy lunch now…thankyou dear friend xxx

  2. I so love your paintings – the joy you feel while painting them is communicated so beautifully through them! Loved the rest of your pics as well and so glad to hear you are spending lots of time playing with your boys. My son is turning 24 this week – the time goes by so quickly and then they are off on their own journey, always a part of us, but they must spread their wings and fly, too!

    • Thankyou Kathleen I do really love it. I am so missing painting at the moment, can’t wait to get right into it again. Cards almost done….yay xxx
      I know they grow so incredibly quick! I’ve been a little sad lately because I think both my boys have now lost their baby faces )o: they’re little people now with big personalities.
      Each stage is a lot of fun, but I’ve really realised that once the baby faces are gone, that’s it, there’s no going back, they’re going to continue to grow and grow and grow. Liza xxx

  3. This too funny, you are writing on my blog as I am writing on yours!! I just checked and you left a comment about Pia. I love her books, had no Idea she was from Australia until today.

    Love the pics of you painting with the boys. Kids making art is just the best.
    Hope you start feeling better soon. Take care.

    • Haha we must’ve been online earlier at the same time (o: Yes Pia isn’t she inspiring, I love her books and blog posts X
      Thankyou, yes I love to encourage kids making art and connecting with their own creative sides. I need to cover our entire deck with paper though and just let Tully (3) go wild, you know without me saying “just here on the paper, no over here Tully, change brushes with different colours, no not on the floor on the paper Tully…” I don’t want to restrict him, but I usually need to unfortunately.
      Need to find a safe place where he can roam freely with his hands and brushes (o: Going to be soon nice n early tonight, thanks sweetie x

    • Thanks beautiful I’m almost there … phewwww. Yes Tully is a wild one with the paints, he needs a huge open space to let his creativity fly freely (o” You know rather all over the deck, or the floors, or the chairs, or me as he was yesterday little cheeky monkey he is. Lxxx

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