11.11.11 Remembrance Day Poppies

Today is Remembrance Day.  A time of reflection.  A time to honour and remember for our men and women who have served and protected our Country to provide us with our values, our freedom and our safety as a country. 

Remembrance Day is also known as poppy day for the red poppies that covered the battlefields of Flanders in World War I.  Their brilliant red colour signifies the blood spilt during these battles.  These poppies became significant after a notable poem for that time that was written on the 3rd May, 1915, by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, called “In Flanders Fields“.

Some time ago I sketched a little drawing of a poppy and for a while I have been wanting to develop it into a card or illustration.  This week seemed the perfect time to get to work on this little piece.  I decided to begin a new illustration to make prints from.

I am also considering for once adding a touch of colour to an illustration.  I have always worked in black and white in my illustrations, and only had fun with colour in my paintings.  But, this one is tempting me to play a little.  So, I think I’ll make some prints and have some fun with some red paint or red ink over the weekend and see whether I like it or whether to keep it simply black and white. 

I hope you’ve all had an enjoyable Friday, a great week and I wish you all an even better, more enjoyable weekend.  Have fun!

Liza xxx



20 thoughts on “11.11.11 Remembrance Day Poppies

  1. My favorite flower. There is nothing quite as pretty as a field of poppies swaying in the wind.
    A perfect symbol for Remembrance day.
    Hope your weekend is full of sunshine.

    • Mmmm they are beautiful flowers. The first time I saw them in a field, rather than a bunch was down in Tassie where my husband is from. It’s quite a difference seeing them like this. We had a lovely weekend, lots of fun with the boys, hope you did too Jules xxx

  2. Just beautiful Liza and I think a touch of color would be lovely! Of course I’m a little bias, I love poppies and my fave color is red 😉 Love the detail in your work. x

  3. Hi Liza,

    Been following your blog intermittently, just love it. You are doing a great job.
    I love the poppy concepts. Keep me posted I’m really interested. Limited edition? or original?
    Will catch up very soon xx

    • Hellooo, you’ve made my day seeing your lovely post here, thankyou Debra X Thankyou for your support and encouragment, you two really have been wonderful and are such treasured friends. I am going to post the Poppies illustration in my etsy store and still not sure about limited or open editions yet. The illustrations with the clouds will all be open editions. I have so many illustrations in my head to come out still, really enjoying this new path I’ve decided to follow, it’s been a really interesting and opening experience. Lxxx

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