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11346_405742539520261_1629711710_nOk, no more putting this off.  I’ve had so much to share in here, my little blog world, recently.  I’ve got new artwork, trips interstate, commissions, new recipes, new inspiration, more workshops to launch and more to share with you.  But the honest truth is, the last thing I’ve been wanting to do is sit down here confined to this silly old laptop (that keeps freezing on me, urghhh) and robotically write and present it.  It’s quite strange really as I’ve wanted to actually connect with you all and share.  I love sharing and I love this little blog.  However, physically I’ve not wanted to go near this computer. It’s a real problem for me, I just hate sitting in front of it, and it just feels like a huge drain on my energy.  July 2012 010

I have always had an aversion to computers.  In my Architectural degree (the olden days, pre-computer aided design, well it was just coming in) I took an elective once to learn CAD.  Up until that point all my drawing and documenting was all done by hand on my drawing board with a scale ruler, pencil, Rotring pen.  I have no idea why I chose CAD as an elective.  It was later in my degree and maybe by then there wasn’t much else on offer, or I’d faced facts that this was the way the world was going to go and if I was to get a job as an Architect I had to learn it.  Well, it was all done via a text book and a white board with us students sitting at a desk with notebook and pen!  Yes, that’s right, we didn’t even have computers to be taught on!!  Anyway, I manage to get a High Distinction for that subject.  Heeehe now I’m laughing as by the end of it I still new nothing about computer aided design, or computers for that matter, but shhhh, I did have lots of help from my techno savvy boyfriend of the time.  See, I  do have a total aversion to computers even today.  I should get this balanced shouldn’t I?!  I wish that they’d hurry up and invent that piece of technology that just syncs to your mind and interprets all of your thoughts and inner thinking and planning into the real thing!  Now how good would that be, we can all dream (o:IMG_0879

I’ve been doing a lot of dreaming again recently whilst I’ve been busy catching up on my creative work.  Re-visiting my past dreams and goals, adding to them and re-evaluating some.  Many little achievements are happening for me this year which is super exciting, but also very encouraging and it’s like a little reminder, yes this is you and this is what you are meant to be doing, so stop hesitating, doubting, waiting, and just get on with it.IMG_0893

I’m so in my head tonight, this post must be quite a funny one to read, sorry.  I’m actually meant to be sitting down here and writing two specific blog posts.  The first about my fabulous recent trip to Perth to stay with the beautiful Malini Parker, whom also gifted me a place in her amazing Beginners Workshop.  The second post I should be writing about is my very own recent first workshop, Nature Nurture which took place recently here on the Mornington Peninsula.  I have shared some snippets over on my Facebook page (so if you’re not connected to my Facebook art page, please do pop over and “like” as I do regularly pop in there for a few minutes each day, more than in here), so it’s not all bad.  But, I’ve been incredibly slack here on my blog which should actually probably be my main priority. IMG_0835

So enough of mind chatter and excuses.  I shall sign off here now from this post and get myself a cup of tea, my butt into gear, and write those two blog posts, now!  Before I go though, I wanted to share with you Flora Bowley’s beautiful recent month of blog posts which starts here and ends here.  She’s been an incredibly big part of my art journey and a huge inspiration to me professionally and personally.  Each afternoon for the past month I’ve enjoyed a new little ritual where I’ve sat with a cup of tea, even if for 5 mins (yes I do turn on ABC for kids for the boys, or send them outside to play, and lock the door, hehehe only kidding bout the last bit!) and enjoyed reading Flora’s daily post and then sitting with my journal and writing whatever has come to mind.  It’s been a beautiful healing process for me as I’ve addressed some of my own fears, again!  But, also just the process of taking a little me time each day, it’s so nurturing and just what I’ve needed over this past busy, way to busy month. April 2012 197

So my message today is to simply savour some nurturing time for yourself each day.  5 minutes is all you need, really it is.  If you’ve got more though, don’t hesitate, take it! Then just be with your thoughts and inner direction.  If that means writing in a journal about absolutely anything, then do.  If that means taking a walk outside and breathing in the healing fresh air, then do.  Maybe it’s making a cup of soothing tea, or listening to your favourite music track up really loud, taking a photo to record the day, drawing or crafting something in your journal, or maybe even writing a quick card to a dear friend.  Anything that warms your heart, nurtures your soul and pops some healing energy back into your system.  Enjoy!

Liza xxx

PS.  Some more inspiration that’s warmed my heart and inspired my soul recently that I just have to share with you all, go check out these awesome souls!

Mary Parker Photography

Alena Hennessy Artist

Anthia Koullouros


Easter, Perth & workshops…

IMG_0624Hello peeps (o:  I know I’ve been a little quiet in here this past week.  I may be a little quiet for this week to come too.  Soooo, I thought best I pop my head in here, send you all a big hello, post some inspiration, and let you know that I’m going on my first mini break this weekend.  My gosh the first break in about 6 years!  We’ve had a few trips to Tassie but this little break will be so different as I’m heading over to Perth all on my lonesome without Michael and without my beautiful boys )o:  Yes, I will be a little sad, a little homesick, and miss them terribly, no doubt about that!  But, the other little part of my is jumping up and down and so incredibly excited to take a little adventure off on my own.  You see I’ve never really done that before.  Michael and I even pre-kids have only ever spent one night apart.  So, for me this is a huge adventure in many ways.IMG_0595Last week I was also busy completing some artworks as well as creating this piece above for a dear friends birthday present.  I will have to get a better picture of it for you soon though!IMG_0608

I’m so blessed to have met Malini Parker last year and it is this beautiful woman whom I’m going to visit this weekend.  How lucky am I?!  I am also really lucky as I’m going to participate in Malini’s fantastic one day workshop, woohoo!  I’ll share all about it with you here when I get back next week.  Below is a photo of Malini and I taken last August.36595_543700492320117_1089462129_n

In the mean time I hope you all had a fabulous Easter break.  We enjoyed a relaxing camping trip down at Point Leo with some of our beautiful friends.  The kids had a ball playing together in the fresh air, riding bikes, swimming in the ocean, eating chocolate easter eggs.  And we enjoyed some adult time chatting, telling stories, eating lots of yummy home-made food and enjoying each others company without so many interruptions from lil ones.  It’s so different when the boys have friends to play with and keep themselves busy.  It was definitely not roughing it camping, or like the old days when Michael and I would set off hiking for a week with just our packs and 2 man hiking tent and the basic supplies.  Each of the 3 couples who went prepared one meal for each night including pre-dinner drinks and nibbles, and desert to follow our main.  We enjoyed feast after feast!  We had homemade ravioli, goulash, Syrian chicken, beautiful cheeses, homemade dips, bruschetta, delicious cakes, home-made healthy biscuits and not so healthy homemade chocolates.  Spoilt beyond belief and beautiful local wines and French champagne to accompany the yummy food.  I used to think camping in a pre-booked camp ground surrounded by kids and families wasn’t ever going to be as much fun as the more natural and free camping remotely that Michael and I used to enjoy.  But, this new style of camping we could definitely get used to (o”  The only downer was poor Michael had an ear infection and could not go surfing.  Look at the expression on his face )o: IMG_0628

The countdown is on now for my very first Nature Nurture Workshop.  Woohooooo!  I am so excited about this and can’t believe it’s just a few weeks away now.  So, if you haven’t already booked a spot, get your skates on, and send me an email to reserve your place.  I know a few of you are still contemplating joining us.  We’d love to have you along, it’s going to be fantastic and I have lots of fun and surprises in store (o:A5 Nature Nurture Workshop Flyer

Ok lovelies, I’ll be off for a little while, but back here with a super post on my trip to Perth.

Love & Creative Light,

Liza xxx

weekly moment

Here is my ”weekly moment”.  A single photo (well, actually two this week as they were taken together but in separate photos and they go together well and truly) with no words, title or caption, from the past week that I want to remember and savour forever.  Something simple, yet special to me.IMG_0561IMG_0573

Liza xxx

Inspired by Ken Lawson of Elroy Ink

300 (2)Ken Lawson is originally from Tasmania.  He studied design, joined a rock band, and worked for some years as a Graphic Designer before focusing on his strength and passion, pure design.  I wouldn’t hesitate to say Artist though. 300 (6)He now resides on the Victorian surf coast and enjoys working for himself.  He now produces limited and open edition Giclee prints under the name Elroy Ink.  Ken says on his website ” I much prefer the creative process when it does not involve a brief. Elroy ink is the vehicle that lets me express design without constraints. Using mainly colour and shape my aim is express something that is quintessentially ‘me’, although I really also hope to capture other hearts and minds along the way”.  300 (8)I can totally relate to Ken’s words.  Firstly this is one of the reasons I didn’t feel totally comfortable working as an Architect.  There are so many restraints, that the creative process, or freedom of that process is broken.  I love working as an Artist as I have the pure freedom to completely capture what it is within that I wish to express.  You can’t get much better than that! 300 (4)I was drawn to Ken’s work for its beautiful simplicity.  It’s very appealing to look at.  I could hang them all quite happily around my home.  His use of colours and geometric forms, it draws your eye around the pieces with ease.  I love the layering of subtle pastel tones and the playfulness of the compositions.  300 (3)It was great to read your lovely comments on this new regular post “Inspired by…” last week and a super special surprise to hear from the girl herself who featured in my first post, thank-you Amy.  Here is that first post if any of you missed it. You can look forward to plenty more weekly inspiration and featured artists.

300 (5)Liza xxx

weekly moment

Here is my ”weekly moment”.  A single photo with no words, title or caption, from the past week that I want to remember and savour forever.  Something simple, yet special to me.IMG_0403

Liza xxx

patience brings creative flow


Last August I started a new piece of art on a 30cm square plywood panel in Tracy Verdugo’s Paint Mojo workshop that I hosted with Wini Dougall.  Here is a link to the post that I wrote about the workshop.  Working with mixed media was quite new to me at the time.  Typically I paint with acrylics or I illustrate with pencil or black archival pens, and that’s it. IMG_0417

Tracy was teaching us how to work quickly and intuitively with selected images that spoke to us, acrylic inks, and words and shapes such as animals.  Mixed media was something I didn’t think I was really that into.  However, I’ve found it to be a great way to unwind, play and try out new techniques.  The piece on the right below is the piece I’m talking about today.  This is an image of where I finished up with it after Tracy’s workshop.August 2012 Paint Mojo 019

Since the workshop I’ve continually gone back to work on this mysterious little piece of art.  However, I just find myself just gazing at it.  I quite like the images and the colours, but I haven’t known where to take it or how to finish it.  I’d lost the playful fun and space I was in that afternoon long ago. Everything since has felt forced.IMG_0421

A friend of mine celebrated her birthday earlier this year.  When I knew her birthday was coming up I began to think about what special gift I might create for her.  I had a couple of thoughts in mind but what I kept coming back to was this sweet lil piece of unfinished art.  I could feel her energy within it, but I was still unsure how I was going to move it forward.  So, I sat with it on my desk, in daily view, and just took it in!IMG_0422

With some time I began to envision where I wanted to take this piece and what elements I now wanted to incorporate to bring it together and finish it off.  I felt the creative energy for the piece again that I felt when I first started it.IMG_0419

From then it just flowed through freely.  And this surprised me.  I painted, I added words, textures, incorporated collected images and tied it all together with my own illustrations and handwritten words.  It was really interesting the process of this piece of art.  Sometimes we just need to sit and be with a piece and have the patience to let it evolve in it’s own time and space.  IMG_0416

I love this little piece, it’s journey and story.  I’m so happy to be wrapping this up and sending it on its way to its new home on Monday.  Wishing you a super fun weekend, enjoy!

Liza xxx

Inspired by Amy Sia

I’m starting a new blog post each week titled “Inspired by…”  I love reading about the lives and creative exploration of artists.  I have enjoyed this since I was a child when my Mum would take me to the local Art Galleries, to exhibitions and talk to me and show me the works of many different artists from Australia and all over the world.  Favourites of mine then were Matisse, Renoir, Toulouse Lautrec, Vincent Van Gough, Cezanne, Frederick McCubbin, Sidney Nolan, Arthur Boyd, Arthur Streeton, Mirka Mora, Margaret Olley, John Olson.  There are more I have missed I’m sure.  These days with the internet there is even more access to wonderful artistic inspiration and artworks and I’m discovering more and more every year.  So, I thought wouldn’t it be great to try to catalogue each of the Artists I discover, and what better way to do this than to share them here with you.  So, I’ll aim to share a new one here each week.  Enjoy and I look forward to hearing what inspiration you take from each of them.428295_265658566842159_1662731496_n

Today I’m sharing with you the colourful, light and joyous work of Amy Sia.  It was definitely the gorgeous vibrant watercolour hues that attracted me to Sia’s artwork.  I love their depth of colour and the incredible array of colour.  I also love her delicate play of combining pattern with colour.  Sia’s work is very loose and playful and this is what I love about it.  They appear as colourful whimsies of playfulness dancing across the page, but beautifully composed allowing your eye to travel around and around the piece.  amy-sia-rain-2-large-art_medium

Amy is a London-based Surface Pattern Designer.  She did however grow up in Melbourne, Australia and studied Fashion Design at RMIT before working with some of Melbourne’s fashion labels.  A move to London with her husband saw her move more into surface pattern design.  She now creates patterns for Society 6 and has a stunning range of silk scarves, iPhone covers, laptop sleeves, and prints and framed artworks.564221_294111073996908_583275261_n

Amy is inspired by nature, colours found in nature, and our natural wonders, such as sunsets, rainbows and flowers.  She also has a keen eye for prints and pattern found in other countries and cultures.2486470_14166221-prn01_j

You can also see more of Amy’s work and inspiration over here on Pinterest.  I am also on Pinterest and if you haven’t already found me there, here is my page of pins, plenty of inspiration there for you also (o:

520340_10517764-prn01_jI hope you’ve enjoyed this new weekly feature.  Let me know your thoughts and what you loved about Amy’s artwork.  I look forward to featuring another artist for you next week.  Til then, enjoy!

Love & Creative Light,

Liza xxx