Winter 2013

Hello lovelies,

I am back from my little Winter break and am feeling a little more refreshed after my recent run in with adrenal fatigue.  Apart from that this years Winter has been great!  It hasn’t really felt like Winter at all, well not the dreary damp rainy grey one we usually get.  We were lucky enough to spend a week down on Michael’s family’s farm just out of Hobart, in Cambridge at the end of July, for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Quality family time with both Michael’s folks and our lil boys Tully & Flynn was another priority.  We took no laptops or Ipads & switched off our mobile phones, … bliss!IMG_1764IMG_1781IMG_1771

It was wonderful enjoying the beautiful crisp Winter’s mornings that we were blessed enough to enjoy bathed in beautiful sunlight.  We enjoyed lots of walks out in the fresh air around the farm connecting with nature and detoxifying from the constant to do’s and busyness of home life.  It seemed more like Spring than Winter during our stay. So lucky and very grateful.IMG_1759IMG_1779IMG_1794

Both Michael and I were in need of some time out to just breathe and be again.  I think the stress of the past two years and the constant late nights I spent up working last year til 12 and 1am have been the cause of my adrenal fatigue.  So Tassie was perfect timing to really implement a more slower, more balanced way of life again, and rest. IMG_1829IMG_1785IMG_1815

My diet is pretty darn good so I knew it wasn’t necessarily that being the cause, and I enjoy regular multiple yoga classes each week as well as some home practice also.  So the new things I’ve implemented are making sure I’m in bed by 10:30pm every week night and sometimes 11pm on the weekends.  I sleep in whenever I can, yes that’s right!  Michael has been wonderful in letting me lie in a bit (usually til around 8 or 9am so not too extravagant) on the weekends while he enjoys some one on one time with the boys first thing in the morning.IMG_30791149070_3355565545356_596167317_n1170819_3349253907569_449044126_n

I start my day with a mug of warm water with 1 tsp of organic apple cider vinegar and the juice of half an organic lemon. I’ve also been making sure I eat my breakfast within one hour of waking and ensuring it’s a good solid breakfast with protein, fats and carbohydrates, all the good ones of course.  Things I’ve been enjoying for breaky are my organic porridge with oats, almonds, coconut, chia and almond milk topped with a dollop of natural sheeps yoghurt, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and some berries or cherries, or a poached egg on B.U. Organics sprouted turmeric and millet bread, sheeps milk yoghurt with Loving Earths buckininis, activated walnuts, almonds and peacans, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, goji berries, dried blueberries and mulberries, and seasonal poached fruit on top, or on the weekends anything with eggs in it such as an awesome omelette or scrambled eggs with fresh garden herbs, or as a treat with the kids my fabulous gluten free sugar free ricotta hotcakes with berries and sheeps milk yoghurt.  YUM!  Yes breaky is a wonderful start to my day, and I’m especially grateful for this gorgeous morning Winter sunshine we’ve been enjoying, wow, so lucky!  Ok, now back to the Tassie trip…it was somebody’s 5th Birthday…IMG_3038IMG_3041IMG_3043

We celebrated Tully’s 5th Birthday.  Yes, my lil boy is growing up fast now, he starts school next year!  He was pretty excited to be going on a plane down to Tassie to see his Nan and Poppy for his birthday.  He did still put in a request for a special and decorated birthday cake though, so Mummy made him a pirate ship, just a little one seeing it was just the 6 of us.  We made a trip to Hobart’s fantastic health food shop, City Organics too to get yummy natural ingredients such wholegrain spelt flour, raw cacao, Loving Earth coconut butter, organic carrots, activated walnuts, coconut sugar, and preservative free and colour free lollies for decorating with.  So we had a chocolate carrot walnut cake that I turned into a little pirate ship which the boys just loved (o:IMG_3054IMG_1877IMG_1962

We didn’t get up to too much whilst away, the trip was more about down time and relaxing.  We enjoyed a beautiful wander around Salamanca market, a delicious breaky and catch up at Smolt with Richard of Villino Espresso and his gorgeous family, wandered around the docks where the boys enjoyed seeing the old and new sailing ships, a beautiful lunch out with just Michael at Brown Ginger ohhh so good, plenty of playtime in the fantastic Hobart parks. IMG_1864IMG_1865IMG_1822

We enjoyed much grounding time on the farm feeding and talking to the chooks, going exploring and looking for wild native hen eggs around the farm, riding Poppy’s tractors and trucks, and just enjoying some peace and quiet, well as much of that as you can with a 3 & just 5-year-old in tow.IMG_1763IMG_1920IMG_1915

I am so grateful for the time we enjoyed away together, even if it was just a week, it was special.  I love Tassie very much and am so grateful to be able to go and visit and enjoy it pretty much any time we want to.  We just need to make more time for it now!IMG_1858IMG_1772IMG_1776

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little recap and update of my last month or so.  It’s taken me a couple of weeks to find my rhythm again, but I’m now back into new commissions, taking some private art classes and group classes (email me if you’re interested), preparations for my upcoming Nature Nurture workshop, that’s right, October 19 & 20th if you haven’t already booked don’t miss out, and painting up a storm as I’ve been accepted to exhibit at the upcoming Mount Eliza Art Exhibition, yay! I’ll have more art work to share with you next post.  In the mean time pop over to my Facebook page for some daily inspiration or my Pinterest page too my ignite some creativity for you (o: A5 Nature Nurture Workshop Flyer Oct 2013IMG_0818IMG_1786

Wishing you all a beautiful end of August and a happy welcoming time into new seasons, Spring for us, in September, enjoy!

Liza xxx


One thought on “Winter 2013

  1. Your trip looks like it was such a heavenly balm! So glad you got that chance to pause and unwind. Made me want to go to Tassie! All the best for the upcoming Nature Nurture Workshop, Liza 🙂 I’m sure it will be full of creative goodness for your lucky students! xox

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