June disappeared and July is almost over…

Hello lovelies, IMG_1566

Ohhh my it has been a while since I posted in here hasn’t it?!  My sincere apologies.  I promise to post at least once a month from now on, no matter how busy or tired I get.  I’ve actually been suffering from a bit of adrenal fatigue.  I’ve been feeling the effects of this on and off since late last year.  Although, at the beginning of this year when I knew I had to pull back from late nights up working and take a little more time to nurture me, I thought I was just a bit worn out.  I crashed again a couple of weeks ago though, out of the blue, no energy or motivation, extreme tiredness, and no amount of sleep seemed to make me feel refreshed and alive again.  So off to my Chinese Doctor Kate I went.  I was due to go back and see her in a month, but it had drawn out to 6 weeks, so maybe that was also why I couldn’t maintain my stamina.  She was wonderful, giving me a beautiful acupuncture treatment and talking through my symptoms and the response she was getting from my pulse.  She said yes you are displaying classic adrenal fatigue signs and symptoms, time to slow it down a bit, even more so.  I came away still tired but I must say by today I am feeling a lot better than I was. No more running for me, just gentle walks and soothing yoga which I enjoyed yesterday followed by a very healing massage.  Taking the care in getting myself to bed early, aiming for 10/10:30pm, eating a good protein filled breaky within one hour of waking, followed by regular meals and snacks so I don’t bottom out, no caffeine, sugar, regular meditation, laughing and relaxing, no taking on more than I can deal with comfortably.  So that may help to explain my lack of blogging recently.  We are heading off to Tassie for a week of catching up with our family there so that is excellent timing!IMG_2691

It’s been so chilly here over Winter, but amazingly we enjoyed a day of 21 degrees yesterday.  Autumn is well behind us now, but Spring is just around the corner.  I’ve already seen blossom on some cherry trees and most of the local wattle is out in full bloom!  IMG_2797

For those of you who want more inspiration and updates more often than just once a month over here, the good news is I do post more regularly (because it’s so much simpler and quicker for me) over on my Liza Zeni Artist / Illustrator Facebook page.  So just click over here if you’d like to see more from me more often (o:11346_405742539520261_1629711710_n

Well, I really thought Winter was going to be a great time to sit back, relax, enjoy some well deserved quiet, nurturing time out from it all.  Hmmm, that may need to still happen even though Winter is nearly over!  There’s been so much to do and so much happening for me. I recently sold this beautiful heart piece of mine pictured above.  I just love doing these and there are more in the making.  My wall looks a bit bare without this little treasure hanging on it.IMG_2870

I have been quite a busy bee with my inky illustrations.  New pieces and a few more commissions have been really enjoyable projects for me and keeping me occupied any spare minute I get.  This piece below, I have entered into the Derinya Art & Craft Exhibition (D.A.C.E) which is taking place this weekend.1044940_472730922821422_1440244049_nI’ve also taken some originals inky illustrations off to my local printer to be scanned last week.  These will be ready to produce and sell as prints next month which is super exciting.  It’s been a while since I’ve had a range of prints for sale.  These will make great affordable gifts for friends and loved ones and also for Christmas!  IMG_1656

I often find during these inking and drawing sessions that lots of new ideas pop into my mind for new pieces and so my sketchbook is always out handy to sketch down some thoughts or draw up some new ideas to remember for later.IMG_2767I finished off this piece for my very dear friends little boys 1st Birthday.  I’m so happy with it, she is going to love it!IMG_1375

I hosted the lovely Tracy Verdugo for her Melbourne Paint Mojo workshops this year earlier in June.  Wow, was it really that long ago, it feels like last week to me!  Tracy stayed with us for the duration of her Melbourne trip this year and it was fabulous to get to know her this time and spend the beautiful time we did together, chatting, laughing, pondering, dreaming, cooking, creating and just enjoying one another’s company.  Below is a photo of the two of us at the Archibald Exhibition which was fabulous.1001771_10201065715187192_225619987_nWe enjoyed some beautiful time out together this year spending time walking on the beach with the boys, cooking and laughing of an evening, and even a bit of spontaneous collaborative painting which was a first for us both.969073_10201050465165951_438916955_nIMG_1200IMG_1205IMG_1541

Her two Paint Mojo workshops this year were fabulous.  There were permanent smiles on everyone’s faces.  Both groups, yes we had two workshops, and they were big groups, were filled with so many lovely souls.  IMG_1158

Everyone was really warm and friendly and open to sharing their hearts.  It was amazing the gorgeous energy from such large groups, very special.IMG_1259We all enjoyed plenty of creative freedom and finding our creative ways without worry, fear or judgement.  Just plenty of laughter and fun.  Tracy is a very open creative, who loves sharing her stories, creative journey, and her style.  She is such a fun-loving soul.IMG_1304IMG_1337

It was also really special for me because I met a whole bunch of lovely local creative ladies from The Creative Space.  They have all been just so warm and welcoming.  It has been really lovely getting to know them and I look forward to some regular painting days with them next month.IMG_1225

I’m also excited too as one of them nominated me to enter some of my art into the local Derinya Art & Craft Exhibition.  The opening night is tonight, and the exhibition is open all weekend to the public.  I’m excited just to be going out for a social evening with my hubby, but it will be also great to catch up with these ladies again and also see all of the stunning local art hanging on display.  There are so many talented people down here on the Peninsula.  I am learning more and more each week what a special place it is that I live in.IMG_2773

Here are some photos of the pieces that I have entered.  This first one is a collaborative piece that I painted with Tracy Verdugo while she stayed with us.  It is called “In Friendship, there is Light”.IMG_2860

Below is one of my pieces called “Reminiscent” IMG_2904

This is another of my paintings called “Inner Joy”IMG_1648

And this is my final piece which is for the postcard exhibit, titled “Natural Abundance”IMG_1596

And here is a photo of me with them all (o:IMG_2950

So that’s an almighty blog post update isn’t it?!  Hope you’ve survived and at least enjoyed all the photos.  I’ll take some photos of the opening night of the exhibition tonight and post them on my Facebook page over the weekend. It’s going to be so nice to head out just Michael and I for a bit of socializing without the kids for a change (o:

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend, enjoy!

Liza xxx


4 thoughts on “June disappeared and July is almost over…

  1. WOW! that was huge – so many amazing images and wonderful art! Well done! So sorry you have adrenal fatigue but sounds like you are in good hands with your TCM doctor. Much love xox

    • Hi LeeAnn, thankyou so much for your lovely comments and feedback. I’ve been so busy of late with new pieces of art and commissions and Christmas cards that I’ve not had much time to devote to my website and blog. I shall be updating and blogging more regularly over the coming weeks though so I hope you enjoy some new pieces here. That’s lovely to hear I was featured on Brave Girls Club (o: Thanks for taking the time to leave me a lovely comment, lovely to meet you too xxx

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