shifting, changing, growing

I’ve had a very interesting week this week so I thought I’d share it with you all.  As you know I suffered from a migraine for the first time a week or two ago which was something new, not much fun, but left it at that and thought well it’ll most likely be a one-off.  However, into last weekend and the start of this week I was experiencing intense neck tension that was beginning to become quite debilitating as it was making me quite grumpy and also distracting me from my usual weekly routine and creativity.  The week did not start well at all.IMG_0881

On Wednesday I’d made plans to catch up with a lovely local lady whom I met at a Flora Bowley workshop a couple of years ago.  We enjoyed a really lovely chat and laugh over lunch and then she invited me to take part in an art therapy session which apart from Business coaching is a field she loves to work in.  She’d mentioned this to me a while ago and it immediately brought back memory’s of going off to a therapist of sorts around the age of 8 when my parents divorced.  Mum took me a long and all I remember is being asked to draw pictures and describe them.  For me at that age it felt terribly awkward, embarrassing, self-conscious and plain weird speaking to someone I’d never met before and being asked questions and being prompted to draw out my emotions as if I didn’t know what was going on.  Anyway not the best experience I’ve had.IMG_1096

This session however was completely different, more relaxing and less intrusive and embarrassing.  I knew it would be though and that’s why I felt totally trusting and went along.  The session started with a little meditation and relaxation exercise and then I was asked to select a couple of coloured pastels, one for each hand.  I was then to close my eyes, relax, switch off from everything and just allow my hands to do whatever they wanted to do on the large pieces of paper in front of me.  At first I thought, that’s not so hard, this will be fun.IMG_1097

However, this was harder than I thought!  I regularly meditate and find it quite easy to relax my body and hush my mind now, but to just zone out and allow my hands to do what they wanted, without my inner self telling them what to do or pushing them to do something else was really, really hard.  I at first was drawing what I was seeing, although that wasn’t right, so I really had to try with quite a lot of concentrating to just tune out from all and be guided by my hands.IMG_1098

Over time I did and felt my hands wandering the page in front of me.  I actually thought that I was about to go off the edge of the page, however when it was time to open my eyes and look and then select new pastels for the next piece, I’d notice that I was nowhere near the edges and that in fact I was tightly contained right in front of me.  Interesting.IMG_1099

My friend encouraged me in the next few to move my body with the movements of my hands.  Now I was beginning to feel a little self-conscious, but I tried to let go of this feeling and move my body.  Again, it felt as though I was stretching out far, but I’d open my eyes to see I’d only inched out a little and the patterning was quite similar.IMG_1100

Trying a few times more on new sheets of paper I slowly began to relax, switch off and be guided openly by my hands.  Big circles appeared and almost became figure 8s in the end piece.  It was such an interesting process and one that gave me great insight into myself and how I am.  I could see telling traits and also see the inner self that wants to go in her own direction.IMG_1101

I really enjoyed this art therapy session and would recommend it to any of you out there who is willing to have a go and find out what art therapy is about these days, not like the old days!!  If you live on the Mornington Peninsula and would like my contact then please feel free to email me and I’ll put you in contact with this fabulous woman.IMG_1047

The next day I felt I’d grown in my understanding of myself, again.  Always growing and learning and that’s what I love.  However, I was still suffering from the terrible tension in my neck so I rang my gorgeous Yoga teacher who is also a practicing massage and reflexology therapist to see if she could fit me in for a session.  It was meant to be, she’d had a cancellation that morning so off I went to see what would show up as causing my pain.IMG_1093

I had enjoyed reflexology sessions in the past, but hadn’t had one since I’d had my boys. Isn’t it ridiculous how we tend to let all of those little helpful wellbeing and health things go by the wayside when we have kids?!  I guess we just naturally put their needs and health before our own, but I’m beginning to realise that in fact I need to be number one in good health and wellbeing to in fact manage them and their health and wellbeing!IMG_1095

As soon as the session began I could instantly feel the beautiful healing energy and knew that I was in the right place and that this beautiful healer knew what she was doing.  The session felt endless, time stood still and I could feel her working on various parts of my body.  I fell into a deep meditative state and thoroughly enjoyed the peacefulness and gentle work.  This was such an insightful session for me.  I went in there thinking that my neck was actually out of alignment and perhaps I had tension I was carrying in my neck and shoulders.  However, it turned out that it was showing up as hormonal and even though it was a surprise, it actually made sense once we talked through it.  I’d been experiencing hormonal changes over the last 2 years and I guess this is just more change I’m experiencing.  My session also helped shift some other blockages though and this realization came from both this session and the art therapy session.IMG_1090

I’d been feeling quite frustrated, a bit put out, a bit down in the dumps and feeling useless the past couple of weeks.  It has been distracting and has dampened my mood that’s for sure.  I knew the cause of this, but hadn’t really worked out how to make a change to help me feel my normal happy-go-lucky motivated self.  Today though, about midday after running errands (which I really could have done tomorrow morning) and distracting myself with washing and cleaning (again I really could have done tomorrow on the weekend), I suddenly felt the urge to merge my two working spaces at home.  You see I’d been working on my illustration and computer stuff out in our lounge room on the big long desk, next to my husband who works as an Architect in our Architectural practice, from home.  My little studio space I’d kept just for painting.  I’ve not been spending enough time in the studio painting as much as I’d like to lately.  I thought that’s it, I’ve just got to move everything I need and work on into the one space.  I then won’t be bothered by my hubby whom I’ve felt a little bit overwhelmed by in many ways recently, and also I will have my own space which I can totally enjoy in my own way, and also hopefully get some more painting time in there too.IMG_1091

So it’s taken me all afternoon and some of this evening and there’s still some stuff to sort and throw out most likely, but I’m in here, feeling fab again and I’ve got my Liza smile back on which feels great.  Nothing like a big shift, a new space, and a fresh start to make one feel alive and invigorated.  I feel at home in this little space.  It’s still not quite right as it’s very small and I’ve just used what furniture I had at hand, including our camping trestle table (o:  The plan is though to build in my own desk along two walls, add some shelving and keep a wall free to paint against, and it will be just perfect.IMG_1088IMG_1087

We are also underway with another big change here at home, which I must say is going to change our lives.  For the better!  Michael and I have been discussing and measuring and drawing up plans for a new garage and studio space where our carport currently stands.  This is a huge deal!!  Michael as I’ve mentioned has been working full-time from our lounge room, which adjoins our living dining kitchen, with only a sliding door between him and me and our two boys.  Not ideal at all.  It’s been very difficult living like this, causes quite a lot of tension at times, and isn’t really fair on him, me or the kids.  So with a little help from family to get us started, we are going to spend the next little while building ourselves a lockable garage and a studio.  The other exciting part is that I will be able to move the trailer out and open up a section to use it as a workshop space.  Woohooo (o:  That means I’ll be able to run one day workshops from here, kids after school workshops from here, my own weekend Nature Nurture workshops from here and there will be no wasted time and energy and expense in hiring spaces once this is complete.  Yay, we are all very excited.  It’s not there yet, but our vision definitely is feeling more like a reality now.IMG_1094

Happy weekend to you and I hope you have a bit happy smile spread across your face all weekend like I will (o:

Liza xxx


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