Autumn, inspiration and renewed energy

I’m feeling right where I need to be again this week; busy happily creating original art.  I’ve been so busy the past couple of months that I’ve not had clear solid time to focus and create.  My routine was totally out of order, as I had many engagements, deadlines, a mile long task list or organizational stuff, family things, and I was feeling energetically out of whack and fatigued, most likely due to overwhelm and not enough down time or thinking time in amongst all there was to do.  I also had to stay strong to myself, listen to my intuition, very, very strongly, (I asked multiple times often in meditation just to be sure) and say no to a couple of things which really tested my inner strength in some ways.20121004_westly-day-dream935435_3073613136722_1180258046_n

Autumn is well and truly here though now.  My favourite time of the year!  And, I am feeling renewed, alive, full of energy and full of creative light.  I’m loving every day again and living presently in the moment, instead of worrying about the next to do or engagement. may-2012-003 july-2012-039 (2)

I have also been seeing a Chinese Dr again for the past 6 weeks or so and this has helped me realign and completely rejuvenate my energy levels.  I was seeing a fabulous Chinese Dr regularly before we moved a couple of years ago, but hadn’t found one since the move.  Back on track again though now and jumping with abundant energy stores again.  Loving my morning walks and really hoping I can attend yoga twice a week again instead of my usual one.  Happily sending all my wishes out into the open (o:521570_10200695335367928_807386052_n

Creatively I’ve been busy organizing the two upcoming Paint Mojo workshops on behalf of Artist Tracy Verdugo.  This involves sorting venue, paperwork, payments, emailing participants, catering, thinking about venue set up etc.A5 Nature Nurture Workshop Flyer

I’ve also been working on organizing the finer details of my next upcoming Nature Nurture Workshop in October with preparations for catering, venue confirmation, workshop details, refinements and flyers.IMG_0916 IMG_0918

I’ve had more interest recently in my A4 and A5 mixed media originals too which excited me.  So I’ve had a number of commissions to work on as well as a bit of a back log of gifts for family and loved ones.  That’s certainly keeping me busy, but enjoyable busy and I love the constant flow of new work and ideas that are coming through so easily now.IMG_0818

My painting is going on in the background.  I still aim to paint one day a week, but I still feel it’s not enough to really get into it.  I’m sure once my boys are in Primary School I may get more regular painting time, even with the shorter days.  Another wish I’m putting out there!!  I’ve got a few unfinished pieces still but I’m loving exploring my colourful botanicals and there is a series of these now under way which I’d love to exhibit next year!935544_3050632242214_1909633556_n

Health and wellbeing I’m constantly exploring and researching as you all know.  I do need to get back into my regular “Wellness from Within” posts again for you all though.  I know there are many of you requesting my fresh turmeric dip recipe as well as various other recipes.  I’m now getting a regular flow of requests for my recipes and also health and nutritional advice.  It makes me light up when people are willing to make the necessary changes to their diets and daily routines to lead a healthier lifestyle.  We all need to do this, not only for ourselves but for our following generations of loved ones.  I may not have shared this in here yet, but late last year with routine yearly blood tests (I always have to keep an eye on my low blood pressure and sometimes very low iron) my GP advised me that as I was nearing 40 I should add a cholesterol test now.  I thought ok, yes, that makes sense, but didn’t think much more.IMG_2582

Perhaps I should have as there is a running family history of heart disease and high cholesterol in my family.  I didn’t think much of it though as I’ve been very aware of this and done my utmost to lead a healthy life, with improvements year after year.  I’m currently eating and living the healthiest I have ever!  I just thought well I’ve been looking after myself for a very long time for this very reason, to keep my cholesterol low.  However, I was totally shocked, upset, and angry when my tests came back with sky-high cholesterol…9.7!  The doctor wanted to put me on medication straight away, that very day, saying your young, fit, very healthy, this is hereditary and there is nothing  you can do about it, you need to take this medication.  So, me being me, I argued with them and said no I am not going on medication until I’ve done my own research.  942438_3073645737537_1543643514_n

Anyway, turns out about 3 months later I went on it, only as there were very little dietary changes that I could implicate, the herbs and vitamins that I started taking made no difference to my level, the compounding pharmacist said natural remedies will only bring it down 1 – 1.5, which is still not enough, and family and close friends were worried and said you have no choice.  I won’t go into further details, as that’s another blog post, but I will say I’ve reduced the doctor’s prescription of medication due to them not taking in size and weight and the effects and side effects that I was feeling.  However, I am still researching and looking at ways to reduce my cholesterol more naturally.  Unfortunately though for me this is all the result of my DNA and family history so my warning to you all is that no matter how healthy your lifestyle is, please, please make sure you have all the regular yearly check ups and tests to make sure all is in order.IMG_2612

Other news I bought Tully a new bike as he’d well and truly out grown his old one so much so he had the wobbles on it every time he tried to ride it.  Early birthday present!!  It’s mushroom season which is just delightful and so fascinating down here on the Mornington Peninsula which really is a little haven for a fabulous variety of mushies.  Let the magic begin!  IMG_0899March 2012 054

Ahhhh, gorgeous, loving the kookaburras laughing in the background here at the moment.  They’ve been happy chappies all day today since dawn.  It’s such a glorious Autumn day here and I’m achieving so much.  Here’s to more days like today and more regular updates and blog posts from me for you (o:  Hope you’re all enjoying my regular Facebook photos, links and inspirations too and welcome to the new likers over there, thank-you.

Liza xxx

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11 thoughts on “Autumn, inspiration and renewed energy

  1. Hi Liza,
    Just wondering what the Chinese doctor do to increase your energy levels?
    Also am booking myself in for a Cholesterol test too, thanks for the warning!

    • Hi Teresa, the Chinese dr has been doing a combination of acupuncture and moxibustion over a series of about 6 weeks now. It had been a few years since I’d been and I was really quite fatigued. I think the treatment always comes down to your symptoms and body, but I’ve always responded really well to it. That’s good, so glad most of you guys are hearing my warning and getting all your tests done. Thanks sweetie xxx

  2. Yes lots of food for thought. I understand that need to say no to things, listening to intuition and the desire to have time to paint also xX Great post Liza 🙂

    • Thank-you Fiona x yes intuition is my guiding light at the moment and one I’m learning to trust more and more and seeing more and more it’s right (o:

  3. I loved this post Liza. How do you go from thought of arty ideas to doing. I get lost there. It is like the bridge is up with no way to continue along the path.
    Also what does the Chinese Dr do to you ?
    My friends dad is a normal GP he told her husband with bad cholesterol to eat, and here is where I forget, one table or tea spoon of that butter/marg that claims to lower cholesterol, a day ! It is a true worry to have yours up so far. Mine used to be very very low.
    It is great to rad you are buzzing with ideas and energy, following thought on them all.

    • Hi Helen,
      I guess I just get so excited about an idea that I just simply go for it, and start drawing, and see where it takes me. I’m a bit like that, spontaneous, when something feels right. If it doesn’t feel right though, there’s just stagnation and usually frustration (o”
      My Chinese Dr has been giving me acupuncture and moxibustion (not sure if that’s spelt right, but the smokey stuff they place on your body) for about the last 6 weeks. I’ve noticed such a huge change! I feel a lot better and my yoga teacher said to me last week, what’s changed, you look amazing, you’ve got lots more colour, energy and look so much better, more vibrant.
      My blood pressure is low so I guess it’s not all bad. Usually high cholesterol and high blood pressure go hand in hand.
      I wish I could follow through on all my ideas, time time time is the essence at the moment, and being mindful of my wellbeing and health xxx

  4. Hi Liza, my partner has low blood pressure too so I’m curious – I’ve not met anyone else with this problem. Sorry, to comment on such a mundane thing in a post so chock full of scrumptious things! He doesn’t have regular blood tests to monitor it so I’m wondering if there’s anything else he probably should be doing that you’re doing?!

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