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11346_405742539520261_1629711710_nOk, no more putting this off.  I’ve had so much to share in here, my little blog world, recently.  I’ve got new artwork, trips interstate, commissions, new recipes, new inspiration, more workshops to launch and more to share with you.  But the honest truth is, the last thing I’ve been wanting to do is sit down here confined to this silly old laptop (that keeps freezing on me, urghhh) and robotically write and present it.  It’s quite strange really as I’ve wanted to actually connect with you all and share.  I love sharing and I love this little blog.  However, physically I’ve not wanted to go near this computer. It’s a real problem for me, I just hate sitting in front of it, and it just feels like a huge drain on my energy.  July 2012 010

I have always had an aversion to computers.  In my Architectural degree (the olden days, pre-computer aided design, well it was just coming in) I took an elective once to learn CAD.  Up until that point all my drawing and documenting was all done by hand on my drawing board with a scale ruler, pencil, Rotring pen.  I have no idea why I chose CAD as an elective.  It was later in my degree and maybe by then there wasn’t much else on offer, or I’d faced facts that this was the way the world was going to go and if I was to get a job as an Architect I had to learn it.  Well, it was all done via a text book and a white board with us students sitting at a desk with notebook and pen!  Yes, that’s right, we didn’t even have computers to be taught on!!  Anyway, I manage to get a High Distinction for that subject.  Heeehe now I’m laughing as by the end of it I still new nothing about computer aided design, or computers for that matter, but shhhh, I did have lots of help from my techno savvy boyfriend of the time.  See, I  do have a total aversion to computers even today.  I should get this balanced shouldn’t I?!  I wish that they’d hurry up and invent that piece of technology that just syncs to your mind and interprets all of your thoughts and inner thinking and planning into the real thing!  Now how good would that be, we can all dream (o:IMG_0879

I’ve been doing a lot of dreaming again recently whilst I’ve been busy catching up on my creative work.  Re-visiting my past dreams and goals, adding to them and re-evaluating some.  Many little achievements are happening for me this year which is super exciting, but also very encouraging and it’s like a little reminder, yes this is you and this is what you are meant to be doing, so stop hesitating, doubting, waiting, and just get on with it.IMG_0893

I’m so in my head tonight, this post must be quite a funny one to read, sorry.  I’m actually meant to be sitting down here and writing two specific blog posts.  The first about my fabulous recent trip to Perth to stay with the beautiful Malini Parker, whom also gifted me a place in her amazing Beginners Workshop.  The second post I should be writing about is my very own recent first workshop, Nature Nurture which took place recently here on the Mornington Peninsula.  I have shared some snippets over on my Facebook page (so if you’re not connected to my Facebook art page, please do pop over and “like” as I do regularly pop in there for a few minutes each day, more than in here), so it’s not all bad.  But, I’ve been incredibly slack here on my blog which should actually probably be my main priority. IMG_0835

So enough of mind chatter and excuses.  I shall sign off here now from this post and get myself a cup of tea, my butt into gear, and write those two blog posts, now!  Before I go though, I wanted to share with you Flora Bowley’s beautiful recent month of blog posts which starts here and ends here.  She’s been an incredibly big part of my art journey and a huge inspiration to me professionally and personally.  Each afternoon for the past month I’ve enjoyed a new little ritual where I’ve sat with a cup of tea, even if for 5 mins (yes I do turn on ABC for kids for the boys, or send them outside to play, and lock the door, hehehe only kidding bout the last bit!) and enjoyed reading Flora’s daily post and then sitting with my journal and writing whatever has come to mind.  It’s been a beautiful healing process for me as I’ve addressed some of my own fears, again!  But, also just the process of taking a little me time each day, it’s so nurturing and just what I’ve needed over this past busy, way to busy month. April 2012 197

So my message today is to simply savour some nurturing time for yourself each day.  5 minutes is all you need, really it is.  If you’ve got more though, don’t hesitate, take it! Then just be with your thoughts and inner direction.  If that means writing in a journal about absolutely anything, then do.  If that means taking a walk outside and breathing in the healing fresh air, then do.  Maybe it’s making a cup of soothing tea, or listening to your favourite music track up really loud, taking a photo to record the day, drawing or crafting something in your journal, or maybe even writing a quick card to a dear friend.  Anything that warms your heart, nurtures your soul and pops some healing energy back into your system.  Enjoy!

Liza xxx

PS.  Some more inspiration that’s warmed my heart and inspired my soul recently that I just have to share with you all, go check out these awesome souls!

Mary Parker Photography

Alena Hennessy Artist

Anthia Koullouros


4 thoughts on “blog block

  1. So happy to hear that things are starting to happening for you creatively, and thanks for the reminder to take at least 5 minutes each day to nurture my own creative soul. Why is that so easy to forget? Too often, the days I feel most creative are the days that are stuffed with obligations and chores. Frustrating to find a balance, isn’t it? Happy May Day, now I’m off to like your FB page.

    • THanks very much Mary x Mmm, I think we just get caught up in all of the to do’s and obligations, and oh I must…before we tune into our own needs. finding that balance is very much the hardest part I feel. Hope you enjoyed a lovely May day too lovely xxx

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