Easter, Perth & workshops…

IMG_0624Hello peeps (o:  I know I’ve been a little quiet in here this past week.  I may be a little quiet for this week to come too.  Soooo, I thought best I pop my head in here, send you all a big hello, post some inspiration, and let you know that I’m going on my first mini break this weekend.  My gosh the first break in about 6 years!  We’ve had a few trips to Tassie but this little break will be so different as I’m heading over to Perth all on my lonesome without Michael and without my beautiful boys )o:  Yes, I will be a little sad, a little homesick, and miss them terribly, no doubt about that!  But, the other little part of my is jumping up and down and so incredibly excited to take a little adventure off on my own.  You see I’ve never really done that before.  Michael and I even pre-kids have only ever spent one night apart.  So, for me this is a huge adventure in many ways.IMG_0595Last week I was also busy completing some artworks as well as creating this piece above for a dear friends birthday present.  I will have to get a better picture of it for you soon though!IMG_0608

I’m so blessed to have met Malini Parker last year and it is this beautiful woman whom I’m going to visit this weekend.  How lucky am I?!  I am also really lucky as I’m going to participate in Malini’s fantastic one day workshop, woohoo!  I’ll share all about it with you here when I get back next week.  Below is a photo of Malini and I taken last August.36595_543700492320117_1089462129_n

In the mean time I hope you all had a fabulous Easter break.  We enjoyed a relaxing camping trip down at Point Leo with some of our beautiful friends.  The kids had a ball playing together in the fresh air, riding bikes, swimming in the ocean, eating chocolate easter eggs.  And we enjoyed some adult time chatting, telling stories, eating lots of yummy home-made food and enjoying each others company without so many interruptions from lil ones.  It’s so different when the boys have friends to play with and keep themselves busy.  It was definitely not roughing it camping, or like the old days when Michael and I would set off hiking for a week with just our packs and 2 man hiking tent and the basic supplies.  Each of the 3 couples who went prepared one meal for each night including pre-dinner drinks and nibbles, and desert to follow our main.  We enjoyed feast after feast!  We had homemade ravioli, goulash, Syrian chicken, beautiful cheeses, homemade dips, bruschetta, delicious cakes, home-made healthy biscuits and not so healthy homemade chocolates.  Spoilt beyond belief and beautiful local wines and French champagne to accompany the yummy food.  I used to think camping in a pre-booked camp ground surrounded by kids and families wasn’t ever going to be as much fun as the more natural and free camping remotely that Michael and I used to enjoy.  But, this new style of camping we could definitely get used to (o”  The only downer was poor Michael had an ear infection and could not go surfing.  Look at the expression on his face )o: IMG_0628

The countdown is on now for my very first Nature Nurture Workshop.  Woohooooo!  I am so excited about this and can’t believe it’s just a few weeks away now.  So, if you haven’t already booked a spot, get your skates on, and send me an email liza@lizazeni.com to reserve your place.  I know a few of you are still contemplating joining us.  We’d love to have you along, it’s going to be fantastic and I have lots of fun and surprises in store (o:A5 Nature Nurture Workshop Flyer

Ok lovelies, I’ll be off for a little while, but back here with a super post on my trip to Perth.

Love & Creative Light,

Liza xxx


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