Inspired by Ken Lawson of Elroy Ink

300 (2)Ken Lawson is originally from Tasmania.  He studied design, joined a rock band, and worked for some years as a Graphic Designer before focusing on his strength and passion, pure design.  I wouldn’t hesitate to say Artist though. 300 (6)He now resides on the Victorian surf coast and enjoys working for himself.  He now produces limited and open edition Giclee prints under the name Elroy Ink.  Ken says on his website ” I much prefer the creative process when it does not involve a brief. Elroy ink is the vehicle that lets me express design without constraints. Using mainly colour and shape my aim is express something that is quintessentially ‘me’, although I really also hope to capture other hearts and minds along the way”.  300 (8)I can totally relate to Ken’s words.  Firstly this is one of the reasons I didn’t feel totally comfortable working as an Architect.  There are so many restraints, that the creative process, or freedom of that process is broken.  I love working as an Artist as I have the pure freedom to completely capture what it is within that I wish to express.  You can’t get much better than that! 300 (4)I was drawn to Ken’s work for its beautiful simplicity.  It’s very appealing to look at.  I could hang them all quite happily around my home.  His use of colours and geometric forms, it draws your eye around the pieces with ease.  I love the layering of subtle pastel tones and the playfulness of the compositions.  300 (3)It was great to read your lovely comments on this new regular post “Inspired by…” last week and a super special surprise to hear from the girl herself who featured in my first post, thank-you Amy.  Here is that first post if any of you missed it. You can look forward to plenty more weekly inspiration and featured artists.

300 (5)Liza xxx


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