patience brings creative flow


Last August I started a new piece of art on a 30cm square plywood panel in Tracy Verdugo’s Paint Mojo workshop that I hosted with Wini Dougall.  Here is a link to the post that I wrote about the workshop.  Working with mixed media was quite new to me at the time.  Typically I paint with acrylics or I illustrate with pencil or black archival pens, and that’s it. IMG_0417

Tracy was teaching us how to work quickly and intuitively with selected images that spoke to us, acrylic inks, and words and shapes such as animals.  Mixed media was something I didn’t think I was really that into.  However, I’ve found it to be a great way to unwind, play and try out new techniques.  The piece on the right below is the piece I’m talking about today.  This is an image of where I finished up with it after Tracy’s workshop.August 2012 Paint Mojo 019

Since the workshop I’ve continually gone back to work on this mysterious little piece of art.  However, I just find myself just gazing at it.  I quite like the images and the colours, but I haven’t known where to take it or how to finish it.  I’d lost the playful fun and space I was in that afternoon long ago. Everything since has felt forced.IMG_0421

A friend of mine celebrated her birthday earlier this year.  When I knew her birthday was coming up I began to think about what special gift I might create for her.  I had a couple of thoughts in mind but what I kept coming back to was this sweet lil piece of unfinished art.  I could feel her energy within it, but I was still unsure how I was going to move it forward.  So, I sat with it on my desk, in daily view, and just took it in!IMG_0422

With some time I began to envision where I wanted to take this piece and what elements I now wanted to incorporate to bring it together and finish it off.  I felt the creative energy for the piece again that I felt when I first started it.IMG_0419

From then it just flowed through freely.  And this surprised me.  I painted, I added words, textures, incorporated collected images and tied it all together with my own illustrations and handwritten words.  It was really interesting the process of this piece of art.  Sometimes we just need to sit and be with a piece and have the patience to let it evolve in it’s own time and space.  IMG_0416

I love this little piece, it’s journey and story.  I’m so happy to be wrapping this up and sending it on its way to its new home on Monday.  Wishing you a super fun weekend, enjoy!

Liza xxx


3 thoughts on “patience brings creative flow

  1. I love this piece as well…I completely understand the process and the wait. I think it’s great to have a piece to wait on. It’s the piece where our intuition really creates the work. I hope you continue with these, there are so many different pieces within the one. Hugs! Kim

    • Thanks so much Kim (o: Yes for me lately my biggest lesson has been to slow down and listen to within. I’ve actually felt more relaxed working in this way too. I shall continue with them Kim, thank-you so much for your beautiful encouragement xxx

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