Inspired by Amy Sia

I’m starting a new blog post each week titled “Inspired by…”  I love reading about the lives and creative exploration of artists.  I have enjoyed this since I was a child when my Mum would take me to the local Art Galleries, to exhibitions and talk to me and show me the works of many different artists from Australia and all over the world.  Favourites of mine then were Matisse, Renoir, Toulouse Lautrec, Vincent Van Gough, Cezanne, Frederick McCubbin, Sidney Nolan, Arthur Boyd, Arthur Streeton, Mirka Mora, Margaret Olley, John Olson.  There are more I have missed I’m sure.  These days with the internet there is even more access to wonderful artistic inspiration and artworks and I’m discovering more and more every year.  So, I thought wouldn’t it be great to try to catalogue each of the Artists I discover, and what better way to do this than to share them here with you.  So, I’ll aim to share a new one here each week.  Enjoy and I look forward to hearing what inspiration you take from each of them.428295_265658566842159_1662731496_n

Today I’m sharing with you the colourful, light and joyous work of Amy Sia.  It was definitely the gorgeous vibrant watercolour hues that attracted me to Sia’s artwork.  I love their depth of colour and the incredible array of colour.  I also love her delicate play of combining pattern with colour.  Sia’s work is very loose and playful and this is what I love about it.  They appear as colourful whimsies of playfulness dancing across the page, but beautifully composed allowing your eye to travel around and around the piece.  amy-sia-rain-2-large-art_medium

Amy is a London-based Surface Pattern Designer.  She did however grow up in Melbourne, Australia and studied Fashion Design at RMIT before working with some of Melbourne’s fashion labels.  A move to London with her husband saw her move more into surface pattern design.  She now creates patterns for Society 6 and has a stunning range of silk scarves, iPhone covers, laptop sleeves, and prints and framed artworks.564221_294111073996908_583275261_n

Amy is inspired by nature, colours found in nature, and our natural wonders, such as sunsets, rainbows and flowers.  She also has a keen eye for prints and pattern found in other countries and cultures.2486470_14166221-prn01_j

You can also see more of Amy’s work and inspiration over here on Pinterest.  I am also on Pinterest and if you haven’t already found me there, here is my page of pins, plenty of inspiration there for you also (o:

520340_10517764-prn01_jI hope you’ve enjoyed this new weekly feature.  Let me know your thoughts and what you loved about Amy’s artwork.  I look forward to featuring another artist for you next week.  Til then, enjoy!

Love & Creative Light,

Liza xxx


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