January 2012 013

Autumn supposedly began here almost a week ago now on the 1st of March.  However, I’ve not seen a hint of it down here on the Peninsula.  Leaves are still on trees, I’m not needing a cardi in the mornings to keep my arms warm, and we’ve had 3o+ degrees almost everyday I believe.  I think we’ve been to the beach more these past few weeks than we did at the start of Summer!  So then, where is Autumn?IMG_0035

It must be on its way.  I’m noticing changes in our seasonal fruit and veg and loved having juicy fresh figs after dinner tonight, YUM! Autumn for me is about reaching out and connecting with those you love, grounding that frenetic summer energy, and nurturing yourself with a little more down time just for you, with time to get stuck into your favourite passions and hobbys.  May 2012 058

I can’t wait for those gorgeous cool nights with beautiful crisp clean mornings?  For dew drops and mushroom hunts.  For Easter and Birthday celebrations.  I love Autumn.  It is my favourite season of them all.  March 2012 054

I’m sure I’ll feel much more refreshed and alert during the day ready to work continuously again.  At the moment I’m feeling so zapped of energy that by mid afternoon all I want to do is go and cool off at the beach.  Michael has been feeling the same.  Not a bad thing really and I’m not really complaining.  This summer has been magical. I’m just not feeling as productive as I could be. Restless warm nights and regular visits from our lil Flynn to come snuggle with us and then wake us up at dawn are really not helping me either.  December 18th 080

I’ve been a bit bogged down in admin this past week too and also organizing Flynn’s 3rd birthday party for this weekend.  I can’t believe my lil boy is turning three!  I could almost have another lil munchkin, almost (o”  578629_2907749110225_164561246_n

One thing I have been enjoying this summer, especially these past couple of weeks is a very refreshing and delicious drink which I’ll happily share with you.  It’s full of antioxidants from the beautiful summer berries and is very hydrating for you too with the inclusion of coconut water.  Perfect for a hot summers day, enjoy!485074_2907737829943_842348896_n

In a blender pop some fresh watermelon, a handful of fresh mint leaves, frozen raspberries, frozen blueberries, and coconut water.  Whiz it all up til it’s smooth and thoroughly mixed together.  The frozen berries make it lovely and slushy too which is a real hit with the kids.  Pour it into tall glasses with fresh mint leaves and ice cubes.  M, mmm, you’ll love it and so will your munchkins.

Enjoy xxx


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