my weekly moment & hello 2013 I’m back!

Here is my “weekly moment.” A single photo with no words, title or caption, from the past week that I want to remember and savour forever. Something simple, yet special to me.IMG_0020

And,… Hello 2013 and hello to you (o:

I also just want to quickly share here two things that I’ve been feeling so very vulnerable about this week, but also have been feeling so very brave about, for just having a go and putting myself out there. Seriously, this is huge for me, and those who know me will get this. IT’S HUGE!

It’s been one emotional ride this past week I must say.  Huge milestones and feelings of empowerment, courage and immense joy.  Yes there have been many private happy dances in my lounge room.  To feelings of wonder, uncertainty and questions of what if. To huge waves of vulnerability, insecurity and inner fears that resulted in tears that could no longer be held back.  The work alone it takes to put your dreams down on paper and then the planning and doing that goes to putting them in to action really isn’t the hard bit at all.  It’s once you finally put yourself out there and then wait to see what will become that is the hard bit.  Bloody hard.  I’m now taking those big breaths, trying to relax and allow what will be to be, and trying ever so hard to be quietly patient and trusting to see what will become of bringing two of my many inner dreams to fruition.A5 Nature Nurture Workshop Flyer

A5 Art Classes Flyer

Liza xxx

PS.  YES!!! I am back from my blogging drought. See you all this coming week for plenty of creative fun, inspiration and art to share. What I’ve just shared above is a big insight into what’s been keeping me so terribly busy this month.  Looking forward to this incredible year, 2013. See you soon xxx


8 thoughts on “my weekly moment & hello 2013 I’m back!

  1. You go girl…congratulations big time…and yes, I can relate…seem to be on the same trajectory…i think if we just do the next right thing with no expectation…lead by the heart…and it will all be good…many blessings, e’Layne

    • Thanks e’Layne ❤ that's a great point "no expectation" that's the hardest thing to let go of too, not putting that pressure on ourselves and just allowing to do our best and for the outcome to be as it will be. Thank-you so much, these are perfect words for me to hear right now, off to write them down in my journal xxx

    • oh really (o: thanks sweetie x trying to be very brave and confident…it’s the confidence that bites me in the bum daily though! Yes here’s to more happy dances, daily! xxx

    • Beautiful Rachel hello sweetie (o: awww thanks honey, I’m glad to be back, and to be quite honest I would love to and could quite happily write in here every day and every night. I just wish I could do that. Alas, I have lil toddlers, a home to look after, a hubby and friends and family to care for and my artwork to do too. I love it all but just need 3 of me to cover it all more easily. Going to write about this later this week!! I’m sorry to hear your start to 2013 has been a doozie )o: I hope you’re feeling much happier within now and feeling like things are moving more freely and enjoying yourself again. Just listen to those inner hints that you need to step back, or take things at a slower pace, or even just to push it all aside and take some time out for you to just be. It’s so important, and all these things we feel are for a very good reason. I was just talking about this with my hubby last night. He said after I was talking about my frustrations in trying to do and achieve all I want to with limited time with lil ones at home still, and he said, why don’t you just push it back for a few years and just focus on one thing such as writing your book you keep talking about. But, that’s the problem I don’t want to push anything aside, I love all of my lil projects and all of my time with friends and family is also equally as important. I don’t want to let go of anything I’m doing at the moment, but it is very exhausting and a little frustrating too. Anyway thankyou for your sweet message, much love to you dear Rachel and I wish for you an easy flowing happy year ahead. Lots of love and creative light, Liza xxx

  2. Congratulations on wading back in Liza!! It’s always a struggle to keep all the creative balls in the air – blogging ends up pushed to the back… at least for me… but I’m trying to post at least a couple times a week. It seems the more you MAKE yourself do it – the better you get at it – and the more things you find to write about! I ADORE the picture!! So Sweet! And -I hope you have more of those happy dances!! 🙂 Take Care!

    • Hi Sue, thank-you for your lovely message, it’s lovely to hear others talk about similar experiences and sharing our experiences together. I’m about to write another post just about that! Blogging is great in that it is a fabulous way to express yourself and share your inner thoughts, which I also find quite meditative and healing for myself. There’s something special about writing down your thoughts, you see it in a new light and reflect on things which in turn move everything along. You are so right, the more you post, the more you find to blog about, and I think that’s my problem, I could quite happily write a post in here every day. And that would be fantastic, I’d love it, hopefully all of you would love it too, but it does take me away from my day to day chores and family and my artwork too. If only I had 3 of me hehehe (o: Thanks sweetie, lovely to chat and share with you Sue. Liza xxx

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