Merry Christmas 2012

Hello dear friends & Merry Christmas!Liza 20121207 167

This year really has flown by so quickly.  I must admit I think I’ve been in a bit of a daze this December!!  We’ve had a lot going on personally, lots of work to do, places to be, things to prepare for Christmas / End of Year and it feels like every day is Friday. December 18th 139

I must apologise to you all too, as I’ve been unable to get in here onto my blog.  My laptop crashed and died in November and I’ve been unable to replace it.  I’ve not yet responded to your beautiful comments on my last blog post…I shall get to it over the holidays.  It’s very limiting just working off my old iPhone!  Today I’ve managed to jump onto my hubby’s computer for a bit though, so I will spend some time in here updating my art and workshops folders and everything else that I have to share with you all.Liza 20121207 185

So what’s been happening this past month…I’ve been busy finishing up lots of little pieces of art that I put up for sale over on my Liza Zeni Art Facebook page here.  I have sold a few privately and a few online too and will be adding to these pieces in the new year.  dragonfly rising

I also have about 6 large canvases that I hope to finish off and share with you in the next couple of months.  I soooo need to paint at the moment! Liza 20121207 178

I will also update my “paintings” and “illustrations” tabs that you see up top here.  If there are any pieces that you are interested in please feel free to contact me.Liza 20121207 155

Earlier this month I was asked if I was interested in designing and creating by hand some new business cards for a very dear friend.  I was delighted too.  I had a ball working on this project and the beauty that came out of it.  This was a very intuitive piece.  Her brief was simple; “a piece that encapsulates me and my business and approach, something with heart and beauty, oh just intuit it, you will come up with the right design I just know it!” was along the lines of what she told me.  Here is the final proof below which she loved.  I just loved how the beautiful hearts appeared in the ink background I created for the drawings.Tracy Martorell Biz Card Artwork

Some of you may already know that Susan of Angus and Rose at the Briars had invited me to take some creative art workshops there in January of next year.  Last Sunday she held a Christmas celebration there and asked me to run a little workshop as a trial run.December 18th 056

So I prepared what I needed and went down early on the day and set up in a lovely light filled corner of her beautiful space and had a ball creating Christmas cards with all the littlies who came along on the day to see Santa.  There was also face painting, coffee and cupcakes, Christmas Craft, and Santa on his big red fire truck.  It was so lovely meeting and connecting with our local community, showing some of my artwork, and enjoying some creative light with the little ones.  I had a ball and am really looking forward to running these workshops in the new year.  There are also classes for adults too (o:December 18th 055

Our Architectural business Zenibaker Architects has been busy this month finishing up two great projects in time for our lovely clients to move in and enjoy their new homes for Christmas.  The first a brand new home in Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula.  We are so happy with this project and the best bit has been seeing our clients delight as the project took shape on site.  sorrentomiranda street

The second project that Zenibaker has just completed is a large renovation in Northcote.  I love the dynamic spaces, materials and detailing in this project.  The clients had some lovely personal pieces such as old tram doors that they wanted to incorporate into the finished design too, so Michael had a lot of fun detailing this project.  Well done babe, it’s come up beautifully!  Again very happy clients which is the best reward ever.  These projects often run for two sometimes three years too, so it’s a real milestone reaching completion and having happy faces all round.  We’re looking forward to having both of these professionally photographed in the new year and published which will be great!ruckers externalRuckers internal

I’ve been very conscious this month of spending quality time with my boys too in between the busy-ness that generally engulfs us leading up to Christmas.  We’ve shared lots of cuddles, plenty of fun baking, making and wrapping, many stories and tales of Santa and his elfs, and a peacefully little picnic just the three of us on Monday.  December 18th 069

I can’t believe how much my boys have grown over this past year.  It goes way too quickly.  I am so grateful for every all the time I get to share with my two cheeky munchkins.  It is very hard on pretty much one income most of the time, but so very worth it!December 18th 082

Tully looks SO grown up now!  His words and sentences astound me daily.  A real boy now.  All the infant cuteness has disappeared and left us with a very handsome confident young boy.  Flynn, well, where do I start?!  He’s walking and talking and gaining more confidence in himself every day.  He even toilet trained himself recently.  Actually this is a funny story.  On Monday when I took them out for a picnic, lazy non-confident me decided I’d put a nappy on Flynn.  Around lunchtime he said “Mummy I need to do wee, go toilet”.  I said oh Flynn good boy, but you’ve got a nappy on today while we’re out so you can just do it in your nappy this time.  I gave him a cuddle.  “No, toilet do wee” was his response.  Tully and I were starving so we had stopped to have our picnic by this stage and Flynn was persistent, and dancing around with legs crossed while we ate.  We finished lunch and he was still asking for the toilet and obviously holding on, so we all set off, Tully leading the way with his map, to find the toilet for Flynn.  It took us another 15 minutes to walk over to it, but he did such a great job holding on.  And when he finally went he said “see wees Mummy” with the biggest, proudest smile on his little face.  How good is that, he’s so good!  He is the wise one with the sweetest little heart I know.  A true crystaline child.  He’s been teaching me a lot this month.  December 18th 080

I’m so excited today as I have been waiting to share this mini film that I mentioned a long time ago here to you for ages now.  Early last year an old high school buddy of mine, Adam Wright, of Seventy Four Films rang me and asked me if I would be interested in participating in a series of mini films he and his mate Keke were planning to produce, film and screen.  I was very taken aback and surprised at first thinking what have I got to offer, am I really what Adam is after.  He had been following my new journey into art and motherhood and was very interested to share my perspective on this and how my life had changed and what was inspiring me.  He wanted to share my approach to life which is all about trusting within and where you are guided to be throughout life’s journey.  His aim is to inspire others, especially the up and coming new generation, but not with ego and consumerism and all the other get up that seems to be out there.  He wanted to inspire others and share the everyday people out there that are living their lives with heart, gratitude and happiness.  I felt pretty honoured actually to be asked and it really firmed up my decision to say goodbye to working full-time in the demanding ego driven world of Architecture.  I’m happy where I am, with what I’m working towards, and really want to share my joy and wisdom with others to inspire them to follow their hearts instead of their egos.

Here is the finished film

Well dear friends I’m going to wrap this extra long Christmas post up.  I just want to send a very heart filled and grateful thank-you to you all for your love, support and encouragement over this year.  Liza 20121207 182

I love what I do and I love sharing with you all.  I have a lot of new projects about to commence in the new year and I look forward to sharing them all with you.  As my boys grow and gain their independence, now both moving into Kinder ages I gain a little more time in my week to create and share a healthy life approach.  This fulfills me immensely.December 18th 103

Wellness from Within will also be back weekly for you all to enjoy.  I just have to share this photo above too that I took in a beautiful abundant herb garden on Monday…ladybugs are a childhood love of mine and aren’t these three the sweetest, and on a background of yellow and green, ahhhh xwhispering moon

I also wanted to remind you all to unite in love, relax within, and embrace the New Golden Age commencing 21.12.12.  Look within with gratitude to find the peace, love and happiness in your hearts.  This will lead you forward with ease into this new period with an open heart to enjoy your place here among us all.

Much love and creative light to you all, Merry Christmas!  Liza xxx

Tully and Flynn dec 16 2012


8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2012

  1. Hello Beautiful! So lovely to read of all your adventures and your beautiful boys – all three of them! Well done, what a year 🙂 It seems amazing that we only met this year, when our hearts are linked forever! xx

    • Hello beautiful Malini (o: I know I can not believe we met only earlier this year, just impossible!! Many adventures and lessons and fun times have been had this year and one very big highlight was meeting you, thank-you and yes our hearts are definitely linked forever xxx

  2. We have missed you online Liza, this is such a lovely post catching us up on what you have been upto… you have been so busy!! Love your video 🙂 Have a fabulous relaxing and family Christmas! Mandy x

    • Hi Mandy, ohhh I know, it’s been so hard just borrowing Michael’s laptop, and yes lots has been happening, busy bee I have been and Jan will be the same, but I’m loving every minute. Glad you enjoyed the video hehe. You too honey, have a lovely break over Christmas and may 2013 bring you much more creative joy and happiness xxx

  3. Liza,
    I finally had a moment to come on and catch up on what’s been happening for you… agh…wish I’d watched your vid earlier! Honestly, I have tears! You are such an inspiration to me… to keep pushing forward. I’m actually visiting Melbourne very briefly in the beginning of Feb… not sure if it’s possible but it would be lovely to meet you!
    Congrats on the workshops to, by the way… that’s so fabulous!! Can’t wait to see what unfolds for you this year, I’m sure it will be amazing 🙂 xxx

    • thank-you sweet Meredith, that means so much to my heart hearing your words. My number one wish is to share my heart and experiences in life with others and enable others to grow, heal and be inspired from them ❤ So bummed I wasn't here in Feb when you were, would've been ACE to catch up with you. It will happen, one of these days, I know. Much love to you xxx

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