Here I am…I went to Tasmania!

I know, WOW, a whole month has nearly passed since I’ve written and posted in here for you.  Sorry for the silence.  We took some much-needed time out to relax and nurture ourselves.  It was also time to celebrate Michael’s 40th Birthday, so we decided to get away for a couple of weeks down to Michael’s family’s farm in Tasmania.  

It’s been 2.5 years since we’ve visited so it was a much-needed trip in many ways.  We were once used to getting down there at least twice a year.  So it was just wonderful to get back down there and enjoy some quality time with his folks, who we just adore, and to enjoy the beautiful, peaceful, refreshing pace and environment that Tassie offers. 

We didn’t do a lot of touring or sight-seeing while we were there.  The boys weren’t really up for that.  So we simply enjoyed the beauty of his family’s farm, the magical sunny days and rejuvenating fresh air.  His Mum and Dad have chooks and sheep on their farm, as well as many tractors, billy-carts, ride on lawn mowers, Utes and trucks for the boys to enjoy rides on.  Tully was in his element the whole time!  

Michael often found him in the shed, playing in the “big red fire truck” (it is just a big old Ute, sorry I don’t know my automobile history, so no idea what vintage).  He was pretending it was his fire truck and he was out attending a fire, talking on the radio to the other fire fighters, sounding the horn, and driving it up the big bumpy roads.  Don’t you just love the way toddlers have magical fantasy lands of make-believe and endless imaginations.  Always makes me smile when I see my two playing in this way.

The boys were also completely taken by the chooks.  Nan has a great little chook house and the boys would follow her each morning to feed the chooks, and collect the eggs.  The best eggs ever, YUM!  We also found a nest of native hen eggs in one of the paddocks too which the boys were fascinated by.

A few days into our stay Michael’s Aunty bought over some baby Bantam chicks called Frizzles.  They were so funny with their little fluffy feathers sticking out in all directions.  The boys were smitten and sat with these 3 chicks for hours each day.  Tully was also completely calmed by the animals when he was holding them and playing with them.

It was shearing time while we were down there too.  So for a whole day the boys got to watch the sheep being herded into the shearing shed and the shearers working hard to shear all of the sheep.  The boys loved being close enough to pat the sheep for a change (they couldn’t run away) and also feeling their fine wool.  I think Tully even had a ride on the back of one sheep which was pretty funny.

The boys love animals as you can see and just love being outdoors in nature.  I also love nature and being able to place my feet directly on the dirt so to speak.  I feel so grounded when I do.  It can be quite surprising some days when you re-track your footsteps and look at how little natural ground you’ve walked upon.  Our environments can be so man-made and built up.  I think I was as smitten as the boys on the farm.

It’s currently Spring here and my mother in-laws gorgeous garden was in full bloom when we visited.  I was surrounded by plenty of natural beauty and inspiration.  I have many beautiful blooms to share with you in my next post.  I’ll wrap this one up here and leave you with a couple of images of how I enjoyed some of my time down on the farm, completely blissed out in the sunshine looking up at the sky and drawing and writing in my journal.  Ahhh, pure heaven!

Liza xxx



11 thoughts on “Here I am…I went to Tasmania!

    • Hi Mary, yes second post on our beautiful trip to Tasmania is still to come. Just awaiting getting my hard drive back after my computer crashed and died. I’ll share some other beautiful images, with lots of blooms in the New YEar (o: x

  1. Great post. Such beautiful pics and what a beautiful place. I love seeing to little ones enjoying the animals. Thanks for sharing your travels.

    • It was great! Yes beautiful daisies, I didn’t know you didn’t get them up your way? I know how is that nest, neat as neat, but ohhh so noisy are those native hens!! (o”

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