what we feel within

Hello (o:  I’ve been wanting to pop in here a lot more this week.  I’ve been pulled away from here recently and I find myself constantly thinking about all of you and how I’m missing out on sharing, inspiring and touching base with you all.  I just can’t seem to action all of my plans which completely frustrates me.

My little boys have turned into gremlins again!  They’re ok by day, but by night they refuse to go to sleep at their normal bedtime of 7/7:30pm.  One night they were up as late as 10pm!  And to make it worse by about 10:30/11pm Flynn our youngest comes wondering out of his bed looking for us, wanting to be close to Mummy and Daddy.  If we’re trying to finish up some work he’ll even fall asleep on the couch, but usually insists on taking me off to bed with him to snuggle back to sleep.  It’s been very stressful and frustrating as both Michael and I catch up on work at night.  And any hope of down time and quality time out together is a lost cause.  We are also getting very broken sleeps each night.  It’s exhausting.

We are celebrating Michael’s 40th birthday next week.  I have funny little memories of conversations long ago when Michael and I first met.  Of future plans and daydreams of where we’d be all those years away when we would be 40.  40 sounded like a far away land of daggy, middleageness, and a land lacking the spontaneity of life as we knew it.  Ha!

And now we’re here in that time and place, well he is a little bit in front of me, but I’m still feeling the middleage thing and lack of freedom and spontaneity that we used to perhaps take for granted.  We envisaged ourselves well established in our Architectural careers and living a very comfortable life by the time 40 came around.

I even promised to take him on a holiday to Antarctica for his 40th (o”  Heheheha, yeah like that’ll be no problem honey, I’ll book the flights now (o”  I did make this little card for him though, hopefully he likes this more than a trip to Antarctica, LOL!

We shall enjoy whatever we do on his special day and savor our happy times together, as well as our still very deep bond between each other which now also includes our beautiful boys Tully and Flynn.

I’ve been consistently tuning in to my intuition and inner thoughts this week.  It’s been the only thing keeping me sane, apart from my yoga class on Thursday.  My heart’s sending me a very strong clear message.  Take some time out, nurture, calm and ground.  There’s so much going on here at the moment.  The days begin calm and focused, but by night I feel like I’m losing it.  So I’m going to tune out from the computer for a little while.  As much as I love to be connected, it does drain me, and at the moment I don’t need anymore draining.  Maybe for a couple of weeks, no longer, just so I can re-focus my inner thoughts and calm my mind again, and also my boys both big and small who are all over the place.

I think we’re all in need of some down time and nurturing at the moment.  (OMG Flynn’s just wondered out and he’s only been down asleep for about 40 minutes!!! This is what I’m talking about!)  Lack of sleep and trying to keep up with the fast pace that life is these days is wearing us all down.  Time out to tune out, calm and ground ourselves will get us back to peacefulness.

Before I sign out though I wanted to share some bits and pieces that I’ve been working on this week.  Some finished, some still in the making. I also created the pieces above with the quote from one of my favorite books “The Little Prince” and my own intention (o:  

Wishing you lots of creative light & love, I’ll be back soon.  I’ll leave you with this track that I’ve been enjoying this week while listening to their Album 

Liza xxx


2 thoughts on “what we feel within

  1. You are in a challenging stage with your boys not sleeping well, which means you are not sleeping well – this too shall pass! Thank you for sharing your beauty with me – from your photos of you and your husband to your creations. May you be blessed in this day, Liza! xo

  2. Great post Liza- I think our computer worlds can both inspire and connect us and drain us as well. I’m not sure what the right mix is- still trying to find it myself 🙂 I hope Michael’s 40th is wonderful and filled with even more dreaming for the next forty years for you both

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