tears for more

I’ve been trying to write a post for you for the past two days and nights now & I’ve not even gotten started until now.  Not even a chance to make a Vlog which I’m so missing!  And right now Flynn is standing next to me crying for more food.  This has become normal this past couple of weeks.  He just wants to eat and eat and eat, but won’t eat a single proper meal.  He’s such a grazer the past few months but it’s escalated this week and it’s very, very frustrating.

He’s also been very unsettled at night.  Sometimes he wakes frightened and every other night he wakes at 10:30pm without fail, wondering out half a sleep, wanting cuddles and to be with us.  He refuses to go back to bed at this time of night too so he’s been co-sleeping with us.  I don’t mind him sleeping with us as he at least settles straight away and is a pretty peaceful sleeper from that point on.  But, when his big brother also wakes and wants in our bed too, it’s a bit squishy and hot.  

I’ve also had a mighty sinus headache the past couple of days so I’m feeling pretty delicate and might head to bed early tonight as I did on Wednesday night.  I think some rest might help.  Tully had a dress up day at daycare today and borrowed a costume from his friend Hunter.  He was so excited this morning to put it on, and he’s still wearing it now.  Not sure how I’ll go getting it off him tonight.

I began Alena Hennessy’sAbundant Wild Life” workshop this week and I’m loving every minute of it.  I wasn’t going to do any more workshops but her approach spoke to my heart and I thought it would be a perfect little treat for me.  It’s nothing like Flying Lessons or Hello Soul Hello Business or Surface Pattern Designs which were all fantastic, but a large amount of work and serious effort.  I gained a lot from those workshops but they were a bit like going back to uni.  Alena’s feels more like taking a holiday.  It’s still very informative, full of wisdom, techniques and learning but in a gentle free flowing approach.  Very much what I need at the moment.  I’m feeling very much like I’m on holidays rather than sitting in a classroom.  I’ll share some of my work with you when I get time to photograph it, but I did take these two photos and had a play with them in Pixlromatic which was fun.  I’m looking forward to playing some more with the various layers and filters.  

I now have my A5 original art pieces completed and ready to pop up for sale.  I’m still awaiting the A5 plastic sleeves though for packaging.  I checked in on my order with the store today hoping they’d be there and perhaps they’d just not gotten around to calling me yet, but it wasn’t my luck.  So I’m still waiting on them.  We’re also having some much needed family time out together for a week and a bit on the 13th of October so I think I’ll just wait to put the pieces up for sale after this now.  I think I should set a date; Monday the 29th October…now that should make it happen (o:  Here’s another of my new designs that I’ve created over the past week.

Anyway best I run and cuddle, comfort and continually feed dry biscuits to Flynn to keep a calm and happy home tonight.  I hope he settles down soon as it’s starting to wear me down, I’m exhausted!  I think this initially short “hello sorry no time to post” has turned into quite a nice post for you after all.  There’s a message in that don’t put things off just because you think they aren’t going to live up to your expectations.  Give it a go anyway, and then make a decision (o:  Enjoy your weekend, wishing you peaceful, happy times.

Liza xxx


2 thoughts on “tears for more

  1. You have such a busy household – I am always amazed at what you are able to accomplish anyway! I love this elephant – another one of your spectacular creations! xo

    • Yes very very busy. Michael now works up in town too so he’s not around much midweek getting home about 7pm each evening. If we could just get the boys to regularly sleep through every night it would make such a difference. Tonight I’m going to try an peaceful sleep oil blend that I’ve mixed up to rub into the soles of their feet, fingers crossed … Thanks sweetie, glad you’re liking the new pieces, I’m having a lot of fun creating them xxx

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