spring, crystals and new art

Have you enjoyed a week full of spunk?  I have!  With early Spring here now, I’m feeling a renewed sense of joyous energy and motivation.  I’m feeling so invigorated.

I enjoyed a day trip with a beautiful friend on Wednesday.  It was so nice to get out of the house for a change.  We enjoyed a lovely visit with Catie in her soulful Staple Store, stocking up on plenty of healthy goodies.  My favourite find there was the Deeks bread and buckinis.  So happy to have found a yummy bread that suits my tum and something delicious and nutritious to add some crunch to my breaky.  Catie’s nuts and grains are the freshest I’ve ever tasted.  

We then went for a wander through and around the South Melbourne Market.  We were in foodie heaven there stocking up on cheap and fresh fruit and veg.  Two punnets of strawberries for $2, yum!  We also stocked up on organic, chemical free chooks, fresh pasta, cheeses, and fresh fish, mmm I really enjoyed eating fresh fish that evening.

I also enjoyed poking my head into Clement a new cafe at the Market with really good coffee.  Michael’s new office Barbara and Fellows designed and fitted this cute lil cafe out and have done a great job.  I loved the little timber features and wall mural behind the Barista.

I’ve enjoyed some creative time making some small timber pieces to sell soon and have also kept busy with presents for loved ones.  I share more of that here on this weeks Vlog as well as a nutritious tip for those who’ve been enjoying the “Wellness from Within” posts.


I also wanted to quickly share the stunning pieces I found at the Lunaozi Studio open day last Saturday.  I took little Flynn along with me who was an angel and just sat and soaked up the beautiful calming energy that enveloped us while we were there.

Karen is such a special soul, with the most beautiful love and energy.  She has such a gift for the beautiful crystal jewellery and unique pieces that she creates.  Her heart is full of warmth and her soul generous and kind.  It was just beautiful to meet her.  These are the two pieces I lovingly took home as well as another piece for Michael.  See how special Karen’s pieces are.  They’re so full of light and joy.  Just amazingly beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend.  We’ve been invited to brunch at a beautiful local friends home which will be both relaxing, yummy and fun.  And then tomorrow night we’ll be “rockin and a rollin” at a 40’s / 50’s Rock n’ Roll party for my Godfather’s 60th which should be a whole lot of fun.  We’re dressing up and going dancing for a change, can’t wait!

Enjoy, whatever the weekend brings for you.

Liza xxx


6 thoughts on “spring, crystals and new art

  1. Looks like you’ve been bursting with creativity, Liza! How wonderful!! and I love those new pieces 🙂 Btw, just seal your wood with gesso before painting on it and it shouldn’t suck up any paint. Love ’em! xx

    • I have very much so Malini. My mind is a buzz of colour and creativity and new ideas. I’m constantly reaching for my sketchbook when I can’t get started on a new idea at the moment. So forever jotting down thoughts or sketching images. It’s a great place to be in. I’m still time poor but I’m getting to know that and manage that a bit better now with acceptance of doing what I can and enjoying the wonderful life I live. Thank-you for the gesso tip I shall do that. My only thing is I love seeing the wood grain and knots showing through in parts, but I shall try out a clear gesso and see how it goes. Much love to you my beautiful friend xxx

  2. Hi Liza! I recently found your blog and I am so happy that I did. Beautiful art and I have really enjoyed going back and reading some posts. I am looking forward to some more Wellness From Within posts too. I eat a mainly vegan diet and always love reading healthy tips/recipes. 🙂 Happy Arting!!

    • Hi Jen, I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen here then (o: I’ll have another Wellness from Within post tonight, so glad to hear some feedback on this series of posts and that you’re enjoying it. I’ll have to keep in mind some vegan recipes too (o” I’ll make sure I pop over to your lovely colourful blog too. Much love & creative light, Liza x

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