an insight into my creative process

Hello how has your week been?  Mine has been busy and again has flown by way too quickly.  Thank-you for your beautiful, encouraging comments this past week.  They’ve been just so delightful to read.  Many have popped a smile upon my face and warmed my heart.  Including this gorgeous girl, Jessica Brogan!  Your personal message kept me smiling all day long, thank-you x  You’ve all been wonderful in sharing your constructive feedback so I’ll be implementing many of your comments and requests as I go.  So thank-you x

As well as sharing some newly finished pieces here today, I thought I’d share another vlog with you today as it’s much more fun talking to you this way. Here it is…

With all of my creative busyness of late I had also completely forgotten about my weekly post titled “my weekly moment“.  It popped into my mind today while I was uploading this vlog for you.  This sweet little visual post will be making a reappearance again this week, now appearing every Sunday evening.  

I’m so happy to hear you all loved the “Wellness from Within” first post (o:  You can look forward to these becoming a weekly feature and I’m really looking forward to sharing my thoughts, knowledge and experience with you.  Next week I will share with you why I am so interested in all of this and where my knowledge has come from.  If you ever have any questions around these topics please do email me or leave a comment and I will do my best to answer them in my posts.  

I hope you all have an exciting weekend.  I’ve certainly got a fun one coming up.  Tomorrow I’m going to an open studio at Lunozi Dreams (I’ll share more on this beautiful creative heart next week) followed by a 20 year High School Reunion in the evening.  I know!!!  And on Sunday we are enjoying a relaxed day at home with some beautiful old friends of ours whom we’ve not seen for ages, visiting for lunch.  That’s another love of mine, entertaining.  I love nothing more than cooking a beautiful meal with love and sharing it with loved ones over beautiful conversations and many hours.  Wishing you a beautiful weekend, enjoy whatever you are up to.

Liza xxx



8 thoughts on “an insight into my creative process

  1. isn’t it funny how you can hear something and then hear it again or read it again just after! Last night I was reading “Art is a Way of Knowing” which walk talking about creating your own marks and creating your own “stamp” as a creative language. And I’ve only just now gotten a moment of quiet from Liam to watch this, and you’re brining up the same point. That is such an important point. I don’t think enough at-home artists know enough about the importance and process of creating your own signature through your work, in terms of style, imagery but also just in mark making or like you said, a specific brush stroke. You’ve inspired some thoughts in me to share in my next one. I don’t want to copy you, but it did make me want to show you, by way of connecting, how I store my papers! I think I’ll hold off as I fear copying 🙂 LOL. This weekend I have Liam alone and so not much creative time, but we are watercoloring together and I am reading this book all weekend. And I now have a massive grin too. Thank you for that special hello! I am feeling very lucky to have connected with you at all, but also to have stumbled upon something that is inspiring/fulfilling us both!

    • I love it too when this happens Jess. It definitely is a sign to take note & that this is important for you at the moment. It’s something that’s very dear to my heart and something that is important to me. I think many home artists are sometimes a little scared to just let go of insecurities and see what may come from within their own soul. When we let go and allow our inner selves to come through into our art, this is where the magic is seen. I love it and it’s so special. Many feel a real fear of this though and I would love through my work and blog to somehow help others to open up to within, release that blockage and allow what wants to come forth freely without hesitation or worry of what it may look like. This is something I am writing personally about a lot at the moment and am thinking of how I can incorporate this perhaps into my own teachings, or as I’d rather call it guiding and facilitating (o: I am really working hard to incorporate my lifes learnings and skills. I am at a real place of awareness and moving into another cycle I feel right now. I have worked in a few different areas in my life and loved every single one of them but don’t want to let go of parts of the ones I’m nolonger physically working with now. I’ve been an Architect, trained as a Kinesiologist, a friend, a mother, an artist, and I feel a real yearning to pull all of these skills together somehow and share them with others to assist them in opening up to their inner beings and callings without fear. I feel this is my real life work and I just need to learn how to deliver it now (o: It feels really special. I’ve felt a huge shift this weekend and it’s been helped with a few different happenings and experiences and things. Very special and very exciting. Please if you also feel inspired to share your papers, Jess go ahead, I don’t see this as copying at all honey (o” And also if you feel the topic of creative language and signature styles coming up then it is something to be talked about and shared, please do blog on this I would love to hear your thoughts too sweetie. Yes my creative time on weekends is pretty non existent unless I have energy left at night. Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues is full time boy time here in our home and by Tuesday night I’m exhausted LOL!!! My boys are currently jumping around with a couple of balloons and Daddy’s saying “can we have some quiet now?!” haha, quiet and boys don’t go together though. They are beautifully affectionate though and I just love this X I’m planning on an early night and reading too. I’ve actually joined your book club a month or so ago but not had a chance to get into it yet and read your posts )o: They’re all tucked away in my inbox in a “Jess” folder awaiting some quiet time to enjoy though (o: Enjoy the rest of your weekend honey xxx

  2. Not only did I enjoy your blogpost, but both comments rang true to me! I started to comment last week on your first vlog post, but then got distracted and never posted it! Oh goodness! I am loving your vlogs – so nice to finally see you in person. Please keep them up. As always your work and blog are both an inspiration to me:) julie xo

    • Hi Julie (o: I’m finding it very hard to get around a leave comments on my regular blog reads & it so frustrates me. I love the personal contentedness gained from leaving comments, but I’m struggling to keep up with producing new art and being a Mum so it’s a fine juggle. I always aim to like or leave a quick comment in FB and then about once a month I make a real effort to leave a comment for each of the blogs I love as I know how nice it is to receive them and feedback and to feel connected with your readers (o: I’m happy to hear the vlogs are coming across well, it’s a big step for me in Braveness. My aim is to post one a week and I think it’ll usually fall on a Friday so I can share the work I’ve done that week. Thanks for popping by Julie always lovely to hear from you xxx

  3. Liza, another wonderful post and I really love your comment to Jessica. Finding your own voice/pathway/approach that gently sews together our many roles and life choices is such a challenge at times but also so rewarding to do as well. I find that the more I unpack my different roles the more I find threads that weave through all my life and I am often surprised at the commonalities that I find. I love your vlogs- keep them up gorgeous girl x

    • Hi Josephine thank-you x I’ve been thinking a lot about my life role of late and have consciously been sewing together the pieces of my life up until this point. There are many paths crossing at the moment and many happy coincidences. You are spot on about the commonalities we find. Thanks for your lovely friendship & support. I’ll keep up the vlogs each week, most likely every Friday now (o: Liza xxx

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