My first Vlog!

Hi gosh I’ve missed you!I think this painting of mine above visually describes perfectly how I’ve been feeling the past month.  Anyway, I’m back on track & finding my rhythm again which feels wonderful.  I’m a little time poor at the moment though as I’m busy creating as much as I can to re-launch my Etsy store.  So I thought I’d try something new.  So I have my first ever Vlog for you today!  I’m also sharing some images of my new art as I think it was a little glarey in the vlog to see all the detail.

It was a little unnerving staring into an iphone camera and talking to no one, but I braved up and kept going.  I just think it’s so nice to be able to share myself in person with you.  Seeing peoples eyes and expressions makes all the difference for me.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, good & bad, all welcome (o”  I’m having a giggle as I write this too as my first take at making a Vlog failed as it was 20mins long and youtube said it was too big to share )o:  I was a little disappointed, but had another go, this time with the clock beside me and decided to break it into two.  If anyone knows what’s the max time then please let me know (o”  

Here is the first part of my very first Vlog…

And here is the second part to my Vlog.

Love & creative energy to you,

Liza xxx


33 thoughts on “My first Vlog!

    • ohhh thank-you so much for filling me in on the time cap of 15mins. I had no idea! (o” I will be endeavouring to post you all short n’ sweet and informative vlogs though, maybe I’ll have to do 3 a week instead of 1 big large one! Thanks for your lovely feedback, much appreciated. Lxxx

  1. I’m so glad to hear you are feeling better Liza, I was really feeling for you at the Paint Mojo workshop. Love your vlog, the personal connection is special. And your art is gorgeous, the lady in the billowing dress is my favourite!

    • Thanks sweetie, I know, gosh I’ve never felt so sick and been so sick for so long before. Much much better now though and really grateful to have my full health back again. Thank-you lovely to hear from you, I’m about to pop over to your gorgeous looking blog right now for a read xxx

  2. Just some feedback for you… it’s so easy for me to be critical, but I don’t think WTG really teaches us much… you know? It’s really difficult for most people to sit through more than a few minutes of a video. I think most people really want to see images, lots of them, up close, and techniques… for myself, I really want to know how… how to get certain effects, or how you get your ideas… which really need to be explained quickly and succinctly… I just don’t think most people are going to listen to a lot of personal information…. you are lovely, and you have a beautiful accent, but that only gets you a few seconds of attention, then people are going to want the “meat.” 😉 Hope this helps, if not, no problem at all! Beautiful painting behind you… I’d love to hear more about that… have you taken a Flora Bowley workshop? TY.

    • Thanks Myra I appreciate any feedback and we’re all different and have different thoughts on things so that’s all fine with me (o: I’ll work on keeping the length of my Vlogs down. I have been mindful of this a second time around today although it’s still 12mins long. I think as I have so much to share with you all towards the end of the week I might need to break it down into 3 short n’ sweet blogs throughout the week instead. Some I’m hearing like it, and love the connectedness and yes others like just a quick snippet of info at each and every blog and to move on. All food for thought for me (o: The painting behind me is one of the very first two I painted. They were started in the Flora Bowley workshop (yes I have taken part in this and you’ll find posts on this if you type in Flora Bowley under search), I was lucky enough to participate in. I’d never painted before this, but I was instantly hooked. It was a long process of trusting, exploring and letting go to finish this piece and the other. They took me about a year in total to complete as my painting time is limited. You will find this on my “paintings” tab up the top of my page and it is called “moon gazing”. The other piece I mentioned is called “in flight” and can also be seen there. I hope you continue to enjoy my posts and my vlogs, I’ll continue to shorten them and share more and more with you all (o: Thank-you for your comments and feedback, much appreciated. L x

  3. You are so super cute! I’m so happy you decided to vlog. It can be a little unnerving at first, but you get use to it. I’ve got to ramp my video making back up as well. Have a lovely weekend!

    • Hey sweetie, thank-you. At first I was so nervous about vlogging. And today making my second one I still felt nervous in front of the camera but I am enjoying it and feel more connected this way so I’ll definitely be doing more (o: You are so right, very unnerving. Can’t wait to see your vlogs, I’ve been enjoying your posts, so beautifully written and full or wisdom. I need to make more time to comment for all of you guys too. Still struggling to keep up a bit here with my busy boys, but I’ll get there! Lxxx

  4. Lovely work Liza. Great to hear your over the ‘oh so long’ sick period. I’ve never seen you WELL…;) I look forward to seeing the re-opening of your esty site. Vlogging, how daunting. Good on you. I remember that strange feeling of talking to myself when I recorded my first online class. It’s something that you get used to but the first time is a little strange. Hugs, Kyles =D

    • Hey Kyles, thanks honey (o: haha well this is what I look like “well”. Gosh I looked so terrible the weekend I met you, very ordinary! It is definitely really wierd talking to a phone! Lx

  5. Liza, I love your spirit and that you are getting back to finding your artistic voice once again. I look forward to buying a piece or two in your Etsy shop. The lady in orange and blue with the stitching, OMG I absolutely love her. I found your Vlog very inspirational, personal and love the connection with you!

    • Hi Kelly (o: thank-you for your lovely encouragement and thoughts, very much appreciated. It’s really helpful to hear what everyone is enjoying. Sending you a big hug xox and I must send you more stamps soon as another little wad has been collected here for you (o: Lxxx

  6. Excellent vlogging Liza!! So lovely to hear your voice again. Short, frequent vlogs are best I find. Too busy otherwise to sit through 10-15mins. Look forward to the next installment. Much love.

    • Giovanna, gorgeous girl, gosh I miss your infectious fun-filled style! How are you? Thanks for your feedback honey. I am working on the short and sweet vlogs. Seems I have verbal diarrhea as well as my written verbatim! Hahaha I think my only answer is to not leave a vlog until the end of the week but to break it up into 3 short n’ sweet vlogs throughout the week. Next week might be the start for this. This weeks is still long, 12 mins, oops…I’m improving though, down from 20! (o” I’ll get the shorter ones happening next week. Love to you honey xxx

  7. Yes! Hitting multiple price points but with the same quality and love in your art. I just went to your Etsy’s empty 😦 . Can’t wait to see it brimming with your “Smaller” goodnesses

    • thanks sweetheart, gosh if it wasn’t for you this vlog I don’t think would have happened (o: Yes Etsy shop would have been empty as lists had expired, most of my prints from last year are now re-listed and I’ll be posting new work as of next week…I’m so excited to get this going again. I’d been focusing my time on my paintings, but they take me months to complete and aren’t affordable for all. So working on smaller more affordable pieces for all and this has really sparked my creative thought and I’ve had fun playing again. xxx

    • (o: beautiful Moyra, so nice to have you come visit me here, thank-you, and thank-you so much for your encouragement. More braving up today as I made my second vlog. It still feels so unnerving talking to a camera and I can only do it when no one is home to see me hahah Lxxx

    • Hello sweetheart, I still haven’t gotten around to writting you a lovely big email, it will happen though I promise. Thanks sweetie (o: I did find it easier to vlog than blog yes (o: It’s easier in that I don’t feel I’m thinking too much. As when I write I’m so aware of the word length, ha, that just made me laugh out loud as I actually need to be aware of this with vlogging too. But, I guess with blogging I’m trying to write but in a way that’s personal and as if I was speaking to you, where as with vlogging I can do just that (o: I just need to vlog more often so I get the length of them down by half!! It’s very intimidating though and I can’t do it when anyone else is in the house as I’m so self conscious! I’m finding it a very useful way to connect more personally though so I hope that’s coming through and if you’re thinking about it, give it a go honey, I’d love to see you live in front of me on my screen (o: much love to you always, Liza xxx

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  9. Came to your blog via Jessica brogan and love your work. Nice to see you too via your vlog. Just some (hopefully constructive) feedback. I’d agree with Myra’s earlier comments. Also it was difficult to see anything meaningful of your beautiful work when you were holding it up in your vlog. Sharing your techniques and close ups of the detail would be great to see. Your collections of paper that you use, that kind of thing.

    • Hi Carol, thanks so much for popping over here. Yes any constructive feedback is always very useful and always very welcomed, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me (o: Today I popped the blind down and that definitely made it more easier to see my pieces, except for a couple of paper scraps that I was talking about at one point. I’m sitting by a window so I might need to re-think this position. I’ve just got my iphone to use at the moment to film but I’ll think about how I can share more close ups of the details especially the illustrative detail. I do share some photos throughout my posts of close ups on ares, but I’ll definitely share more and keep this in mind if that’s what you guys would like to see (o: I have taken on board your thoughts and others of sharing my techniques too and had a go at this in today’s vlog. It made me giggle though because as much as I’d love to teach and start sharing through workshops, I’ve only been creating for a year and only started mixed media pieces a month ago (o” I’ve just been following my explorations and playing with varied mediums and using my imagery that often appears in many of my pieces and originates from my many sketch books that I’ve kept. Can you give me some more info on what particularly you guys are interested in? Just a little unsure as I work in a few different mediums; I paint in acrylics, illustrate and recently mixed media works with collected papers, inks, watercolours and illustration. Would love to do this for you all if it’s of interest. Thanks for your great feedback, I really appreciate it! L x

  10. Having never visited your blog before, I found the videos to be a great introduction to you. Of course, I was sitting here wondering if or how I would manage to do such a thing and it just occurred to me that this might be a great way to have a welcome or introduction to yourself, an extra goody on your bio (Whether I’d get up the nerve to do it myself, I don’t know, but you are certainly photogenic and work well with the camera, so go for it).

    As to what people think, beyond making sure you get the info across that you want to on your blog, and project yourself through your blog, do what you want with the video tools. I found your casual language and setting perfect. The images of your artwork that accompanied the video were definitely mandatory (love your painting at the top, by the way :D) as I wanted to see them close up (and people like me forget that YouTube can be full screened, d’oh).

    Nice to meet you (via the ANZArtCommunity Girls, I’m a newbie) and nice work!

    Best wishes,

    • Hi Liz, thank-you for taking the time to visit. I’m glad you enjoyed what you found here. I really enjoy connecting and creating and sharing my life journey here. Yes it’s a big brave move, but one that is enabling me to connect more and share more on here. With two busy lil ones I don’t always get the time to write, post pics and edit my blogs so it’s a lovely more personal way to connect. Yes that’s a great idea re the bio. I have a mini documentary that an old school friend filmed of me last year and I’ve seen the preview and am just awaiting the final edit. It’s been a long time coming but I thought I might put that up on my about me page when i get it (o: Maybe I should put up a little vlog there in the mean time. Lovely comments and tips thank-you so much. I always forget to full screen in YouTube too (o” lovely to meet you too Liz x

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