New art works

An end to another week and I’m sick again )o: I suddenly came down with a double ear infection on Friday night.  So very unfair after the rough last couple of weeks I’ve had with the flu.  I guess this is what happens when Mummy doesn’t get time to rest properly herself.  Michael’s been great this weekend though, doing most of the cooking and caring for the boys.  I’ve only had to jump in a little bit for cuddles and “more food” which is Flynn’s favorite saying at the moment.  I’ve enjoyed a couple of sleep ins and sat at my desk today, a little, to finish off what I started a few days prior.  I was getting quite bored of bed and not feeling like reading.

This little bird has featured in many of my creative pieces.  It’s appeared in my illustrations and paintings and I thought it was time I played with this sweet honey eater some more.

I just love this form so much, I’m not sure why I haven’t played with it more before now.  It’s graceful, and playful, and full of joyful energy.  Just what I want to be feeling x

I’ve used some beautiful papers I’ve been holding onto for years.  I’ve put off doing any mixed media work for a long time now for various reasons.  But it’s about time I started producing some mixed media pieces as I’m such a serious hoarder, you have no idea!

I love repeating imagery that has appeared in previous pieces and in my sketchbook.  The repetition over time is building up my own artistic language which I’m so very proud of.

Pictured above is the finished piece, for now.  I will sit with this for a week or so before I make the final call.  I was about to put in a beautiful pink hued sky, but then stopped myself!

I also began another of these billowing skirted figures.  I just love combining the different mediums and techniques.  So much fun.  I just play and make it up as I go along.

Love adding fine lined illustrative detail, always.  A new touch though to this piece, I finally got brave and added some colour to the black and white illustrations.

And here she is the finished piece.  No name yet but I love it!  I can’t wait for some time later next week to play with some more of these.  These two pieces are the start of a new series of work that will be going up for sale.   I’m so excited about this new project.  It’s also very full-filling as they are quicker to complete as opposed to my larger paintings which can take months to finish.  I actually feel like I’m achieving more with these which is a nice feeling I must say.

This has actually been a lovely way to finish off a disappointing weekend.  I had so many plans for this weekend, refreshing walks with the boys, cooking to my hearts content and celebrating a dear friends 40th, but I haven’t been able to enjoy any of those treats.  Art, even if it’s just doodling in your sketchbook as you gaze out the window daydreaming, can be so full-filling and healing.  Don’t forget to make some time to unleash your creativity yourself this week.  I promise you will feel so good for it.

Liza xxx

PS.  I’ve updated my “painting” page which you’ll find under the header at the top of this page.  I’ve sold a few paintings this week which is just wonderful.  It’s such a beautiful feeling knowing that a special piece is making it’s way into someones heart and home.  I’m amazed too at how an individual piece just perfectly finds it’s new owner and home.  Perfect matches which put a very happy smile on my face.


12 thoughts on “New art works

  1. Your post is inspiring me to make art today even more! Love your exploratory work. Was hoping to have a creative Sunday after going to the ER for a Lego like toy extraction out of the nostril of my youngest yesterday!

    • I always love to hear that! (o: Oh no Lego extraction, they’re never any fun and hospital ER time consuming. Hope you got your creative time to explore in the end, sending you love xxx

    • Thank-you sweetheart X Still under the weather this week, but I’m still making time to create in between more down time than usual to rest (o” Thank-you for your lovely support and continual positive energy, much love to you xxx

    • (o: thanks sweetie, I’m really enjoying these little creative projects at the moment, they’re really warming my soul. I am so honored that my paintings will be gracing your walls in your home xxx

  2. Liza- your works look just beautiful and what medicine for your soul as you clamber back to some health 🙂 Hope your wellness gets some traction soon. Thanks for posting your inspiring work 🙂

    • Certainly great soul medicine Josephine, you’re spot on, this has been what has kept me going these past few weeks. My pleasure, glad you are enjoying seeing them x

  3. I am sorry you haven’t been feeling well and it is even harder with two little ones to care for. I LOVE your new project, too. There is just something so unique about your creations – you have definitely developed a recognizable style and I am a fan! xo, Kathleen

    • Yes just not much down time for me to rest. I was lucky enough to enjoy some sleep ins on the weekend though which felt great. That just fills my heart with joy to hear Kathleen that my work is coming across as unique and as a recognizable style. I have been working to achieve this over the past year and it’s really great to hear from someone else that I’m actually achieving this. I see so much art out there that all looks same same that it’s my biggest fear of looking same, similar alike. I know I’m me, and I want my work to show who I am too (o: Thanks Kathleen, you’ve been such a great support and enthusiastic motivator for me over the past year (o: Liza xxx

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