Inspired on a Monday, what?!

Monday morning and I’ve never felt this inspired before on a Monday!  I think it’s all due to a beautiful phone call I had on Friday with a dear, treasured, wise friend and also due to Beth Nicholls’s The Great Big Stitched Post Card Swap.

I’m not one for sewing or stitching, although I greatly admire such detailed work and patience.  But, I did fall in love with the idea of creating a home crafted postcard.  I love sending little surprises in the mail, especially a quickly written post card to brighten ones day.  I usually buy them or pick them up to post though, rather than thinking about making my own.

This was a fabulous opportunity for me to make my own.  It was also a great way to trial some new creative ideas that had come about recently through daily thought and drawing in my sketchbook and also through the new techniques I learnt at Tracy’s Paint Mojo workshop recently.  

As you know I’d been playing around with these colourful, patterned skirts on these dainty figures.  When I first drew one of these I fell in love with the form straight away.  Not my stick figure, but the full, billowing skirts.  I thought, what a fabulous little design to add colour, form and texture too in some small little creative art pieces to share with everyone.  These are definitely going to be wonderful little creative pieces to add to my Etsy shop too that is greatly in need of some attention and new pieces.

I had so much fun creating this little lady for the postcard swap.  Even Michael my hubby was pretty impressed with what I created.  This little project also got my mind thinking especially as there was a theme: “discovery” associated with the post card swap.  Here are my thoughts and the meaning behind my little creative postcard which I included on the back of my postcard.

I’ve since added some comers and full stops to this little written piece (o”  I was so excited to finish this piece over the weekend and write this little poem to add to the back of it yesterday that I just couldn’t wait to share it with you all.  

I now can’t wait to create more of these and have fun with different themes, colours, textures and meaningful words.  Here is the final piece that will be posted off to my partner today.  I hope she likes it as much as I do (o:  I’d like to send Beth a huge thank-you too for initiating such a wonderful creative, community project.  I absolutely loved participating and will be eagerly awaiting next years swap!

Happy Monday to you (o:

Liza xxx


14 thoughts on “Inspired on a Monday, what?!

    • thanks sweetie x this piece was created especially for the postcard swap and has been sent on it’s way, but yes I will have new pieces you can all buy very soon. I am in the process of working on a collection of these postcard size pieces of original art with beautiful messages and thoughts written on the back of each piece xxx

    • Yes little bursts of creativity here and there when I can fit it in and in between resting so I can get back on track. I think the creativity is the only thing keeping me motivated at the moment. X

    • I have indeed be consumed by this new project. I think because it’s a much quicker turn around than my larger paintings so I see results quicker and also produce a finished piece quicker which always makes one feel like they’re achieving (o: xxx

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