reflections on love & inspired new pieces

What a fortnight we’ve just had here in our lil home.  All four of us have been tired, sick and grumpy!  

It makes for a lousy, long time, and it’s so terribly hard to rest with toddlers too!  It just basically means when you’re sick yourself, you’ve just got to try your best to keep up.  As a very special friend says “suck it up”.

When I’m run down and ill, I often find myself daydreaming back to times, pre-kids, when I could just curl up in bed with hot tea, pillows, blankets, plenty of reading material, and just rest to my heart’s content until I recovered.  Ohhhh to have those days back again from time to time, especially when I’m totally bowled over by the flu, but so is the rest of the family!

It’s not until you become a mother or father yourself that you really, really understand the commitment and total devotion one must give to their family.  I certainly could never have truly understood both the demands and the warmth to my heart that being a mother brings.

I’ve noticed when we have hard times as a family and you can’t take time to listen to yourself, recover, or just get back on track with some free-spirited, spontaneous life loving fun, that I can find myself getting a bit down in the dumps.  You know, negative self talk, feeling sorry for oneself, thinking this moment in time is never going to end.  I know too well though these days, that it’s time to just kick myself up the bum, basically, get going, do something to make myself smile and give myself and my family lots of nurturing love.

So this past week has been all about those wonderful small things I can do for others and what I notice around me.  It all makes for wonderful soulful healing. The small things in day-to-day life that brings a smile to ones face.

Plenty of home cooked food, made with love, is good for the soul. 

The small things that make you laugh out loud.  

Delicious fresh fruit always makes the soul feel nourished. 

and don’t forget soulful teas, they warm the soul.

It’s the small things we notice around us that brighten our days and bring periods of dismal lowness to an end.  (It could be even better if my camera’s macro focus worked, hmmm.)

All you really need is a little love and nurturing.  *Hint; it all gets better, quicker if you go and get yourself some of this delicious Loving Earth hot chocolate too.  That’s a promise! x

Something special happens when you are able to turn dismay into joyfulness.  When you dance without a care in the world, full of energy and confidence, or sing as loud as you can, or you give someone close a cuddle just because, everything shifts.  The negativity moves on and love replaces the loneliness in one’s heart.

Little surprises also occur.  It might be a dear friend who surprises you with a visit, a lovely call, or an invitation.  You might happen upon a special sign that love is surrounding you.  And you might just gain some new inspiration, new ideas, and a new direction.  And all the joyful love and happiness takes you on a new path to new places and a new chapter in one’s life.

That’s what happened to me this week.  I have made a few hearts around me smile and I’ve been rewarded with treasured conversations with dear friends, given the most beautiful cuddles and kisses, been shown signs of love, joy and happiness, and I’ve been blessed with some new inspiration for creative pieces.  I’m even starting to feel better again.

I’ve also had a yearning to write again from the heart.  This has not been with me this past month or so.  I definitely welcome this past time back with gratitude.  It’s so important to be able to share my inner thoughts, my wandering mind, write it all down, and feel the freedom within that comes from this process of opening up, sharing and letting go.  An open heart is a happy heart. 

So if you have been feeling a little down in the dumps, or even if this long winter has gotten to you.  Pick yourself up right now and get to it!  Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you, they might not always notice, or know how to help, or may not even be there for you when you need.  Sometimes you’ve just got to do it for yourself.

Sending you much love, light & happiness always,

Liza xxx


19 thoughts on “reflections on love & inspired new pieces

  1. Ok, the one thing that stood out was those two little sweeties dancing on the table with such happiness – oh my that picture is great – brought such happiness to me. I hope you have that framed somewhere:)

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post from the heart – Winter is getting me DOWN, I am uninspired and feeling like a frustrated artist. You have lifted me (I am not alone!) and I will endeavour to “kick myself up the bum” also 🙂 🙂 Tomorrow the Sydney Bloomers are off to Kerry’s for some painting therapy… just what the doctor ordered. Love all the photos, and hope you guys are all feeling back on top of the world really quickly. Mandy x

    • So nice to hear you enjoyed it & glad it also boosted your motivation too (o: It’s been a very LONG grey winter! We all just need some sunshine to brighten our spirits and warm our hearts again I think. How’d your painting day at Kerry’s go. That’s a lovely thing to do and all get together to paint. Thanks Mandy xxx

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