my wonderful week in review

I’m so excited tonight as I finished two paintings today!!  Woohoo (o: My excitement is rapidly waning though as I try to upload these images for you and it’s taking bloody ages.  My internet connection is slow, slow, slow! Grrrr, damn you Telstra!  I’m so over it, as it’s been 3 weeks of crappy or no internet connection now.

I’ve had loads of fun today adding little highlights around her wings and adding some sparkle to the beautiful full moon.  Sorry for the glarey photos it was so grey and drizzly here that I had to have the lights on & our dear old camera really isn’t that great, nor am I at taking fab photos with the lights on )o:

I re-worked the foreground; lifting the colour as I wasn’t happy with it and I decided to practice my hand at illustrating in paint again.  It certainly makes a huge difference using fluids and a really, really fine brush.  I was a lot more confident this time around, so I will definitely be adding more of my personal markings and illustrations to my paintings.  I used elements from my illustration “seeds sown, beginnings grown” to paint as details in this painting.  It’s time consuming, but I do love this element of fine detail and the reflection of my black and white illustrative drawings being brought into my paintings.

Below is the finished piece (o:  Well at least I think it’s finished, for now it is anyway.  I’ll know after I’ve looked at it for a week or so (o”  Again ignore the glare, it’s not this shinny!

As I had fluids to use up & my fine brush out, I spent some time adding a layer of fine detail to the larger canvas I was working on last week, the one that morphed from a woman to a dragonfly.

It is wonderful to have 3 sketchbooks now full of little drawings and markings that I can draw inspiration from for paintings or illustrations.  I do get caught out looking back at all my work though instead of just painting (o”

I love repeating my markings throughout my various paintings and allowing them to peep through the layers when it’s complete.  I’ve got many markings recorded in my sketch books that I can use in all of my pieces.

This painting still has a long way to go, but I’m loving the exploration and freedom I enjoy as I paint it.  I just need to be mindful of staying in this place of freedom, and not allow myself to get too caught up with wanting to keep every little part that shows a hint of interest to me.  I’m only keeping what I love now.

Tiny, tiny marks on a very big canvas.  They won’t all stay but they’ll add great texture, variation, detail and depth to the final piece.  I need to start thinking about the final colour composition too, it’s very blue at the moment.

And finally this is the second canvas I finished off today, pictured below.  I added my final layer of detail which in this piece was lots and lots of beads of glossy paint (o:

I also enjoyed turning a couple of random paint splotches into decorative elements.

I really love the colours in this piece.  The blues and greens with the pinks have been coming through in many of my pieces now.  I really love keeping some of my very first layer of paint too.  I think this is definitely becoming a common theme in many of my pieces, especially my abstract pieces.  I just love the way my initial layer forms a kind of landscape of its own.  It also reminds me of old worn linen, that has a thousand stories to tell.  I love the texture and warmth of the first layer.  

This is the piece completed, below.  It reminds me of two things now that it’s complete.  I look at it and sometimes read it as a beautifully detailed organic heart, and other times I see a map of an island with bejeweled, organic, sculptural temples. 

It’s been so cold and grey here still this week.  Over this winter now I’m really pining for some warmth to warm my bones and sunshine to add that natural spark to us all again.  Hope it’s beautifully warm and sunny where you are today (o:

Before I head off I want to share a few links to some really soulful blog posts I’ve read this week.  Totally inspiring, incredibly grounded, and straight from the heart.  Natural and no-nonsense, that’s the way I like it!  Here they are, enjoy;

I’ve had many lil interruptions from my non-sleeping munchkins tonight so I hope this reads ok.  Much love & happiness,

Liza xxx


5 thoughts on “my wonderful week in review

  1. As always it is so lovely and inspiring to read of your adventures with each painting! Thank you for taking the time to share the juicy details. It takes us all on the journey with you 🙂 And thank you for sharing my little post too, gorgeous girl 🙂 xxx

  2. Hi Liza, Your new artwork is fantastic! It is very soulful and beautiful, just like you! Thank you for sharing your progress. I really enjoy seeing what you are doing. Take care! xo

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