late weekly re-cap

Finally hello (o: I’ve been so frustrated this month as our internet keeps dropping out or I’ve been unable to connect at all!  So, this is why my posts have been missing in action.  Numerous lost hours dealing with Telstra, but we finally seem to have a consistent connection, even if they still have to make the temporary new line permanent!

The little munchkins are still morphing into gremlins by night!  A week or so ago Flynn refused to even go to sleep in his room!  So we’ve been trialing sleeping him in Tully’s trundle.  However, they’ve taken sharing a room to mean party time and our nightly 7pm bedtime has turned into 9:30pm bedtime and we usually find them like this, see above.  By morning they’re usually both in our bed too, well Flynn at least.  So exhausting and our nights are not our own.  Will normality every return?

My little big boy Tully has learnt to ride his bike (o:  Now for weather to pick up so he can get out daily to practice.  I’m so over this winter.  It’s been so grey, drizzly, and cold.  Come on sunshine please come back to stay, we miss you!

In last weeks post I shared the progress I was making on this piece above.  I loved the imagery and the colours in the bird on the right, but compositionally it was at odds.  Big dark central area and two birds flying off the canvas.  Really?  You don’t say!  Not sure how it got to being so at odds.  Intuitive painting…I think I need to start thinking a wee bit.  Being still rather new to painting I initially wasn’t quite sure what to do with this piece, but it had to change.  I was seriously thinking how do I get around this without painting over it?!  I’d had suggestions that it was reading as two canvases and to split it down the middle, making two paintings.  But, I really didn’t want to do this either.

So I had a break from it for a few hours and wasn’t going to come back to it for another week, and then I had a thought… Apologies for these terrible night glarey photos.  I turned the peacock’s head, so that it looked into the canvas.  I also decided the bird wasn’t working in the position it was and remembered Flora’s advice to repeat imagery to draw your eye around the canvas, so I decided to turn it into a second peacock looking back toward the first.   This is as far as I’ve come with it, but I’m feeling a lot more comfortable with this painting now.

Remember this little one above?  I sat on this for months as I loved the detailed illustrative background and the beautiful colours and didn’t want to lose any of it.  Then a month or so ago I finally outlined the figure.  Well, yesterday I took the plunge and painted over the rest of the background.  It was so hard to go over all that detail, but it had to go.  It’s not finished yet.  I want to add some fine finishing details to it, so hopefully this will be finished to share with you next week.

Another awkward composition below.  Composition is definitely my current weak spot.  This one was the second canvas from my recent “Bloom True” workshop with Flora Bowley.  I’d been pondering what to do with this.  The female form had appeared naturally, but it was smack bang in the middle of the canvas.  Flora said you can still work with a bold central image, but I haven’t felt confident to make it work.  I’d started introducing more imagery such as the moon top right, but I still wasn’t confident with pulling this one off.  My eye just kept going back to the middle.  So, today I spent an hour morphing the woman into another form.

Our home is constantly surrounded by darting dragonflies in the warmer months and there has been so much change occuring in our life recently that a dragonfly seemed perfect.  You might also remember that a dragonfly appeared in this little piece not too long ago.

So this painting below has again changed and is heading off in a new direction.  I’m not sure whether the dragon fly is too big, but at this stage I’m not fussed.  I’m looking forward to working up the moon.  The gum leaves and cocoons are nicely placed  for now too.  Maybe my compositions are starting to improve.

I’m loving writing this weekly re-cap as I don’t always feel I’ve achieved much.  Being a Mama to two lil ones sometimes leaves me feeling like I’m not contributing, bewildered and lost in direction at times.  But for now my art is really keeping me focused and centered.  I love it!  I’m also looking forward to getting my other posts happening so you have more posts through out the week.  They’ve been thought through, just need time to action them now!  Hope your weeks a fun and productive one (o:

Liza xxx


7 thoughts on “late weekly re-cap

  1. If it’s any consolation, my “Flora’s” aren’t finished either, and my little ones are grown and flown. You’re making good progress. I especially love the little dragonfly, and the female figure. Life intrudes on art for all of us sometimes. Hang in there. Looking forward to the blog posts!

    • Thanks Mary (o: I’m not too worried about them not being finished yet, just have such a need to paint at the moment that it’s a long wait in between art dates (o” Glad you’re enjoying my blog posts, I’m trying to get more of them up too each week Lx

  2. Wow Liza, I REALLY love that painting with the figure…. I guess this just proves Flora’s words when she says sometimes it’s better to let go of something you like to make room for something you LOVE. All your paintings are coming together beautifully…. I feel like cheering for you 🙂 xx

    • Hi honey, thank-you that’s gorgeous what you wrote about “cheering for you” (o: yes indeed, Flora is right for sure on the notion of letting go. It’s hard to do, but it works (o: xxx

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