weekly creative re-cap

Friday?  Really, where did the week go?  My golly gosh it must be all the lack of sleeping going on in this home this week!!  It really all seems a bit of a blur.  No internet for a couple of days and nights of boys refusing to go to sleep!  Wednesday evening I’d planned to write a post to you ready for Thursday, but it never got written as Flynn just wouldn’t settle.  So at about 11pm I gave in and went to bed with him.  Would you be able to refuse this face!?This post is taking me ages to write!  The boys are not settling to sleep tonight either; up, down, Mummy getting frustrated and raises voice, up, down, Mummy threatens to close door, up, down, Mummy says if you don’t sleep there will be no ricotta hotcakes for breaky, up, down, up down….it’s still going on!  I did enjoy 2 days of painting though this week which was a real treat.  Normally I only have 1 day to paint.  I’m also wrapped as I completed this abstract today, yay (o:

It’s similar in style to “Emerging Fields” and I really enjoy painting these.  I’m working on a series of these to exhibit even though the first one is already sold.  I need to find some more time in my week to paint, maybe at night again.  It’s so tempting to put the course work and house keeping aside and just paint to my heart’s content.  Seriously envious of full-time, single artists this week (o”

I love adding this fine detail when I’m happy with the overall composition and colour scheme.  I was almost going to paint over this little waterfall pictured above.  However, in the end by adding this delicate detail it brought it to life and seemed to work after all.

With these abstracts I’m totally in the hands of the paint, rather than the other way around.  I allow the colours to work their way into each other and really just allow the piece to unfold on its own.  All I concern myself with is mixing colours together on the canvas that work.

I began this painting late last year when my old school buddy came around to shoot a mini documentary on me.  I’m very excited as this little doci is nearly complete.  I recently viewed the initial cut and it’s looking fantastic.  I don’t sound nearly as nervous as I felt!  He’s done an amazing job and I can’t wait to share it with you very soon.

I’ve also been working on this larger canvas pictured above this week.  This photo shows you where I started with it on Wednesday afternoon.  Looking at it this evening it’s changed a lot.  I love taking these progress photos to look back on where I’ve moved from. 

This one above shows it at the end of a few hours painting on Wednesday.  I’m starting to bring in some imagery at this point.  Who knows whether they’ll be here to stay or not though as it’s still early days.  I’m trying to be a little more aware with this piece in terms of its composition.  My last painting got very busy and I’m not sure compositionally whether it really worked or not.  Being untrained and very new to painting I’m still learning all of these bits n’ pieces.  It’s easy to switch off and paint intuitively, but it can also land me in a mess, with a resulting chaotic and busy piece.

Here are a few photos of some particular details in this painting that I like.  I love the colour in this gum leaf and the way the magenta has slightly bled into the under tone.

I usually forget about etching into thicker layers of paint to highlight the contrasting colour below.  So, today I started to play with this technique with some words and sketching of some forms into the paint.  Fun, but not as easy to draw into the paint as I would have liked.

This photo above is where I came to by about the middle of today.  I know there is a peacock in there!!  I was looking at the left side of the painting and this tiny little black marking and a long sweeping brush stroke below it stood out to me and I immediately thought a peacock!  Then I remembered going to a wild life park with my Mum and Dad and watching the peacocks wandering around with these amazingly long and beautiful feathers dragging along on the ground behind them.  I kept thinking to myself I don’t know if I want to start painting a peacock??  But, it was just consuming my mind and I though ok for now there shall be a peacock!

Moody under layers that I just love!  Highlighted with little pops of contrasting highlights.

Starting to play with some imagery…still to be developed.  These forms come from the amazing array of various shaped Moroccan lamps that Michael and I saw on our trip to Morocco back in 2007.  Aren’t they just beautiful (even though this is a bad photo!).

Here’s a slightly better photo of a single lamp.  I love these forms and shapes and I’ll be integrating them more and more into my paintings.  I’ve really enjoyed looking back at our photos from this trip recently.  Some of the photos I took in France have inspired some recent illustrations too.

And another detail photo from the painting showing some more Moroccan inspired imagery.

This photo below is where I finished up before going to collect the boys this afternoon.  I’ve added a little more shape and form to my “peacock”, lightened up the top left and bottom right corners and introduced some more imagery.  It’s still a long way off finished.  I have no idea what images will remain, or what new ones may appear, and still don’t know what the final overall colour scheme will be but I’m having fun (o:

I also wanted to share this gorgeous sunset that we enjoyed here this evening.  Just stunning!  What a beautiful way to end a week.

OMG!!!  It’s quiet here, the little pitter patter of tiny feet and shrieks of laughter, and excited bedside whispering has ceased…I just went and checked them both and look what I found…

The little munchkins have ended up snuggling up in Tully’s bed together and have finally fallen off to sleep.  Ahhhh now we can relax.  Enjoy your weekend, I hope it’s a fun one (o”

Liza xxx


22 thoughts on “weekly creative re-cap

  1. Your paintings are really coming along. Colors are beautiful. I am sending those boys calm, lullaby thoughts in hopes that they give you a bit of peace..way too cute though. I just want to come over and get them all riled up!I have an eleven year old snoozing in my bed right now…some things never change! Hope your weekend is great. Julie
    p.s. doing moroccaman lamps over here too…in pen!

    • Thanks Julie (o: I should have more time this half of the year to paint & grow creatively which is exciting! Thank-you for your calming vibes, we need em (o” Ohhh you’ll have to show me your lamps, I have many pages in my sketchbook with little detailed drawings of Moroccan lamps and other things from our travels in Morocco, such an inspiring, vibrant culture xxx

  2. Hey gorgeous! Your week sounded so fruitful and creative 🙂 And the boys look angelic when they’re asleep!! Lovely work, thanks for sharing! Makes me REAAAAAALLY want to paint!

  3. You have a beautiful and professional looking website and your paintings are absolutely scrumptious, treasures of color, line and shape. I admire you for painting through the parenting! You have been practicing intuitive, abstract painting for awhile and it shows. I really loved your photographs of the morrocan lamps and how you incorporate those into your imagery. It’s makes me want to go back through my photos Africa or Italy to get some hidden treasures.

    • Thanks you so very much Peggy & thanks for popping by (o: Definitely look back over your photos as there will be a treasure chest full of new inspiration in them for you to re-discover. Enjoy! x

  4. Hi Liza!
    love your work and your post! glad you got the time to write and paint this week!
    ps. i too, have been drawn to lanterns… and my last painting had the word love etched in (something that came about in one of those great intuitive flash moments) thought i would share if you would like to see https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=277547048990066&set=a.264257676985670.59937.262217887189649&type=3&theater
    happy painting!
    see you in class (I am off to listen to today’s lesson)

    • Hi Nathalie, thank-you! I went and had a lovely browse of your FB page and your lantern painting is beautiful. Isn’t that amazing how we both have had intuitive spurts of inspiration on the same theme but can produce such different imagery and paintings still, love that! Yes see you in class, totally loving every minute of it and don’t want it to end. Lx

      • Thanks so much Liza and yes, i love that too (I guess we are dipping from the same spot in the inspiration river!) and so interesting how they are so different… that’s the beauty of this process. I don’t want the class to end either… i do hope you will continue to post and paint well after the course ends… it is so nice to share the creative journey with such wonderful artists like you!

      • (o: we are yes, and I think that’s beautiful x I’m seeing all the class celebration photos tonight and I’m so sad it’s finished. It has been a wonderfully uplifting fun course. All I want to do is paint (o: I look forward to keeping in touch with you Nathalie (o:

  5. Wow liza what a creative week. Thank you for sharing the progress of your paintings particularly the finer details. Just beautiful. And your boys are adorable!

  6. Thank you for sharing your amazing blog of your hard work and colour. I love your style!!
    Your little Gems wont always be so demanding and grow very quickly, So, Have a good week!!!

    • HI Janet, thanks honey. I am already so amazed at how quickly our little boys are growing. It’s incredible to watch them grow and change so much, but I do wish time would slow a little x

  7. Love seeing all the beautiful details in close-up. Glad to hear you’re finding painting time too… Even with sleepless children 🙂 We’re heading full swing into the second week of the school holidays…. Busy busy busy playing…. Not a lot of painting going on – although I finally got to pour some resin yesterday which I’ve wanted to try for ages…. so far so good. Hope the boys sleep well this week (I’m trying the keep busy and exhaust method… but mine NEVER get tired anyway especially of talking 😉 Mandy x

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