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Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time writing down my thoughts each night before I head off to sleep.  It’s a wonderful way to relax, unwind and to also allow those thoughts and meanderings to make their way to paper to respond to or develop later before they’re lost.  I always have last-minute thoughts, ideas, questions and so on while I’m brushing my teeth or checking my boys.

I used to be able to completely switch off from work straight away and head to bed, clear minded and ready for peaceful sleeping.  However, since I began my creative art journey all that changed.  Hmmm, maybe, just maybe that has something to do with finding my hearts joy and passion.  Now I just dream the most wonderful dreams of colour and imagery and wild wonderful playful worlds of nothing but shared love and happiness (o:

So where is all this going?  Well I was writing one night and found myself scribbling out a plan for my blog postings and what they could contain and I now have some wonderful new things to implement over the coming weeks.  One thought was to dedicate Fridays to highlights of my creative adventures enjoyed throughout the week.  So here’s some snippets of creative mind chatter and images of what’s been happening here on my desk and in my studio this week, enjoy!

I enjoyed drawing some colourful mandala images for Flora Bowley’s Brave Intuitive You e-course this week.  It was a fun little creative exercise that then got me thinking about some images that I’d sketched in my sketchbook late last year…

I’ve drawn lots of lovely detailed circular motives and had been thinking what I could do with them.  I’d done a few of these little gift tags…

The gift tags were still a little lifeless and probably not as beautiful as they could be.  For a long time I’ve kept my love of colour for my paintings and my illustrations have remained black and white.  However, that may be all about to change.  These are still a little rigid and scale wise not right, but I’m working with some concepts for a new series of prints that will be available in A4 and A3 size when completed.  I would love to hear your thoughts…

As you know I’ve had female forms and figures popping up as imagery in my paintings of late and also while looking back over my sketchbooks a lovely image of a stick figure with a billowing skirt caught my attention.  I’d been sketching her here and there recently and thought she could also make for a lovely collection of prints perhaps at A4 and A5 size.  I’m excited to play around some more with her skirts as I have visions of beautiful full skirts with my detailed illustrations and colour shining through almost like a stained glass window.  These illustrations would still be predominantly black and white but with pops of vibrant colour.  What do you think?

I also spent some time working on my paintings this week.  There are quite a few in transition at the moment and they’re all still pretty ugly and unrefined with little or no imagery appearing in them.  These are just the larger canvases, there are also about 6 mini canvases in progress too!  Just keep working, keep working, just keep working…

It’s such a testing time when you’re at this point.  I love the first stage of just playing with paint, getting as much colour and variation on there as I can.  But, then it suddenly gets very busy and overwhelmingly strong and in my face.  I know at that point it’s time to start looking carefully at each of them and making some intuitive decisions about what areas I like, what colour combinations I like and where to take them next.  Sometimes easy, sometimes not…

As you can see there are lots of little areas of interest.  Sometimes they’re so little or minor that I often forget about them and end up painting over them anyway.  My work can still change so much from this point on.  It’s certainly nothing like Architecture where I always had a clear image of what the end result would be.

Wow, this post somehow has become BIG!  I guess that means that even though it sometimes appears there’s not much going on over here in the Liza Zeni Studio, that there actually is.  This has also been really good for me to actually see that I am making progress each week.  Sometimes it’s slow but I can now see that I’m working my way along many different projects that should come to fruition at some point.  It’s been fun, so I’ll keep these posts coming each Friday (o:

Wishing you all a fun weekend.  We have a 4th Birthday party for Tully and his little mates from Mother’s Group tomorrow which is always lots of fun.  4 though…OMG!  At least Tully is the youngest in the group so he’s officially got another month of being 3.

Liza xxx


11 thoughts on “creative re-cap

  1. Yay! What a lovely sharing of ideas, Liza. It sounds like you’re BUZZING 🙂 Good for you! And I love love love your line drawings, they are definitely your strength! Flora’s methods, where chaotic mark-making with line and colour gradually become simplified into a harmonious image are quite distinctive, but yes, the intermediate stage can be quite overwhelming. You’ve been using this process for some time. Perhaps try another approach? Not every painting needs to go through chaos to find order 🙂

  2. Oh I love those Friday posts. Happy Birthday for Tully and his parents too. What a milestone for everyone involved. Love the colourful Mandala and the bellowing skirts look like butterfly wings to me…..Happy and colourful week. Love Bettina

    • Thanks honey (o: We’re just celebrating collectively this weekend for Tully’s Mum’s group as they all turn 4 over the coming month. Tully is the youngest though and his actual birthday isn’t until the 28th July. Thank-you for your lovely wishes though, he certainly believes it’s his birthday and had a wonderful day on Saturday even prompting us all to sing happy birthday to all the kids 4 times in a row which was lots of fun. And, yes that meant 4 goes at blowing out the candles too (o” xxx Ooo butterfly wings yes you are right I like them too xxx

  3. Such a lovely colourful happy post similar happenings have been going on in my studio this week, preparing myself for Flora Bowleys course in September, we are so fortunate to be able to have the freedom to play with colour and express ourselves freely. Keep playing love Janet

    • I totally agree Janet & feel very fortunate to have the freedom and time to express myself so openly through colour & creativity. I also love that I can share this with my boys and bring creative freedom into their little lives. It makes me feel alive and wonderfully happy. Life doesn’t get much better than that and I am truly grateful. I think it’s very easy to complain about lack of time with the swift pace that life takes for many of us these days but really we should all (me included more regularly) just notice the small things in each day that are so simply joyous (o: Wishing you loads of fun as I know you will enjoy with Flora in September xxx

  4. Hi Liza, I’m so glad I dropped by your blog today! Feel like there is so much to say in response – so much colour, life and love in all of your images and it looks like you have truly BLOOMED over the last year since your first course with Flora… WOW. Amazing. How life changing! I love all your beautiful creative ideas that are flowing…. very inspiring! (I’ll def. be watching this space more often!).

    • Hey Meredith, I did receive your comment that you thought had gone astray YAY (o: Thank-you honey it will be so great to catch up in person some day and have a good ole chat together, I can see us doing that (o” Certainly life changing, I couldn’t agree more and so many of us are experiencing this. Flora is just incredible with the gift she is giving. x

  5. Wow… you got up to heaps that week!!! It’s amazing when you write it down that you realise how much you are working on 🙂 I had to leave a comment about the beautiful illustrations with the billowing skirts… I love them!! Have you tried out Luminartes Twinkling H20’s? They would be the perfect medium for a dash of colour in the skirts… The colours are beautifully vivid and sparkly (i just treated myself to some this week:-) Can’t wait to see where you go next. Mandy x

    • It’s been a great thing to do; writing this weekly re-cap as sometimes it’s so easy to feel in the swift passing of each week that you’ve not achieved much at all. No I haven’t tried the Luminartes, thanks I shall keep my eyes out for them (o: xxx

  6. I enjoy your colorful bold work, I enjoy seeing the process as it develops. I thought the comment that someone made about – not all paintings need to go through chaos to find order was – quite interesting. As much as I love the bold color I also enjoy the sketches in black, they allow me to breathe for a moment. I like the gift tag. Then I see the billowy skirt in a new light when you added the color and it reminded me of a butterfly. I guess the bottom line is, I simply like your art.

    • So glad you’re enjoying hearing about my process and I’m not boring the socks of you all (o” Yes it was a good comment to consider. I’ve been thinking about trying out some new approaches but I do love the challenge of painting intuitively with no idea where it’s going. I love the freedom I feel from not having an end picture in mind. Someone else also saw a butterfly too (o: Thanks honey x

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