Melbourne Bloom True 2012

Hello my sweet peeps.  I just want to say thank-you for all of your visits to my blog recently xxx  I’m really happy to be able to share with more of you.  I have been planning some changes to my blog posts which I’ll be sharing over the coming months.  I hope to bring you all more inspiration, connections and encouragement to follow your intuition and inner heart.

Where have I been you may have been wondering… It is Winter here and very damp and cold so I’ve been doing a little bit of hibernating as well as keeping up with a very busy month.  There’s been gatherings, workshops, international and interstate guests, proposals and lots of joyous creativity.  It’s been full on and important for me to take some time out to simply “be” so I could be completely centered and focused when I needed to be.  Time out for me has included reading before going to bed at night, savoring a warming cup of green tea, time for playing with my boys, time for talking and listening to Michael, time for daydreaming and wandering, and basically just taking in life.  When I actually make time to do this my heart opens, my mind broadens, and I notice so much more.  

Today I wanted to share some photos of the wonderful time we enjoyed with the beautiful Flora Bowley who we were so very lucky to have visit all the way over here in Melbourne.  To coincide with the recent release of Flora’s brand new book “Brave Intuitive You” I organized a book launch for her which was held at Readings St Kilda on June the 7th.

I had the pleasure of introducing Flora who has been such an inspiration, mentor and friend to me.  She is very much responsible for initiating my move into following a more intuitive, free-spirited creative life and I am so incredibly grateful for that.  She has an incredible natural grace, and speaks with such calm and inner wisdom.  Flora really has  a genuine gift for encouraging others to open up to their inner beings and really uncover who they are, in order to learn to express their own unique voice.  The book launch attracted a lovely little gathering of friendly folks who braved the chilly Melbourne night to come out and hear Flora speak on her new book and her experience in writing it.  It was also really lovely to meet a few online friends in person.  Thank-you for coming you guys it was so nice to meet you all.

The workshop that I organized and prepared for Flora began on the Friday and was held at the Gasworks Art Park in Port Melbourne.  As soon as everyone started to arrive I had a lovely feeling of warmth and joyfulness fill my soul.  These were truly special, open, and such beautiful women.  They were all so happy, friendly, embracing and excited.  Just look at these bright, beaming faces!

Together we enjoyed two and a half days of letting go of our fears, opening up to our hearts, finding our natural rhythm and enjoying the fabulous intuitive art and wise life teachings of Flora Bowley whilst enjoying uninhibited, free spirited joyful painting.

Flora is so open in sharing her process and her life experience with us all.  She was just so inspiring to listen to.  Having known Flora for a year now I was able to see just how much she has grown herself in this past year.  I really felt she has completely matured into her life work as an artist and teacher of inspiring others to experience the freedom in opening up to their own creativity.  

Everyone in the group really relaxed and embraced Flora’s guidance and sharing of techniques and began to create the most textural, colorful, emotive and unique pieces of art.  Everyone enjoyed the music, chatting to their fellow artists and thoroughly enjoyed the exploration of their hearts and inner beings.

Flora has a such a grounded, calm and warm approach to her teaching that it really does enable everyone to relax, let go of any fears or anxieties, and really allow themselves to open up to the process.  I’ve found they also open up to each other and embrace the group working environment and often form new found friendships.  It is this bringing together of like minded souls that I really love seeing.  It was really heart warming to see the whole entire group sit down to eat lunch and chat each day of their own choice (o:  Soulful bonds and connections were definitely being made.

It was such a treat for us all to simply sit and watch Flora paint live in front of us too.  There is something so beautiful about her personal style which totally encapsulates her body, emotions, spirit and energy.  It’s beautiful to experience and so incredible to witness the transformations and growth in her work.  She has such true trust in her process and intuition that she is able to let go of anything that she is not feeling, which shows a strong commitment to her inner guidance.  

By the end of the weekend we had all had so much fun, thoroughly enjoyed each others company and the lovely safe and freeing space that had been created for us to simply relax and be in the moment.  Here are a few images of some completed and transformed pieces of art

I want to say a big thank-you to all of the beautiful, open and friendly participants, all of whom I can count as new artsy friends.  And an especially big thank-you to Flora for taking the time to come and take us for a very privileged workshop all the way over here in Melbourne. 

By the way it’s so lovely to be back on my blog with time to share my inspiration with you all again,

Liza xxx


29 thoughts on “Melbourne Bloom True 2012

  1. Thank you for the warm and detailed recap of a joyful experience shared 🙂 xx (YOU made it all possible… your open heart and kindness flowed in and around every moment!)

    • And it was an absolute pleasure to bring together all of you gorgeous girls. I am just so grateful to have finally met you in person Malini and you are such a beautiful heart to bring into our family, thank-you for being you xxx

    • Hello (o: ohhh it’s so nice to see you here again thank-you for your lovely thoughtful comment. I know how hard it is to leave comments on blogs even though you may read them, sometimes there’s just not the time, so I’m so very grateful for your thoughts and such a lovely heart filled one too. This one is extra special as it reassures me that the work I’m doing is on track with my path and what I want to give back to others and also how I want to bring people together, thanks honey XXX

  2. This is a beautifully written and heartfelt blogpost. I loved reading your account of the day and enjoyed seeing everyone’s gorgeous and colourful paintings. I agree about Floras wonderful presence and teaching, and how it was so amazing that she created an environment where everyone was able to embrace the process and come up with such gorgeous and colourful paintings. Thank you for helping to make this happen Liza! xo

  3. Liza what a wonderful reminder of a very special few days. There was indeed a wonderful warmth about the weekend. Thank you for organizing such a wonderful retreat.
    I look forward to keeping the connections.

    • Thank-you Megan for coming down to be with us all and share in a beautiful experience that this years bloom true was. I look forward to keeping in touch with you also, and who knows, hopefully meeting up in person again some day soon xxx

  4. Liza, I agree wholeheartedly with Megan – a lovely recap of the weekend. I loved seeing everyones beautiful paintings again – so much colour!! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou to everyone for a fabulously creative escape – looking forward to staying in touch and seeing how we all progress 🙂 Just been to Bunnings to have some MDF squares cut to have a go painting on a different surface – striding forward bravely!!

    • And it was just wonderful to have your always beaming with joy face and to meet you the lovely person that you are x It’ll be great to stay in touch and we’d all love to see you back down here again sometime for another creative adventure. Have fun with the MDF sqaures. I have some larger ones primed and ready to go, but haven’t even gotten around to beginning them yet and it’s been a month! Let me know what it’s like to paint on them. Have fun (o: xxx

  5. Hi Liza,
    this is a great post, thank you so much for sharing it with us (bloom true class). I love your paintings and how you took the steps/techniques and made it your own, you have a lovely style! see you in class

    • Thank-you I’m so glad you enjoyed it (o: I really thought it would be of great benefit to share with all of you in Bloom True due to the stage we were all at & just to show you what can happen when we all bravely open up and bloom freely, and also in 2.5 days, so much shorter than the e-course (o” Lovely to meet you and I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful paintings in class xxx

  6. I so enjoyed seeing all the beautiful paintings -so much color and movement! thanks for sharing Liza it all must have been amazing!

  7. Liza – the positive energy and joy show in all of your photos. It appears as though it was truly a fabulous group of people enjoying their time and place. What a blessing to be a part of something like this, even for those of us that are watching from our computer screens.

    • I’m so glad that came through, it really was a joyous weekend (o: It was just wonderful to be a part of, so glad you all enjoyed it from this side too xxx

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