Flora Bowley, Art & Yoga

Hello (o: I’ve been busy getting organized this week and preparing everything ready for Flora Bowley’s arrival and Bloom True Melbourne workshop that I am hosting here in June.  Initially this workshop seemed like it was ages away.  But, now it’s only a little over a week!  Yipeeee, I’m so excited to have the gorgeous Flora back in town and I can’t wait to see the smiles on all the faces of our lucky Bloom True participants.  You are going to have so much fun!!

I’ve also been reminiscing a lot this week, as last year it was my first Bloom True experience and my very first introduction to painting.  I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and smiling from within at just how far I’ve come since I first met Flora a year ago.  She is very much responsible for igniting my passion for painting.  But more importantly she has shared a special gift; one of self-confidence, inner trust, courage to open up and believe in myself.  Nothing else matters, I can be brave.  “Let go, be bold, unfold.”  This is Flora’s mantra and one I now hold very dearly in my heart.  

Flora is currently in Bali and has recently hosted a week long art & yoga retreat there.  Her dear friend Tara Morris took some gorgeous photos throughout the retreat depicting the warmth, friendship, growth and beautiful Bali surrounds.  You will find these stunning photos here.  Tara’s photos capture the true essence of Flora’s class and should get Melbourne’s Bloom True participants even more excited!  Also here’s a photo of the painting Flora completed in last year’s Melbourne workshop.    

For those of you who have missed out recently on workshops and retreats with Flora, there is now a fabulous online workshop that Flora has created with the beautiful Beth Nicholls of Do What You Love called Bloom True – the e-course.  The second round of this course is about to begin on the 11th of June.  Be quick to register if you are keen to take part as the first round sold out!  Here is a link showing some images of the first groups beautiful paintings.

Speaking of selling out.  Flora’s new book “Brave Intuitive Painting” which was released on the 1st of May has recently sold out in the USA.  However, there are books to be found in Melbourne!  We are holding a very special book launch and signing for Flora with plenty of copies of her new book at Readings, St Kilda, on the 7th of June at 6pm.  We’d love you to come along!  Here are the details.

All this talk of Flora brings me back to yoga.  This week my beautiful Yoga teacher Bettina Pfannkuch has launched her brand new website The Art of Balance and also a Face Book business page.  If you’re a local and live on the Mornington Peninsula I can highly recommend joining one of Bettina’s yoga classes.  I used to be a regular yogi until I had my little boys and kind of lost my personal rhythm and the ability to take time out for myself.  Just recently I have been able to get back into a twice weekly practice of yoga and I absolutely love it!  I knew I was missing my regular yoga routine, the head space, the endurance, mental and physical challenge which made me feel so great afterwards on all levels.  But, I had forgotten the tremendous sense of calm and inner balance that yoga also brings to my life.  Bettina has a beautiful warmth and natural approach.  She is incredibly inspiring to watch how she gracefully moves peacefully from each pose.  As a teacher she is caring, always encouraging and able to push one to challenge themselves, but with such gentleness.  So do make sure you pop over and say hello to Bettina and better still join one of her classes.

I’m going to aim to make some time to paint tomorrow so hopefully I’ll have some progress photos to share here with you all next week.  Til then, enjoy your weekend,

Liza xxx



12 thoughts on “Flora Bowley, Art & Yoga

    • Hi Kathleen, It was just beautiful to be lucky enough to spend time with Flora again, I am so very grateful. I’ve finally posted a blog on the weekend today with loads of photos too, hope you like it xxx

  1. Liiiiizaaaa!!! Can’t wait to meet you on Friday 🙂 I am very much looking forward to spending the weekend with Flora and you and all the other participants. Maybe it’ll also give me the kickstart I need to get back to Yoga too. See you soon. xx

    • Hey Giovanna it was wonderful to meet you, I thoroughly enjoyed your company and fun spirit. I can’t wait to see your future paintings. Be sure to stay in touch, and hopefully I’ll see you again sometime here in Melbourne xxx

  2. Liza you are amaaaaaazing! What a journey you’ve been on, in only a year! You’re now ‘The Connector Extraordinaire’ , Blogger AND Artist! my goodness…not to mention your other ‘regular’ jobs 🙂 Yay for you! See you soon ….

  3. Hi Liza! You are an inspiration to me! Thank you for sharing “your colours” with us and of course thank you for your support of The Art of Balance – Yoga & Massage. Good luck and lots of fun this weekend. Look forward to the upcoming posts and of course seeing you on the mat on Thursday.Love Bettina

  4. You are hosting!!! Awesome! Can’t wait to see see the fab work that comes from the class. Flora is so inspiring I hope to do one of her work shops someday….it is on the to do list.. Have a great time. We will catch up whe thing settle.

  5. You must be in painting heaven!!! So cool that you are hosting! Love Flora and her work.. On my someday list…. A Flora workshop!! Can’t wait to see your work from the workshop. We will catch up when things settle.

    • thanks sweetie, you will love Flora’s course when you get to do it. Have you thought about doing the online one? It’s has a heap more extra information and is really wonderful having the audios and film of her painting. Chat soon for sure xxx

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