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Hello (o:  I’ve been busy, busy, busy lately.  Where to start?  Maybe with what’s on my easel at the moment.  I can’t wait to finish this painting.  It’s been sitting idle for a few weeks now and I’m going to aim to finish it tomorrow.

It’s been a busy past week or so here with Flynn coming down with Tonsillitis last week and then just this week when I thought he was better he had an odd day on Monday where he was grizzly and clingy and ended up throwing up late in the afternoon.  Poor lil munchkin.  He was back to normal surprisingly yesterday and full of his gorgeous expression and current chatter.  He’s really changed over the past couple of weeks and has become this curious, cheeky, confident, happy little chatterbox.    

We also enjoyed a lovely visit from Michael’s folks late last week as they were visiting from Tasmania.  They stayed with us until Monday which was just lovely.  Us and the boys love having Nan and Poppy come to stay and they were both by their sides or on their laps the whole time.  Tully has now expanded his vocabulary with various truck model names that he’s been pointing out in the trucking magazine that Poppy left for him.  It seems we were enjoying their company too much though as we forgot to take photos again!  Here is an old one of Tully with Nan that I just love!

And this one of Tully with Poppy is another favorite of ours.

I’ve been keeping busy with daily drawing exercises as I work through The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Designs.  I’m loving it!

exercise from Surface Pattern Design course

It’s hands on, expressive, creative, fun, inspiring and full of tips and information for me to learn.

exercise for Surface Pattern Designs course

It shares stories and interviews with practicing Surface Pattern Designers, sources to draw inspiration from, drawing techniques, techniques to create patterns, and the all important technical skills to turn my illustrations into patterns on the computer for licensing and production.

sketching for Surface Pattern Design course

Now the link I wanted to share with you today has nothing to do with Art.  It’s rather to do with health and nutrition.  Over the past 15 or so years I’ve suffered terribly with digestion and back in about 2004 was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  At that point in time I felt it was a diagnosis to conclude that they really didn’t know the cause of my symptoms which included; bloating, constipation, stomach pains and more.  Yes not a very fun topic to discuss, but it’s actually very common.  I was informed that the cause of my troubles was most likely stress and in my case emotional stress.  My tummy troubles have improved a lot over the years with more awareness of diet and what I can and can’t eat, as well as some life style changes to enable me to be less stressed and lead a calmer, happier life.  I regularly enjoy long walks out in the open, I love and really feel so much clearer, calmer and more centered with my practice of Yoga, I meditate when I remember to (I used to enjoy this more prior to having our lil boys and really need to get back to this daily practice), and more recently I left my career as an Architect (the biggest and hardest decision of my life) to focus on building a new life and career as an Artist.

Just recently a beautiful friend of mine shared some really interesting new information for me on FODMAPS.  I hadn’t heard of this before this week but was very intrigued.  It is a diet that follows a process of elimination to establish what foods cause IBS symptoms and how some foods cause fermentation in the gut.  I’m still working my way through the information and learning about this but it certainly makes some sense and might be worth me considering.  It’s very timely as I went to see my Naturopath last week to discuss all sorts of things including; digestion, lactose intolerance, hormone changes and overall health.  For this month I am to eliminate all dairy from my diet.  This is to establish if I’m actually lactose intolerant as I’ve been told for many years, or rather dairy intolerant.  In my next session I will be asking her all about FODMAPS though too.  I hope this brings some awareness for any of you that may suffer from digestive issues.

Another link for you today is to a gorgeous online friend Lori Moon and her creative art blog.  This is for all of you creatives that love a challenge.  Lori is currently hosting a May Flower Challenge.  So if you love flowers like I do, pop over for a read and join in the creative fun!  I hope to get involved in this next week as it’s always great to take time out to observe and draw inspiration from flowers.  Flowers are colourful, beautiful, and full of geometric patterns and details.  Perfect inspiration for a creative challenge.  Here are some other creative friends that are participating in Lori’s Flower Challenge; Deborah Velasquez and Julie Hamilton.

A rather long post today.  But, I hope you’ve enjoyed the little update on what I’ve been working on and also enjoyed the health links.  I’ve also added some more images of completed paintings to the “Paintings” link here at the top of this page.  I’m slowly adding images of my art for you all to see (o:

Liza xxx


10 thoughts on “Link Love + loads more

    • Hi Ruth-Mary, I’m glad you enjoyed this. We are indeed enjoying similar footsteps along this creative path at the moment. It’s just so lovely to feel so happy & passionate about something in life again. I hear your excitement, enthusiasm and happiness in your words on your blog, so have enjoyed reading very much so. Liza xxx

  1. Liza, I am excited for you regarding the surface pattern design class. Your artwork is always beautiful. Thank you for the shout out regarding my flower challenge. I am so honored that you are going to join in and play.

    • My pleasure honey you blog is always fun, bright and cheerful and I couldn’t help but share your fabulous creative challenge (o: Thank-you xxx

  2. im so glad youve been turned on to FODMAPs. i cant wait to see how you do with it since it breaks my heart knowing others have endured these symptoms without relief…wishing you the best!

    • That is so lovely of you Elise to take the time to pop in here and also offer your sincere wishes, thank-you so much, that’s just so lovely. The information you’ve posted on both of your blogs is invaluable and I can see it will help many. I wish I’d stumbled or become aware of FODMAPS earlier. It makes a lot of sense actually and I’ve been reading as much as I can about it these past couple of days. It’s definitely something I will trial and see what I discover from it. I’m keen to try some of your delicious sounding recipes too. I’ve always loved to cook and healthily so these will be great and especially with your knowledge of cooking on the FODMAPs diet (o: Thank-you so much that’s such a lovely gesture to come over here and wish me well. Keep up your fabulous work in spreading the word on what is a great result for living free of IBS symptoms and discomfort. Liza xxx

  3. Hi Liza, thank you for your post on FODMAPS. I too have the same problems as you and so does my Dad and sister. We have all been on various diets eliminating wheat, diary, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and been to numerous doctors only to tell us we have digestive symptoms due to stress. Some days we are fine and then one day we eat something and all the symptoms come back and we can’t work it out what triggered it. It is such a comfort to know that we are not alone! My mum only just stumbled upon the FODMAP diet the other week. I must admit i haven’t got my head around it but after reading your friend’s post I feel like I should give it a try. Thanks Liza for sharing this information.

    • My pleasure Kirily. I’m so glad you’ve also heard of the FODMAP diet and are going to give it a go. It’s certainly a frustrating thing to live with I agree with you. Yes, there’s a fair bit of information to read and understand to ensure you follow it correctly. I am finding it just makes so much sense though. I wish you much happiness, calm and relaxed, symptom free tummy’s for you and your family. Let me know how you go (o: xxx

  4. I did not get to post the first time I read this wonderful post. I have really enjoyed reading it again. I have enjoyed the spin you have put on the tummy talking ! How wonderful that the lady came over to see your blog. It is a lovely blog. I really would like to say I enjoyed the images you have placed between your wards. Very clever. The open blue sky looking upwards for your new career like you launched it sky word shooting for the stars. The big bloom said to me that it will be ok, our tummys will be ok in the end and we shall all bloom and to ferment this idea, excuse the pun, here is Lori’s Flower Challenge to brighten up the day and take our minds off our tummys. Now my usual question is what is in the bowl ?

    • Thank-you Helen! If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have even known what Fodmaps was. In the bowl is kale, bacon, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil and red wine vinegar, black pepper from memory, it’s yum, but have tried it a few times now and it doesn’t agree with my tum unfortunately. Blows my belly up and makes me windy )o: Glad you enjoyed all my images. I love thinking about what photos I’ve recently taken and how I can pop them in amongst my words. xxx

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