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Happy Wednesday (o:  It’s actually Anzac Day here today so we’re all enjoying a leisurely day whilst remembering our brave men and woman.  

This morning I made Anzac biscuits with my lil munchkins.  Here are some photos, including Michael’s Grandparents and Great Grandparents war medals and tags.

My link for you today;  The Studio in Merricks North.  A purpose-built mud brick studio by Glass blower Leisa Wharington.  I stumbled accross this delightful studio a few months ago and fell in love with it.  Set amongst the tall, slender gum trees and full of visual handmade and natural delights this must be a beautiful place to create in.  The studio is also shared with local Mornington Peninsula Artist Sarah Dingwall, Artist Julie Niekamp, and jeweller Flick Pope.  Each year they hold Christmas at the Studio where there are market stalls set up with many artisans and their wares.  I can’t wait to go this year.  They also have a sweet daily ritual of gathering together for cake, tea and chatter.  So go take a read of this Design Filesfeature on this beautiful studio that’s tucked away here on the Peninsula where I live.

Sarah Dinwalls Glassworks

I found myself dreaming away of my own future purpose-built studio whilst reading this article…it’s wonderful to dream.

Liza xxx


3 thoughts on “Link Love

  1. Liza _ the metals are so lovely. I want to reach into the screen and pick them up, touch feel and smell. They really speak to me. The two at the bottom of the top photo and again in the middle photo – they almost look like clay. What are they all about?

    The photos of Christmas at the studio threw me for a minute then I had a oh wait a minute our seasons are reversed. All so inspirational. xxoo Kim

    • These are all Australian war memorabilia. They belonged to Michael’s Grandfather and Great Grandfather. The ones that look like clay are leather and are called “dog tags”. They were used to identify the men should they have been killed during the war. That’s really lovely that they spoke to you. I’m so glad I took the time to share these x

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