snuggles, cuddles, observations & funny shapes!

So how was your weekend?  I hope you enjoyed some fun, some relaxation, some time out to enjoy your loved ones.

Did you remember to take note of those small, special moments and to jot them down? Here are mine;

  1. Spontaneous cuddles from Michael.  There’s nothing better than feeling the warmth, love and security of your loved ones arms wrapped around you.
  2. Tully saying to me on Sunday morning “Mama, you’ve been soooo good today!  You can be my best friend”  He comes out with the funniest things.  This morning in the car it was “Mama, you been good?  Two more sleeps Mama and you can go to the fire station, two more sleeps.”  Ha, hilarious.
  3. Being woken Sunday morning by the sweet kisses of Flynn, with one little arm wrapped softly around my neck and the other one every so gently trying to open my eyelids.  He’s the sweetest and most gentle boy I know!”
  4. Watching the remaining raindrops from Saturday evening glistening in the morning sunshine on the garden mesh near my bedroom window.  Little sparkly droplets covering the silver mesh.  Now, if only I’d thought to take a photo to share here!
  5. Sipping some wine and sharing a meal with my boys whilst looking outside to see the most beautiful bold clouds billowing above a dull grey sky.  But with this incredible highlight of Cerulean Blue opening above the heaviness.  Again it would have been handy if I’d taken a photo to share with you.  I find myself so taken by these moments that grabbing a camera is furthest from my mind and would be a distraction from the moment for me.

It really is a great exercise to make little daily lists of observations, things ones grateful for each day, daily mantras, goals and also achievements.  We should be very proud of the little steps we make each day to achieve our dreams.  This exercise has the ability to focus your attention and I believe heightens your senses and intuitively brings things to fruition.  If you think about something long enough for example, it’s bound to become reality.  Our intentions become our actions and focusing our thoughts and awareness each day on these things really makes a difference.   

I also promised to share some sketches of my weekly moment photo from last week.  I’ve never drawn a pomegranate before and it’s not as easy as I was hoping.  I will enjoy practicing some more though.It might be a little square in shape.  Real life drawing and proportions has never been a strong point of mine, unless I have a ruler and do a measure up first!

I had fun adding detail of course.

I love the central part, kind of nice alone without the outline for the overall form.

Wishing you all a super week ahead, make some more daily lists or notes, you’ll be amazed at what comes from doing this.

Liza xxx


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