Paint Mojo Melbourne 2012

Hellooo I’m back.  I hope you all had a fabulous Easter and enjoyed some time out with family and friends.  I know I did and gifted myself an extra leisurely week to enjoy with my beautiful boys and celebrate my birthday.  Sometimes you just have to listen to that little voice inside telling you to take some time out, recharge, rest and enjoy your loved ones with 100% focus.  Now, I am ready to get stuck back into my art.  And I have so many wonderful projects on the go. 

I have one of those to share with you today which is exciting.  Wini Dougall, Artist of Art Love & Joy and I have come together to host a Melbourne Workshop on behalf of Tracy Verdugo; Australian and Internationally recognized Artist.  Tracy is coming to Melbourne to teach her Paint Mojo workshop on August 4th and 5th 2012.

Tracy Verdugo is an Australian artist.singer/songwriter.workshop facilitator. She has had 9 successful solo exhibitions since 2002 and contributed to many group shows. Her work is in collections locally, nationally and internationally and her skills are well recognised as a creative workshop facilitator for both adults and children.

Paint Mojo will be held over 2 days fun-filled days at the beautiful and inspiring Gasworks Art Park.  This workshop is all about letting go, freeing up, playing without limitations and exploring your unique story tucked deeply within.  Do come and join us, we’d love to share this experience with you.  I must tell you though that places are already filling quickly and this workshop is limited.  So if you are interested, please don’t hesitate, email Wini and I straight away for further information.

It’s lovely to be back here and I’m super excited to get back into some creativity and self exploration tomorrow.

Liza xxx


11 thoughts on “Paint Mojo Melbourne 2012

    • Our pleasure Tracy, it’ll be fun and we’re looking forward to it and spreading our wings further in the future with the organization of more special gatherings and events. Thank-you for having faith in us xxx

  1. Oh how lovely! What a fabulous time you will all have. I wish I lived nearby. I don’t paint, but this would inspire me to find my hidden secrets and bring them to paper. I look forward to reading all about this special time, I know you will post with your great photos. Best, Kim

    • Hi Luna, thank-you for your interest, we’ve now contacted you via email with all the information on the Paint Mojo workshop. We hope to see you there (o: Liza x

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