Mornington Peninsula Day Trip – part 2

I think we could have spent the whole day in Flinders to be honest.  For a little town in which some places were closed the day we visited, there really was a lot to see and enjoy.  We had planned to have lunch in Sorrento at a little organic cafe that Michael had told us about, but we were still wandering around Flinders at 1pm with rumbly tummies in toe (o:

We quickly had a look in a contemporary art gallery and checked out the Salvos before we left.  Got myself some bargains for the boys winter wardrobes.  Pictured above and below is the beautiful work of local artist (sorry the name has escaped me for now) who’s work was featured in this gallery.  This little window display was so pretty in the sunlight.  The artist (it could have been Leisa Wharington but I’m not 100%) loves to collect found objects and she’s recently been making little glass vials and vessels with found objects from her walks and travels around the Peninsula.  They are so delicate and tiny, I loved them.

There were as many natural features to admire as there were created pieces.  I’d literally just walked out of the gallery and was again taking my camera out to photograph the sweet foxtails out the front.

We finally, yet reluctantly left Flinders and drove further down the Peninsula to Sorrento and stopped for lunch at The Sisters cafe.  It was such a beautiful warm and sunny Autumn afternoon that we were lucky enough to enjoy sitting comfortably outside.  Just look at this gorgeous smile upon my beautiful friend Amanda’s face.  I feel so very lucky to have met this beautiful big-hearted woman last year.  I feel like I’ve known her for years.    

My lunch was sumptuous; a vegetable and herb frittata with house-made relish and a side salad.  All ingredients were fresh from their beautiful garden that surrounded the outdoor seating.  I loved it!  

These planter boxes went right down to the rear of the cafe building and there were tables nestled in amongst them.  The bees were working busily around us, we could smell the herbs in the gentle breeze, and the little birds danced around us the whole time, it was just lovely.  

I look forward to coming back here again some time for a leisurely meal and to relax amongst this lovely little kitchen garden in the sunshine.

Upon leaving there was more delightful inspiration to be found.  Lots of lovely shapes and colours for me to capture and take home to draw and paint.  I also loved the shadow they cast along the fence behind.

I love forms, but I also love the tiny details to be found when you look really close.  These tiny flowers below (I think from a spring onion) had the most delicate feathery tips.  

We had a little walk down the main street of Sorrento, but didn’t really have enough time to really explore.  We’ll just have to come back!  We did however of course pop into the local florist for a look at her beautiful blooms and foliage.  How could we not?!

Such beautiful soft colours.  I loved the form of these mauve and blue delights below.

Such a soft pink and look at that awesome spiraling centre and the yellow-green hue.

This was our favourite of them all; a lovely big bunch of pink peppercorns.  They were just closing up shop so we decided to buy the last bunch and split it between the two of us.  Just beautiful.  And a lovely reminder of our beautiful day out together. 

I had to quickly duck my head in for a look at one of our Zenibaker Architects jobs that’s now on site in Sorrento.  I’m so excited about this one, and can’t wait for it to progress some more.  The second floor’s not on yet.

We really didn’t want to leave and as we drove out of Sorrento we joked about calling our husbands and telling them that we were staying the night in a little B&B down here (o”  It was a stunning afternoon and we could just see ourselves happily sitting on the beach enjoying the last of the afternoon sun and watching the sun dip below the horizon.

We couldn’t help ourselves, we decided to stall our drive home just a little, and stopped in at McCrae for a drink in the last of the delightful afternoon sunshine at The Pavillion.

It was perfect, the air was fresh and we relaxed outside in the gentle afternoon breeze and joked about not going home.  If only we had a free pass for the weekend!

What better way to end a magical day than by celebrating with a glass of bubbles.  I laughed and said to Amanda “now I really do feel like I’ve had a holiday in a day!”.

Speaking of holidays its Easter and time to relax, unwind and enjoy the company of loved ones.  I’ve just finished cooking and baking in preparation for a beautiful family lunch here at home tomorrow.  So I’m going to take a few days off now to do just that, relax.  I also want to wish you all a lovely peaceful Easter break.  Do take some time out from the busy-ness of life.  It goes by in a flash and I just can’t believe it’s now April.  Switch off that computer, don’t answer any work calls, and just enjoy the slowness of being with yourself and in the company of those you love.

Happy Easter, enjoy!

Liza xxx


4 thoughts on “Mornington Peninsula Day Trip – part 2

  1. Liza, once again you gave me a mini-vacation with your beautiful photos. It looks like a lovely day thank you for sharing with us. I’m particularly interested in what looks like a mini-garden on wheels – that gets my wheels spinning! Best,Kim

    • Oh that’s great! Yes they are vegie patches that they’ve created in recycled packing crates. We’ve just picked some up from a local orchard to prepare our own at home. Fabulous idea. Thanks Kim x

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