my weekly moment & a lovely link

Here is my ”weekly moment”.  A single photo with no words, title or caption, from the past week that I want to remember and savour forever.  Something simple, yet special to me.

I’m adding to today’s post as I missed posting to you during the week as I’ve been a busy bee.  I wanted to share a lovely little local store with you that I often love to pop my head in for a browse and gathering of inspiration or to select a special something for a special person in my life.  A dear friend of mine from University actually told me about this store and gave us a house-warming present from here.  A beautiful little clay dish by Bridget Bodenham which I just adore.  This sweet little shop is called Pomme and is owned and run by Sue who has a wonderful knowledge of local artisans, their Artisan backgrounds and their unique pieces that they create.

image courtesy of Pomme

I really enjoy spending time in here just browsing the various pieces of local work.  Sue has a fabulous selection of hand crafted pieces from sculpture, prints, glassware, ceramics, porcelain, jewellery, bags and clothing all displayed in clusters around her tiny little store.  You can now also purchase from her online store.

So many times I find myself ducking in here for a moment just in the doorway drooling over all her beautiful cups, teapots, sauces and plates, I love them all!  I could have the most magical tea party with these pieces.

The many colours, tones, textures, patterns, shapes and pieces are just beautiful. It’s a really great place to pop into for a gift for a dear friend or loved family member too.  I could happily gift away everything in this shop to a special someone.  Each piece speaks perfectly to someone I know.


Sue is always re-designing the styling in the front window to highlight a new designer or season or theme.  When I have the boys with me they love looking at her front window display too, to see what delights are hanging from the tree branch and positioned on the bench below.

I’ve always admired our very talented and uniquely varied Australian jewelers work.  I blame my husband Michael for my love of these pieces and I am a lucky girl as I have a little collection of my own as a result of his thoughtfulness, love and generosity.  Although, honey, I think it might be time to add to my collection and allow it to grow, wink, wink, wink (o”

I love the little additions of found natural objects that Sue places among the pieces.  It’s ever-changing and a lovely reflection of her own personality and taste.  There are all sorts of wonders which Tully loves looking for such as sea urchin shells, wrapped chocolates with messages, antiques and collectables, drift wood, succulents, nest, eggs and dried broad beans and many more.  Yes, I did say broad beans!  And this makes me giggle as one day I was in there with Michael and he couldn’t work out what they were or why they were for sale and Sue laughed and said with a big smile “if you turn them over the price of the piece they’re next to is written on the back, the broad beans aren’t actually for sale”.  I love the idea, Michael did too when he realized their purpose!

See look at these awesome colour combinations so tastefully placed together perfectly.

I particularly love wandering into Pomme for a little burst of inspiration.  Sue has a keen eye for beautiful clothing too.  She carefully selects just a few items for use in layering and lift a simple outfit.  They are unique pieces that are rich in colour, have beautiful patterns and delicate textures.  These as well as the many other beautiful pieces in this little shop are an endless sources of visual inspiration for me and my own creativity. 

I always come away with new inspiration for colour combinations, or perhaps the texture or woven details in a piece of fabric has inspired a marking for my illustrations.  I can’t always purchase, although I’d love to!  However, Pomme is a burst of visual delight and a way for me to keep up to date with what other local Artisans are creating.

Have yourself a delightful weekend, and maybe enjoy some time to browse a little wonderland place of inspiration for yourself.  Enjoy,

Liza xxx


6 thoughts on “my weekly moment & a lovely link

    • Hi Kim, that’s really great you feel like you’ve had a little trip (o: I hope to do more of this bring you all posts of local inspiration and places I admire. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Liza x

  1. I am in heaven. Absolutely love everything about it! What a great idea for the broad beans. I have a collection myself and use them for display in my terranium. I have an incredible urge to go shopping now…hmmm.

    • Isn’t Pomme just beautiful (o: Glad you enjoyed it and the broad bean concept (o” I know shopping freely would be delightful, I myself need to sell way more art before I can do that, but I do enjoy window shopping luckily too. Liza xxx

    • Ohhh Kim thank-you so very much. This is a wonderful surprise and I feel really humbled but also very proud that I am inspiring you (o: This is certainly what my little blog is all about, just simply being me and bringing some inspiration to the hearts & minds of others. I look forward to following up with this later in the week, thank-you again that is really thoughtful of you. Liza xxx

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