link love: feature artist Malini Parker

Today I have a gorgeous soul to share with you all who I’ve been meaning to write about and share with you for a long time now.

image from Malini Parker

I keep putting it off because I feel this beautiful woman needs an articulate and special introduction and lately my mind has been so preoccupied and fatigued that I’ve not had the brain power to get my words out clearly and succinctly as I’d like to.  But, there’s no point waiting for that perfect time when you’re a Mum.  Slowly, slowly am I learning that important lesson, just do it, don’t wait, what will be, will be.  So today I really want to write about the gorgeous Malini Parker.

image from Malini Parker

I stumbled across Malini and her artwork early last year whilst reading a blog post by Kelly Exeter.  I enjoyed what I read so much that I continued over to Malini’s website.  Her artwork is full of expression and inner beauty.  She has a wonderful ability to reflect her emotions, thoughts and life stories in her paintings.

image by Malini Parker

They are rich, fluid in movement, full of express and exhibit the most incredible textures and patterns.  When you start to look back at her incredible catalogue of her work you can see her transformation and journey through the various moments in her life.  Her work really does tell her unique story and portrays her life values and beliefs.

image by Malini Parker

Malini has a natural affinity for others and has immense genuine inner beauty.  Her workshops have been very successful and I really believe this is due to her natural grace.  She is also extremely organized and shares her knowledge and techniques with openness and efficiency.  Many are amazed at what they learn in such a short time and what unique art they are in turn able to produce themselves.

image courtesy of Malini Parker

She has recently taken the time to develop her original workshop into a series of progressive workshops based around the teaching of her techniques and knowledge of developing as a professional artist.  This has culminated in an original class to focus those skills and techniques into developing ones individual artistic expression to become a professional artist in their own right.  This workshop is called Finding Your Authentic Voice.

image courtesy of Malini Parker

If anyone here in Melbourne, Victoria is interested in attending one or more of Malini’s workshops then please do let me know.  I have been talking to Malini about the possibility of holding one of her workshops here in Melbourne and she would love to if we gather enough interest.  So far her workshops have only been hosted in Western Australia where Malini lives.

image courtesy of Malini Parker

I hope you enjoy reading about Malini and viewing her artwork as much as I do.

Liza xxx


14 thoughts on “link love: feature artist Malini Parker

    • My pleasure Malini, I think what you are doing, sharing and encouraging in others is the best kind of work and I am more than happy to share someone as caring and genuinely beautiful as yourself. I can’t wait to see you also! We’re going to have so much fun together (O: Liza xxx

  1. Your first paragraph is EXACTLY how I felt when I first wrote my blog post about Malini! I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be able to do her justice!

    And of course, you know that I agree with everything you have said about her 🙂

    • Hi Kelly, it’s so lovely to see you pop in here (o: I know, I know, exactly! She is such an incredibly inspiring and warm person that it’s really hard to write succinctly and descriptively to portray her true personality and heart. I actually tried to find your original blog post on Malini but I couldn’t find it with the swap over of your blogs. It would have been lovely to post a link back to yours as without having first come across yourself I may never have come across beautiful Malini. If you want to send me the link I’d be happy to post it in my next blog post. Thanks Kelly I really appreciate your feedback here xxx

  2. Thank you all for your warmth and generosity, particularly lovely Liza… the response to your blog has been great! I really appreciate your kindness. Your loyal readers have been terrific and I’ve made some new friends through you 🙂 xx

  3. Thank you for this wonderful introduction to Malini Parker. Her work looks amazing!! I would love to take a class with her if she comes to Australia :))

  4. Gosh Liza you do know good art when you see it. How vibrant are her pieces. I can see why you like her so much and want her to come over to you. You might need to put an add in the paper or local art magazine. Thank-you Liza.

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