studio spaces, zine’s & shared stories

Hello happy weekend.  I missed posting my weekly moment yesterday as I was so under the weather with a heavy achy cold and I was also busy looking after cuddly Flynn who has an ear infection as a result of his cold.  So, I thought I’d jump on here today and share.  Daddy is occupying the boys outside and I’m resting up with a cup of tea.  It’s been a long miserable week here. Flynn’s been so sick this week, but so sweet at the same time.  He has the calmest, sweetest, most caring nature for a little boy.  I’ve enjoyed some one on one time with him which doesn’t happen very often.  It’s been so nice to just enjoy and listen to him.  And I’ve enjoyed even more cuddles, smooches, and sweet kisses from him too which I just love and get loads of anyway.  So spoilt with love in this home!  I think this photo above was taken early Thursday morning after his dose of morning Panadol and antibiotics.  So he had some energy and pain relief for about an hour.  He was playing dress-ups; handbag complete with keys and talking phone, red floppy hat with bunny ears on top, don’t you just love it!  Once he was all dressed up he came over and kissed me on the lips, gave me a “cuggle” and waved saying “bye-bye Mama” and off he’d go walking up to the front door and back, when he’d then pick out another change of outfit and repeat the fun. 

It’s been both lovely and frustrating this week.  I’ve enjoyed precious one on one time with Flynn and a slower pace to the week.  But, at the same time I’ve lost all the time I’d planned to paint and draw this week.  Last week I spent time in between my reading and writing cleaning up my little studio a bit which I share with our big fat plotter and also the fax and small A4 printer.  So this week I was actually looking forward to getting in there and creating.  However, the whole home, family and life, work balance was out of kilter again and my creative time disappeared to make way for caring for sick children.  Don’t get me wrong, I would never complain about nurturing and looking after my children, but the thing I find tricky whilst being a mum, a house wife and trying to work is that no matter how hard I work towards routine and prioritizing my time to allow everything to flourish, it just never seems to happen this way.  I know this is the main issue all of us working mum’s struggle with.  That we can never completely be comfortable in knowing that our time allocations will definitely be fulfilled and met.  After being a highly organized, efficient, reliable, and always there for everyone person, friend, wife and employee prior to kids, this does take a long, long time to get used to.  Your time is no longer your own or reliable time.  This becomes even trickier when working for yourself and not someone else as there is no sick pay, holiday pay or regular fortnightly payments.  To get paid the work has to be completed.  So for me when I have to allocate my working time to something else it’s always the creative time that goes first.  But, essentially it’s this creating that results in income for me and my little business.  Somehow I have to work on time for creating more. 

And so everything I do takes not twice as long, but three times as long as it really should.  I also often feel scatty and distracted mainly because I’ve got a million and one things flying around my head at any one time.  I forget to call people back, I don’t get to catch up with friends nearly as often as I’d like to, and my artwork sits around for months before it reaches completion.  Funnily enough this piece above has been completed since before Christmas but it’s yet to make it online to my Etsy store.  I managed to get prints of my completed paintings up but my beautiful illustrations are still not available for sale.  It’s these little things that bug me.  I have so much I want to do, but physically can’t do it all these days in the time frames I’d prefer.

Anyway back to the studio project,…I found a piece of MDF lying around in the carport last week so I’ve temporarily placed this on top of a second hand cot we were using in our bedroom and this has become a nice large layout and working space.  Directly in front of where this desk is, was where the plotter was previously.  So it was directly left of the door and as the room is only about 2m deep it was really cramped and I couldn’t stand back from my work to gain any perspective.  It’s still not a great set up and I really need to move the plotter elsewhere out of this room.  I also plan to use this wall next to the door to actually hang a canvas on and paint from.  I want to paint some larger canvases and have been asked to produce some larger work, but I’ve been limited with space to produce it in.  Working on the wall itself would be perfect.  I still have a challenge ahead of me convincing Michael that this room is a studio and therefore if there’s paint on the walls and floors it doesn’t matter and years down the track it can all be re-painted and we plan to replace the flooring through out our home anyway.  But, he’s not on the same page just yet.  The next stage of my studio clean-out is to move all of the old work files and drawing packages off the shelving above my little desk and into the laundry cupboards or rear storage at the back of our house, so that I can bring all my art and sketch books out and put up my picture frames and inspiration here.  I really want to make this space my own little creative haven and I need to clear it out of all the mess, other distractions and space wasters first.

Some cheeky fun inspiration arrived on my doorstep yesterday which was a lovely end to a dreary old week here.  Earlier this year I discovered the gorgeous, colourful, childlike fantasy artwork of Mindy Lacefield of Tims Sally.  I had lost myself for hours enjoying browsing through her gorgeous website and blog a few weeks back and noticed she was launching her own online workshop Paint Your Story, and also had produced her own zine.

I fell in love with the imagery and freedom of colour and expression that her work expressed and just wanted to read a little more about her work and process so I purchased a treat for myself and bought her Paint Your Story Zine which is just delightful.  I was really excited to see the package and also the little note she popped inside with a little card about her online workshop and a little print, such a sweet touch and to me always shows a generous spirit at heart.  You can view a great little clip of Mindy here too which gives more of an insight into her as an Artist.  

It’s great to also see what other artists are doing and how they are getting their work out into the world but also sharing their wonderful, individual stories.  I believe we each have our own unique message to share with the world and to inspire other souls with to encourage love and happiness into their hearts and lives of all.

I also have some other news to share with you today…sorry this has turned into a lengthy blog today.  I was featured by Beth Nicholls on her website Do What You Love earlier this week, in the section called Shared Stories.  “*Shared Stories* is a weekly series of guest posts sharing the stories of people determined to do what they love.  Some stories talk of triumph, others despair.  They all involve bravery, belief, courage and hope.  They are real stories about real people chasing their dreams, and making choices and sacrifices which allow them to do what they love, for life.  Every Monday the Do What You Love blog becomes a space for sharing those stories.   It takes courage to share, and I hope you will read them, relate to them, be inspired by them, and leave a comment about them.” 

You can read my little shared story over here.  I hope this inspires you all to trust in where your heart and intuition is taking you. I used to be so scared of saying I’m now working as an artist.  I worried what people would think and about judgement.  Doing little things like this make those steps forward into being and believing in yourself so much easier.  Writing and sharing this story wasn’t easy but it has given me strength, courage and a deeper understanding of who I am and where I am going in my life.  You know I think when we reach the point of embracing our hearts and our intuitive whispers, this is where the magic happens.  And this is when we can in turn inspire others to follow their dreams and passions and live life authentically with freedom, inspiration and joy.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with little nudges to push you that small step further ahead towards reaching that point of self belief and freedom to enjoy those dreams you aspire to.  You can do it you know (o”

Liza xxx


15 thoughts on “studio spaces, zine’s & shared stories

  1. Your little one is just delicious. Love the bag. Our little guy over here has his favorites, he is loving a beaded and straw “summer “number!!. What I find interesting is what he thinks can fit in the bag!! ” No sweetheart the scooter doesn’t fit in your bag”…..

    Love that you did Shared Stories…still gathering my nerve to do it. Brave girl you are!!!

    • lol these munchkins and their antics really make me giggle most of the time. (o: that’s really funny as Flynn was the same, he was trying to pop way more than would fit in the little green bag! Thanks honey. You know what I had a harder time beginning this blog than actually writing this story for Beth. I’m not exactly sure why as they’re both very much me on a very open and raw level. But I think mainly because I share and continue to share so much more of myself here. And when I share here I don’t always take the time to revise and edit and count words. It’s more about about writing what pops into my head at that given point and expressing with words what I’m feeling within. So writing my story of how I came to be here and how I found my passion and began to live it wasn’t actually so hard as in a sense I’d already lived that, I’d been there, it wasn’t in the moment it was a reflection and story that had been. Not dismissing how important and soulful and personal that story but it’s just different from sharing a given moment caught without hesitation. I hope this inspires you to think some more and gather your inner strength and passion to share yours too Deborah. I think you’ll find it a very rewarding experience. I would love to hear your full story and I’m sure others would too (o: xxx

  2. You know Liza, I struggle to balance all these things too and I don’t even have kids to care for, so I think you’re doing a great job!! I love your studio – I wish mine was so functional. Which perhaps might account for why my time management is so DYSfunctional at the moment!

    • Thanks honey (o: I’m not sure it’s completely up to my expectations yet as being completely functional, but it’s way better than it was. I can actually move in there now! I’m pretty sure our work spaces have a lot to do with our productivity and a clean space sure does equate to a clearer mind. I’ve always known this but still find it incredibly difficult to maintain a clear work space (o: Enjoy your long weekend Kass. Liza x

    • Thanks honey (o: I’m not sure it’s completely up to my expectations yet as being completely functional, but it’s way better than it was. I can actually move in there now! I’m pretty sure our work spaces have a lot to do with our productivity and a clean space sure does equate to a clearer mind. I’ve always known this but still find it incredibly difficult to maintain a clear work space (o: Enjoy your long weekend Kass. Liza x

  3. Liza, balance can be such a difficult thing to maintain or even find on a good day. I am sending strength and patience to you as you find balance, whatever that means in the moment that you are in. Remember to enjoy the journey. So excited for your creative space to be organized and inspiring.

    • Thank-you sweetie, your words are always so caring and full of strength, love & wisdom. I am loving my journey. I just need to keep my patience in check which has never been my strong point. My clearing of my creative space has definitely worked and I’ve enjoyed a little time for some focused fun in there this past week. Sending you much love in return, Liza x

  4. Liza, so sorry to hear you have had a tough week. And that you little one is having a rough time too. Despite all this, you sound wonderful and full of ideas and inspiration. Here’s hoping lots of smiles and love find their way into you heart this weekend.

    • Thanks Ann Marie I’m feeling much better with renewed strength & health this week. We did enjoy lots of smiles together on the weekend, actually it was a really special close family weekend which has put us all in good spirits this week. Lx

  5. Oh my goodness, Liza! What a wonderful, inspiring, encouraging, and heart-felt post! I thought I was struggling with these things because I am getting older and my brain and body are slowing down, but I feel exactly like you do. I don’t have the extra challenge of caring for young children any more, so I am amazed that all you are able to accomplish. It is obvious you put your precious family first, and you are still able to move forward with your dreams. I know from your perspective it may not feel like it, but you are making HUGE progress – keep putting what is most important first and it will all come together.

    So interesting that you spoke about Mindy. I just met her at Jesse Reno’s class that I took in Virginia Beach this past week. (I share some photos of him on my blog – such an amazing time). I met her at the very end of a 2-day class and spoke to her for only a minute. I had no idea about her wonderful art and would you believe asked her if she sold on etsy? I asked if she had a card, which of course she did, and it wasn’t until I got home and looked her up that I realized who I had had the priviledge to meet and just wish I had met her sooner in the workshop.

    I feel so blessed to have one of your prints and am so excited for all that you have coming into your life in the future.


    • Hi Kathleen, I love reading all your comments on my blogs I think I get as much from you as you do from my posts (o: That class with Jesse Reno must have been amazing and that’s fabulous you got to meet Mindy in person. Never mind how little time it was, you’ve made a connection and you now have a wonderful common thread to chat about together and perhaps this will lead you to meet in person again. I think we’ve all met people in life that we’ve at the time enjoyed meeting but not realized their full backgrounds until later. Sometimes, there’s something very special though in meeting someone like this because I think it gives you a real insight to their true spirit. I love that you are still excited about your prints, that makes me feel very happy and fulfilled. Have a wonderful week Kathleen and thank-you again for your gorgeous comments xxx

  6. A wonderful post Liza… loved it.
    So glad you are choosing to listen to your whispers and sharing with the world.
    You teach me a lot about patience… and being resilient.

    • Pauline, thank-you so very much. You’ve always found time to pop in here and leave me a comment with great feedback which is just so helpful to me, I really appreciate it and thank-you for your encouragement. It does make me giggle when you say that I am teaching you a lot about patience and being resilient (O: These have always been my weak points in character and hence why I giggle. Maybe I am learning too myself (o” Liza xxx

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