link love

Hello I hope this all finds you well and having a fabulous week.  Me, I’ve come down with a cold today, but I’m keeping up with my reading and writing and I’ve been drawing away in bed tonight, but more on that later.

The link I’m sharing with you this week is an important one.  It’s not in tune with what I normally share here but the message in this is for us all so I encourage you to take the time, half an hour is what you need to set aside, to watch this.  I didn’t know what this was about initially, but I trusted a friends prompt to make the time to watch this.  That’s what it’s all about; taking the time to watch something of great importance and spreading the word around the world.  So friends please make some time this week to sit down and watch this and share this link with everyone you know on all of your social media platforms.  Find out who Joseph Kony is and about the horror he is inflicting with his unchallenged power.  We need the power of people in world-wide numbers for this man to be captured and his power removed and ended.  International justice is needed for the rights of these invisible children.

I’ll see you back here later in the week with a more uplifting and lighter post (o:

Liza xxx


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