weekly moment

These weeks are flying by, it’s now Friday again already…Summer is sadly over, and Autumn is definitely here with us now in Melbourne.  I’m happy about this though as it’s my favourite season of the year.

Here is my ”weekly moment”.  A single photo with no words, title or caption, from the past week that I want to remember and savour forever.  Something simple, yet special to me.

Have a wonderful weekend, wishing you lots of love and relaxation.

Liza xxx


4 thoughts on “weekly moment

  1. Hi Liza
    beautiful pic!
    I was wondering if you got my messages about the June workshop and whether there’s a long waiting list, if I were to put my daughter Mary on it the list, would there be much chance of a spot or is it very long?

    • Hello Malini, it was a lovely evening on the beach when this was taken, the most beautiful summer night last weekend and the most incredible sunset. No I didn’t receive your email, but I’ve just sent you one in reply to this (o: Yes the workshop is now well and truly full, Flora is one very popular artist. Liza xxx

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