Balancing working and family life

I’m so not meant to be browsing on the internet this morning but I jumped on to check daily emails whilst eating my fruit and muesli for breaky and also checked in on my blog and Liza Zeni FB page and that’s where I find myself distracted by endless inspiration.

This morning I can’t stop thinking about one particular post I read from one of my regular reads; a blog by Rachel Power.  Rachel wrote “The Divided Heart” a book about the navigation through life as a mother alongside their life as a creative individual.  Rachel was celebrating in her post today as her book has now reached the hands of many around the world.  She had received a personal letter from American film maker Mary Trunk who was thanking her for her book’s message and the stories it shares.  She also wrote to tell her about a documentary that she has been working on that is based on the same topic; Mothers as Artists.  Rachel shares a very moving short extract from this documentary by Mary Trunk and I just want to share it with you all also.  I hope to see it in full one day soon.  You can pop over to Rachel’s post here and view it or click below.  

This small part of this documentary is raw, honest and tender and has left me overwhelmed by emotion and yearning to hear more from these women.   I want to hear from woman all over the world.  I want us to share our inner thoughts and feelings of how we cope with and what we think and feel about life’s “daily-ness”, so to speak.   I think it’s so important for these messages to be heard.  The work these two women are doing is wonderful stuff.  If we all opened ourselves up bravely, just a little, and shared just a tiny piece of our inner selves, we’d all be better for it.

Even though I am relatively new to working as an Artist alongside the most important job in my life; being a loving, caring, happy mother and wife, I feel every inch of what is expressed in this documentary.  I am touched by the honesty and deep insight these brave woman have shared.  We say we live in a more expressive and open world today, but I feel there are still a lot of things people don’t talk openly about.  We still tend to keep things locked away safely within.

I don’t think these feelings voiced in this documentary are particular only to mothers who work as artists either.  I believe they’re relevant to all working mothers trying to find the right balance between achieving their dreams and aspirations and being great mother’s and wives.  Being the best we can be, that’s all we want to be isn’t it, our best?  I also believe that men who have children also feel similar frustrations to us and struggle with the efforts of finding balance and harmony in life.

We all have our frustrations, our tender moments, and our moments to rise above, but we should all be more aware that we are never alone.

Liza xxx


4 thoughts on “Balancing working and family life

  1. hey liz.
    I’ve read this book and loved this doco. Thanks for sharing it. Totally on the same page.
    Loving sculpture course, but it goes waaay to quickly.

    • Hi Heid, yes same page indeed…we’ll get there (O: I can’t wait to see some images of your sculptures Heidi, can you email me some? Is there a stage 2 to the course for you, sounds like you’ve found your love (O” xxx

  2. Hi Liz, I read your Do What You Love story and found it really inspiring, I love the fact that you finally discovered yourself through motherhood. The same happened to me, working in a 9 to 5 job until I had my little boy, and at last, I am redescovering my childhood creativity. I’ve started a blog too – I wouldn’t call myself an artist but am definitely a crafter full of ideas. After seeing your lovely illustrations I’ve decided to keep a sketch book in my bag for daily doodles. Your flowers are my favourite, the dandelion seed ones. Beautiful, keep it all up. x Cath x

    • Hi Cath,
      It really warms my heart to hear that you found my story inspiring, thank-you. I really do want to inspire others and I’ve been thinking a lot more about this over the past 2 months. There is something so special about nurturing a child and what it in turn brings out in ourselves. That’s beautiful that you have also re-discovered your own childhood creativity and started a blog. I have popped over to have a read this morning and it’s really great, I love that vintage book, what a find. I look forward to popping in regularly to read. I actually tried to follow, but I’ve forgotten my google password at the moment, so I really need to figure that out! Definitely keep a daily sketchbook with you. You’ll be so wonderfully surprised at how quickly your work progresses over a few months. They are great to look back on, and great to refer to for inspiration in other work you do. I also recommend keeping a written journal for words, thoughts, inspirations. This is the hardest of tasks I find, but the most rewarding. Thank-you for your lovely comments on my flowers. I have been drawing again this week whilst looking after sick toddlers so I shall be posting some new illustrations in the coming weeks. Lovely to meet you, enjoy that little boy of yours and your time together. I really loved in turn hearing your own story. Liza x

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