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There are so many incredible opportunities to learn online these days.  I was completely unaware until about six months ago at just how many wonderful and inspirational online classes there were.  They allow everyone from the young to the retired to have access to up to date information, jam-packed learning opportunities, contacts with people and mentors worldwide and are incredibly technologically advanced and cost affective.  Designed to be followed at your own pace they fit wonderfully into our currently busy, juggling, multitasking lives.  It would be very easy to sign up for them all as they all have their own unique offering and sound so enticing.  I love learning new skills and meeting new people.  It’s great for someone who can become easily bored and distracted such as myself.

I’m pretty aware these days of my own limitless enthusiasm.  Sometimes it jumps ahead in leaps and bounds so I have to put a leash on it like a new playful puppy!  At the moment though I’m very much focused on developing my current creative skills and working towards achieving my creative goals and therefore have to date only enrolled in Flying Lessons and am currently midway through Hello Soul Hello Business as you know and keep hearing me talk about.

image courtesy of Do What You Love

There has been just one other online course that keeps popping up frequently tempting me to enroll and that is The Art and business of Surface Pattern Design by Rachel Taylor and Beth Nicholls.  I desperately wanted to enroll in this the last time it was offered and just felt the timing wasn’t quite right.  So I attempted to put it out of my mind.

I knew though first off that the skills to be learned were perfect for my long-term creative business ideas and direction.  I’m always drawing and thinking of how wonderful it would be to have my illustrations turned into patterns for all sorts of products and applications.  My new-found love of painting could be applied too.  Everything from my own stationery range (as I’ve loved paper and pens ever since I was a little girl, I’m such a hoarder of stationary!) and fabric lines for housewares, to wallpaper, decals and kitchen splash-backs to work in with our Architectural work.  The possibilities are endless and regularly occupy my mind.

Just this morning I received an email saying that The Art of Business and Surface Pattern Design is being offered again, starting in April this year.  There’s also an incredible tempting payment offer running until the 7th of March if you sign up for all three modules straight away, about $330 off the normal price!!  This course would be perfect timing this year, however, my available funds aren’t quite on par with making the now easy decision to enroll.  So again I’ll just have to leave it open to possibility and wait for everything to align in order for me at some point to enroll in this course.  What will be, will be.   

So today I thought I’d share this link to a fabulous online course with you all.  Most of you in the online loop will know about this and already be feeling the buzz of energy surrounding this course.  But, there are a few readers here who I know would love to do something like this and like me a year ago would not even know that it existed.  So this is for you, go take a peek!

Liza xxx


8 thoughts on “link love

  1. Liza, the course on surface pattern design seems wonderful. And I could so see your work flourish with such guidance. I’ve taken a course with Beth (Do what you love for life) and i LOVED IT. It was amazing. I’m guessing Rachel Taylor is as impressive, so as a team, the e-course must be totally yummy. 🙂 I am sending good vibes to the universe for the door to be opened for you to take this Surface pattern design course. xoxo

    • mmm I know what you mean, it’s not in mine either. My aim is to sell another painting to pay for it, shall see how I go (O: Wishing you luck too Lexis x

  2. So many classes. I was looking for a new one myself when I just found a one for potters. I know a clay e-course ! Now if I could just find an arty Animation one I will be like a chicken with it’s own bag of sweet corn ! The pattern one does sound good. How much is it ?

    • I know it takes much restraint from a curious personality and one that could have a go at just about anything! The Surface Pattern Designs one is over 3 modules, each of which can be taken separately or all together one after the other. There is an awesome early bird sale at the moment which is why I am so tempted, it’s a great saving on a course I’ve been keen to do for the past year now. Helen you can find out more information here Let me know how you go and what you decide. Liza xxx

  3. Beautiful illustrations Lina, they would look amazing as a pattern! I have been a fan of rachel taylor for quite some time now. Her prints are so utterly inspiring and joyous. I would love to do this course too, it’s just not affordable for me as a student. Would anyone know of any other courses that offer surface design tutorials at a cheaper price?

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