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Hi I know, I know where have all my regular blog posts gone?!  I think I may have somehow lost my blogging momentum the past couple of weeks.  Actually maybe if I’m really honest here with you, perhaps it’s more the fact that I’ve had too much on the go for what I can manage to keep up with it.  I really didn’t think adding one more thing to my regular week would cause too much disruption.  But, it’s definitely thrown me off-balance, sent me into a bit of a head spin, and thrown my weekly to do’s out the window!!  Michael would also add emotional melt downs, yes plural, to this!  I think my expectations of myself along with raising a young family are probably still a little out of whack.  Ok, yes a lot out of whack.  Will I ever learn?  Probably not.  I just can’t help it you guys, my enthusiasm always way outdoes my abilities.  My mind is constantly on the go with ideas and projects and things to do and people to see and ways to inspire and share some love and kindness with the world.  There’s so much, I need about 10 lifetimes to do it all.

I must say though this  Hello Soul Hello Business is an incredible e-course.  It’s certainly taking every little bit of energy, thought, and enthusiasm to keep up with it and all that it entails.  I do love the enthusiasm it generates.  It’s quite an addictive course, if a course can be addictive?!  But it’s just that – addictive.  It’s completely distracting me from everything else I would normally do in my regular week.  I want to be focusing my time, heart, thoughts and energy on HSHB 110% of the time.

Anyway apart from being distracted by this incredible course I also got a little distracted by tea and chocolates and conversation with my best friend tonight.  A rare treat to spend time with her.  It’s so warming and special when we actually have the opportunity to enjoy uninterrupted time together.  So, on with my links, did I mention I’m just a little distracted lately…and the countdown to midnight is on…

Craft Victoria.  One of my favourite past times of living inner city was enjoying a weekend wander about the city.  I happily spent hours wandering the streets and hidden laneways of Melbourne.  Every visit would bring a new discovery, a new experience, and usually a shared conversation with a new friend.  Craft Victoria is one little place of beauty and inspiration found within the streets of Melbourne, now on Flinders Lane.  Craft Victoria  was actually established in 1970 as The Craft’s Council of Victoria, and came about due to the worldwide interest in craft.  You can read more about the Australian craft movement here.

Today Craft Victoria’s mission is “to bring together a vibrant and sustainable contemporary craft and design community in Victoria and nationally, which represents, promotes and celebrates all craft practitioners”. 

Craft Victoria hosts talks, exhibitions, festivals and showcases new student work and emerging designers and artists.  It also has such a wonderful collection of Australian Designers and Artist’s products and artworks found at their very own shop which you can also view online.  And yes of course they have a blog too. 

Here is one of my current favourite incredibly talented Australian crafters featured here at Craft Victoria.

Goldenink Porcelain Bangle.  I love the work of these two girls, Abbey Seymore and Katherine Wheeler.  Their collaboration is perfectly complimentary.  One designs and illustrates whilst the other creates the final piece.  You can read more about these talented girls here.  I just love our Australian jewellers and admire many, but the work of these girls is beautiful; soft organic forms, sensual materiality, and fine contemporary detail.  These truly are hand crafted pieces.  They remain on my wish list (o”

It’s just slipped past midnight and Flynn has awoken from his slumber, Michael and I have both tried re-settling him, so he’s currently in our bed with Michael awaiting Mama to come and join them…will our nights of non-waking toddlers ever return?  Sweet dreams everyone, I guess you’ll be reading this one tomorrow!

Liza xxx


8 thoughts on “link love

  1. My husband always says he just needs one more day in the week….I say he would just make himself busier! i am dying to hear more about HSHB…so far the little tidbits I have heard here and there sound very inspiring. I am keeping it in mind for next year. I have decided to sign up for Rachels Surface pattern design course…yipeee…cant wait!I have a feeling that you took her course too?? April now feels like forever, but it will get here soon enough and hopefully with some springlike weather. Love reading your posts…I feel like you re just around the corner! AND yes, with regards to kids…there will come a time when you cant get them out of bed and it too will drive you crazy!!! Trust me…

    • Mmmm yes I think more time would definitely = more work. It would take discipline to not load up another day, especially when there’s so much I’m inspired by at the moment. You will love HSHS! I highly recommend it, but take it up when you have some clear focused time and don’t do it along side any other courses or committments as it’s very involved. It’s fabulous (o: Surface pattern design has been on the top of my list to do’s for a while now as I have 2 options to produce patterned work but I don’t actually know the best way to do it. I really wanted to enrol last time but didn’t have the money, so fingers crossed for next enrolement, maybe I’ll be doing it along with you. That would be fun! Glad you’re enjoying these posts, I have been a little worried my blog has been not as inspiring of late as I’ve been so busy with HSHB. Lxxx

  2. Hi Liza, I was sleep deprived for years with my little girl, so I know what it feels like. Now she’s nearly 20 and still doesn’t sleep well!! Glad you’re enjoying your course…don’t worry about missing your regular posts, it makes it even sweeter to read when you do! x

    • Hi Malini, it still lights me up to know you pop in here to read my posts, thankyou (o: Mmmm sleep deprivation is hard sometimes, I can deal with the lack of sleep, but not so much with the grumpy moodiness that comes with it, no fun at all. We need to break these boys habits of waking early hours and coming into our bed, 4 in the bed is a bit much (o” Thankyou for easing my mind with the lack of regular posts. Have a lovely weekend Malini xxx

  3. I love the idea of porcelain bracelets. These are beautiful! There is someone on Etsy who makes them out of vintage tea cups too. I am such a clutz I would manage to have them broken on their first wearing out into the world! I wish we could catch up and have tea too! Soon I hope!!! Shae xo

  4. I really should be in bed. I have been reading your blog for an hour, gosh may-be longer. I love the way you write. Straight from the heart. You are a beautiful person Miss Liza. Keep up the good work. I am off to bed.

    • Wow, that is a long time reading in here. Thank-you I’m glad my writing is being enjoyed, it is very much written from my heart. Sometimes I find this really difficult, but it’s the only way it flows, so I just allow it to be what it is. Thank-you dear friend for your lovely support and beautiful friendship xxx

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