link love

This week I have some links for the guys I know that read my blog, yes you’re not alone ladies (O”

image courtesy of the Smith Journal

First up is the Smith Journal.  A very new quarterly magazine purposely designed and edited mainly for men.  It’s aim is to slow you guys down, get you to stop and take some time for yourselves to enjoy a little reading about everything from stories about people, photography, film, travel, architecture, adventures, science, music, food, art…yes and a whole lot more.  It looks pretty darn smart too.  Volume 1 is out now and Volume 2 is to be released in March 2012.

image courtesy of Green magazine

Next up is the Green Magazine one of my husband Michael’s favourite mags to read.  Green is all about sustainable building projects.  Everything from new homes and renovations to garden projects and innovative projects using recycled materials.  I also love the feel of the paper that this is printed on and the matt print.  I’m often sneaking of with it to read for myself too.  Michael enjoys it for the crafted nature of the featured building projects and it’s exploration of using common building materials.  The latest copy is available to order here.

image courtesy of Duckfat

The last of my links for you guys today is Duckfat which was launched by the Duckfat team late last year.  They’re new to the field of collectables, industrial design, art and paraphenalia but they’re certainly in the know for spotting a good find that you’ll just have to have in your home or office.  In fact their finds are so hot that they’re often selling from their Facebook page before they’re even advertised on their official website!  So don’t be the last to know, go check them out now…here.

I hope you guys enjoy these links and the girls too of course.  I’ll aim to mix it up a bit too in future with my featured weekly links of inspiration.  Enjoy!

Liza xxx


4 thoughts on “link love

  1. Oh yes the Smith Journal is great I loved the sticker on the first one about for men but women can look too. I bought it for Simon on the look and feel of it. I liked the texture and layout on the front page. The sticker pulled me in for the buy. He loved it to the point it fell to bits. I have been awaiting the next issue. Thank-you for letting us know. Did you know it is made 20 minutes from here ?

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