last weeks wrap up…

Hello, hello, apologies for my late post and missed posts.  This post has loads of photos to make up for it I promise X Here’s the first of many (o”

My lil boys Tully & Flynn have both had a bout of Gastro since late last week, so I’ve been kept busy with laundry, bathing, holding buckets, cleaning, nurturing, cuddling, reading and singing to, and taking care of my lil ones day and night.  Never fun seeing them so sick.

looking pretty tired after no sleep Friday night

Tully said to me yesterday afternoon “I don’t want to be sick anymore Mama, please make Tully better.”  All Mama’s should be given magic wands with the birth of children, breaks my heart hearing him talk like this.  It also makes me even more aware of such difficult, heart wrenching times parents of very ill children must face daily.

unusual for Tully to fall asleep during the day

On a happier note I have a newly completed painting to share with you today.  I finished this last Thursday.

I love the shifting layers of colour and the beautiful patterns I’ve created on the right.  Can you find the heart?  I still find these small canvases so hard to work with.  Once they’ve all been used I don’t think I’ll be buying any more.  I’ll just paint big and bigger.

I know it’s actually the start of the week but as I missed last weeks “weekly moment” and “weekly wrap up” I thought I’d post a few photos from my past week for you today as a bit of a catch up.  With the cooler weather we’ve had this past week I’ve enjoyed cooking from one of my favourite cookbooks “Super Natural Everyday”, by Heidi Swanson.  It’s full of great recipes, but also images that make you drool and feel like you just have to cook!We enjoyed a Wild Rice casserole on Tuesday night which to me is just good, hearty, nurturing soul food.  Think wild rice, brown rice, mushrooms, cheeses, thyme, sage…

And over the weekend we enjoyed baking and eating a Buttermilk Cake which I substituted the suggested plums for seasonal white nectarines and fresh blueberries.

Michael always makes a really good coffee each day too, actually this is my saviour most days.  To think now I never used to drink coffee!  Each day the two of us look forward to this little ritual of sitting down together with a beautiful cup of smooth, creamy coffee in hand and a few moments to share.  Don’t worry we don’t always eat cake (o”

Earlier last week the boys had fun giggling and shrieking playing under the parachute with Daddy.  It was pretty funny watching Flynn’s gorgeous white blonde hair become static. 

Tully enjoyed a beautiful walk through our local nature reserve earlier in the week with Michael.  He’s definitely an outdoors soul, and loves the freedom of exploring in the bush.  He enjoys not having to hold hands, always leading the way, finding flowers, leaves and pods to bring home for Mama and exploring the trails, crossing bridges, and looking for lizards.  We’re very lucky to have this gorgeous walk run off our street along the creek. 

Michael and I also decided at the end of last week that we need some us time.  A weekly ritual, just the two of us, quality time, once again.  So after we drop the boys off at daycare we’ll head off for an hour together to enjoy a lovely early morning walk together along our local beach.    We’re with each other every day at home but it’s not really quality time together as such, more so doing time, so this shall be very much treasured us time.  Michael’s still not keen on the walking and wants to go for a run instead.  I replied, ummmm that’s fine but there won’t be much talking coming from me, more like gasping for air!  I haven’t ran properly since I was 8 weeks pregnant with Tully!

These photos were taken last Friday when we enjoyed our first walk along the beach together, just the two of us.  The sun wasn’t shinning but it was beautiful and calm and uplifting.  And…we got to talk continuously without Tully yelling repetitively at us “excuse me Mummy & Daddy…!” Here’s hoping my little munchkins are back on track again now and our days find their natural rhythm again.  Wishing you all a great week ahead and o o ooooo Happy Valentines Day for tomorrow xxx


4 thoughts on “last weeks wrap up…

  1. Hope your sweet boys are quickly on the mend. My son and daughter are twenty-somethings now, but I well remember that feeling of exhausted joy when they begin to perk up. Love your painting! Good for you and your man, making a plan for some one on one time!

  2. oh Liza… it surely breaks your heart to see your little boys so sick. They certainly seem well taken care of…i loved that little bed on the floor (with the bucket nearby!)… too precious. Wishing you a wonderful week. Those paintings are incredible. You’ve definitely got something there. xoxo

    • Hi Pauline, it does, wish I could magically make them better straight away when they’re feeling like that. (O: Yes Tully loves laying in his teepee and he happened to fall asleep there, he really wasn’t well at all looking back on that photo. Thanks for your feedback on my smaller paintings, it’s much appreciated. Wishing you a wonderful week too, today I’m off to paint in my studio yay (O: x

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