weekly inspiration

Wow, what a week!  There’s been little rest or sleep or down time this week.  I’ve been up, I’ve been down, and my heads been spinning around and around.  And yes my desk is cluttered and covered in mess again!  This is how it looks right now.

There’s been more and more inspiration and learning to do over in Hello Soul Hello Business.  It was only week 3 and it really feels like years of learning already.  Life learning, business learning, soul learning.  I am so impressed by this course and can highly recommend it, yes even before I’ve completed it!  

I spent half of Wednesday painting and progressed a little with much frustrated dabbling, mess making and finally a little more work on a now completed painting that I just adore.  You can read all about that over here.  I did name it after all as some of you kindly pointed out to me “Little Wonder” and it is now for sale here

I’ve been organizing and working on preparations and registrations for Flora Bowley’s Melbourne Bloom True Workshop in June 2012.  WOW she is in hot demand!  This workshop was announced Friday morning and by the afternoon I had a shortlist!!  There is now a waiting list in case there are any cancellations.  I’m amazed at the swift response for this workshop.  I think it was a great initiative of Flora’s to establish and set up her fabulous new e-course “Bloom True the e-course”.  This will enable so many more to experience her incredibly inspiring approach to life and her unique intuitive painting process.  The e-class starts tomorrow and I believe registrations have now been filled, however, she will be offering this e-course again later in the year, so do keep a close watch over on her website if you are interested.  

What else has kept me so busy and inspired this past week…I somehow kept up with the washing and housework for a change, hehe, busy yes, inspiring no!  I have noticed something curious, I’ve been doing a lot of mindless sketching whilst I’ve been listening to audio for my class or while I’m sitting thinking about something for class.  I seem to draw randomly when I’m thinking about things and pondering ideas and dreams.  I’ve also been noticing more and more the micro detail of the ordinary environment all around me.  Michael keeps exclaiming “what are you looking at?”

The latest edition of Paper Runway arrived safe n’ sound in my mailbox on Tuesday which I was super excited about…I havn’t had a chance to even flick through it yet, but I’m really looking forward to finding some down time this week to take a peek! 

Michael picked up a new job on Saturday morning too and I so love this barn…what an awesome studio space this could be…ohhhhh to dream of my ideal studio space…one day it will be.

Liza xxx



2 thoughts on “weekly inspiration

  1. It was wonderful to hear all about your busy week and that you are enjoying HSHB – definitely something I need to consider taking along with Flora Bowly’s Bloom True – thanks for the great recommendations!

    • Hi Kathleen, I’ve just seen yesterday that you have won a place in Flora’s current e-course and I can tell you I am over the moon happy for you (o: Enjoy sweetie, you’ll have a ball and I look forward to hearing all about it! Liza xxx

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