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I’ve been thinking about what I was going to write for this post all day yesterday.  I didn’t get time to paint this week as I lost a day due to the Australia Day public holiday and then little Tully had a fall at daycare on Friday and ended up coming home mid morning.  So no painting time for me this week.  I’ve drawn a few doodles here and there but nothing significant worth sharing.  And I’ve just looked back through my weeks worth of photos and there’s not much inspiration there either.  So what has inspired me this week?!

Words!  Words have been inspiring me this week.  The time I have had this week I have spent reading my Hello Soul Hello Business lessons, completing the exercises and writing, writing, writing.  I love words!  And a week focusing primarily on them has been really quite powerful and emotive.  A month or so ago now a friend posted this Dr Seuss saying and this is so true and reassuring for me on a daily basis at the moment.  Not to mention Dr Seuss was my childhood favourite books!

I love the power of words.  I love their meaning, their voice, their intention, their messages, their little reminder to us to read them, act on their message, and then just be and listen within.  I have a renewed love for affirmations lately.  I’ve always been aware and understood the power of these little sayings, phrases and statements.  But just recently I am seeing fabulous, timely, meaningful affirmations that speak to me in some way everywhere I look.  My keyboard is covered with little slips of paper with various affirmations written on them in different colours to inspire me every time I sit down at my desk.  I’ll share some with you here;

    “we have to be the change that we wish to see in the world” – Gandhi 

Have you ever noticed 99.9999% of your problems are in the past or future?  They are very rarely in the now. So leave your problems in the past, your challenges in the future and centre on the now.  Connect to the joy, love, strength & crea…tivity that is always within you and enjoy the perfection of this moment. And, as you do so, notice how your future effortlessly becomes a continuous flow of light, energy and happiness. – posted by a friend

“Get a life in which you are generous.”  – Pulitzer Prize winning author Anna Quindlen

“you have to put yourself out there if you want the universe to come rushing in”   – Kelly Rae Roberts

“Sing that song that you hear in heart, draw that rainbow that you see within & dream that dream, as it’s not as scary as it seems” – Liza Zeni

Something else I found myself enormously inspired by this past week was creating and completing my very own vision board.  I have for years wanted to do this exercise and have never seemed to find the time, perhaps made the time, to do it.  Well finally I have done it and I loved the process so much and all that it made me think about, consider, and ponder, that I think I’ll do another perhaps in 6 months time, rather than waiting til next year.  Here’s a couple of photos of parts of my inspirational vision board.  The finer small text was very hard to photograph at night so my apology as some you can’t make out. 

I’m tempted to stay up and watch the rest of the mens tennis final that’s being played live on tv right now, but I think I should really go and get some sleep.  I’ll have two energetic little munchkins to enjoy and play with all day tomorrow so best get me some rest!  Have a fabulous week and I’d love to hear about your own vision boards if you’ve done one for the year.

Liza xxx


6 thoughts on “weekly inspiration

    • You’ll love it when you get started Isabel. It’s really relaxing flicking through images & cutting them out. And when it comes to putting it all together it really gets your mind wondering and thinking about all the possibilities. Allow plenty of time though, I really underestimated how long I was actually going to spend doing this. That was an awesome match!! xxx

  1. That sounds like a great week! Sometimes its good to change your weekly habits as it sparks creativity in other ways..for you, playing and thinking about words and the creation of your fab vision board.I love the quote about centering in on the now. I need that taped to the fridge or computer somewhere as a daily reminder. We had a great Aussie day here! Very busy and fun…they are a bit crazy though. Off to watch the tennis now…pvr’ed it!
    Have a great week!
    Julie x

    • Hi Julie, I know my weeks have definitely taken on a different feeling and program the pasat couple of weeks since starting HSHB. My concentration to do any art has gone out the door even though I actually feel the need to do my art. Does that actually make any sense? I want to paint at the moment but I just can’t get into. I think I’m just meant to write and write and write and dabble at the moment while I journey through this 10 week course… Glad to hear you guys enjoyed Oz Day too, that’s fabulous! Hope you’re having a fabulous week, I bet your just thinking, bring on Flora Bowley E-course, enjoy! xxx

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