my weekly moment

Hi everyone.  As you know last Friday I started up something new for me “a weekly moment”.  A single photo with no words, title or caption, from the past week that I want to remember and savour forever.  Something simple yet special to me.  So here’s this weeks moment;

PS.  I just wanted to also sneak this in here and give you this link to a great article in the latest Dumbo Feather zine worth taking the time to read.

“What gives you the courage to say, okay, if I lean into the discomfort of these feelings and name them, then I can make more authentic choices and be more authentically myself?”

They’ve had such a great response to it in the latest edition of the zine, that they’ve published it in full on their website.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Well I’m off to package up and post an order for one of my prints, check my to do list, make a call, finish my huge pile of folding, and then paint, yay!  Happy Friday everyone and have a fabulous weekend.

Liza xxx


5 thoughts on “my weekly moment

    • So glad to hear you’re enjoying it. That this was published in the latest edition of Dumbo Feather is so timely for me. Really insightful and as you say very powerful words to sit with and ponder. Enjoy and I hope it brings something to you as well. xxx

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