Today I have been finishing off some little ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards) to swap in the monthly swap I take part in with my Flying Tribe from the Flying Lessons e-course I did last year.  The February theme is LOVE for Valentines Day.

our wedding day

When I think of love I think of Michael and I.  We met in 2001 and eloped together just the two of us in Koh Samui in 2005.  I never really thought I’d get married.   I really didn’t appreciate all that it meant when I was younger.  My understanding was limited and to me it was just a piece of paper, a mutually signed agreement between man and woman, no emotion, no commitment, no longevity, just a piece of paper.  So I just didn’t really think much about it.  This kind of changed when I met Michael.  I say “kind of” with a giggle because this all sounds so cliché.  It’s true though, as soon as I met him I just knew he was the perfect mate for me.  We talked about marriage very early on in our relationship, like the first few months!  It didn’t scare me, it didn’t make me close up, or shut down my emotions, it instead opened me up.  I felt relaxed, I felt happiness and I felt warmth like I’d never felt before.  I felt like I’d found where I needed to be.  With Michael. 

I had started these ATC’s a couple of weeks ago and decided I had to finish them today, but I was juggling my little boys as well.  So I thought, that’s ok we can all draw together.  I set Flynn up with some magic textas and a colouring pad, and Tully with the biggest sketch book I could find (A2) to eliminate any drawing on the table as he was testing out his new textas that Santa gave him.

"Love is wafting up to find your Heart"

We’d only been drawing for 5 minutes and I looked up to see Flynn had discarded the colouring pad and was drawing on the table.  Invisible ink yes, but it was like a snail trail across the dining table.  I quickly ran round to Flynn’s side of the table and removed all markers and got him some stickers to stick instead.

"Love, it surrounds us, open your Heart, and it will find you"

Walking back around the table I pass Tully and notice that he’s instead left the big beautiful clear white paper just that, clear and white, and has taken to drawing bright red texta all over his cheeks and upper top lip!  I don’t even wear lipstick, so just where do toddlers get this from?  Anyway that was the end of our lovely art session together.  I can’t wait for them to be that little bit older as I know we could have so much fun together!  And they do love it, but I just can’t watch them both 100% of the time.  Boys!  My gosh so so sooo different to the little girls I’ve met who sit and draw, on their own, on the paper, for hours and hours.

"Love surrounds us, just open your Heart"

Anyway I finished my little cards off while Flynn later slept and they’ll make their way over to America in the mail tomorrow, yay!  While I was adding some detail I was thinking of little phrases and affirmations to add to them.  I don’t usually use words or affirmations in my art but just recently I’ve felt the need to.  I think with all the internal thinking and writing I’ve been doing recently this year it’s really focused my mind on particular words and affirmations.  Michael has been laughing at me this week, as each night I’ve popped a hand written affirmation on his computer keyboard for him.

"Love is joyful, a journey within, Love is breath taking"

What does this little four little word that holds so much for so many mean to you?  Do you believe in love?  Have you found your love?  I now also understand love to be even more than just my relationship between Michael and I.  For me love has unfolded, revealed itself even more on a much deeper level.  I now also have an understanding of love for children.  Love is personal, it is sacred, it is treasured deeply within.  Love is to be shared, celebrated, shouted out loud.  Love is unique, special and inspiring. 

Liza xxx

PS.  I am LOVING my Hello Soul Hello Business e-course!


8 thoughts on “LOVE

    • Thanks Michelle, it was a beautiful day just the two of us, we were and still are very happy. My dress (O: not exactly white…I think some of the colourful artist in me was coming out even back then!! x

  1. Beautiful and fun post, Liza! Your boys sound adorable…
    and fyi, my daughter (who’s now in college for design)
    drew on her bedroom walls regularly:) Love the words
    in your art!

    • Thank-you Lisa. I love writing here and it’s another way for me to share and express my inner self and thoughts. Oh wow! That’s fabulous she’s maintained her creative flair from her childhood. What type of design is she interested in? She’ll have a wonderful time exploring that. Get her to do some work experience in her college break and travel (for the cultural experience and discovering of herself), this is so important especially if it’s a long course. Just so that at the end of it she isn’t burnt out and also knows exactly what part of design she wants to go into and has an insight into what it’s really all about in reality.
      You mightn’t know this as we’ve only just met but my professional background (that I’m now leaving up to my husband) is Architecture and my husband and I have our own Architectural practice. When I dropped Tully (my oldest son) at daycare last friday I was talking to his career and she was talking about his personality and said (she didn’t know our professional backgrounds) he just loves the outdoors and working things out, exploring, this is where his passion is, I could see him being an Architect when he grows up. She saw my expression and said oh what? I laughed and I said we’re both Architects and we so don’t want our sons taking over the family business LOL!
      Liza xxx

    • Thank-you Nel. I was very relaxed & Happy and still are. It was perfect purely because it was just the two of us, it was about us and no one else, and that was all that mattered or that we had to worry about that day. I still remember waking that morning and laying in bed talking together and saying hey we’re getting married today! This is so not how I expected to feel, ie. we were relaxed happy and not having to rush around and miss the moment of just being together on our wedding day. It was perfect! Lxxx

    • Hi Donna, great to meet you and lovely you’ve popped by over here. Where are you based? I’m on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Yeah (O” happy straya day mate LOL Hope you’re enjoying HSHB it’s certainly full of all expectation and much much more! Lx

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