weekly inspiration

I thought this year it would be nice to do a weekly post each Sunday wrapping up my week alongside some visual inspiration I’ve come across.

Tully, Flynn & I at The Briars

It’s been a busy week in the Baker (my surname, Zeni is my middle name for those of you that didn’t know this) home.  Both Michael and I have been doing some business analysis and marketing so using up any spare second of time we have to devote to these very important areas that constantly need work and re-assessment.  My course Hello Soul Hello Business began for me on Monday night, and wow, what an intense first week!  I’m loving the exploration of self and my business though, really intriguing and revealing.  It’s going to be a great outcome at the end of this course, but a very intense 10 weeks.  I’m longing for more time to get through the reading and exercises but I think I’m just going to have to deal with some late nights for a couple of months.

quick summer salads for dinner so we can get stuck in to evening work

I bid farewell to another sold painting this weekend.  My beautiful Hibiscus painting completed last year has found a new home to be enjoyed by its beautiful new owners.  It couldn’t have gone to anyone more lovely and special than these dear friends.  This piece has been incredibly popular and could have had more than one buyer of the original itself!!  The prints available in my Etsy shop have been selling really well, one of the most popular prints so far.  It was such a joy to paint this that I will be painting a series in this style this year, so stay tuned for these.

"Hibiscus" copyright Liza Zeni 2012

The weather has been perfect down here this week.  Beautiful mild sunny days, warm enough to get outdoors and enjoy, but not so hot that you just feel fatigued.  We have enjoyed a couple of walks with the boys this week.  Well, they rather end up being strolls with me stopping every 3 paces or so to take a photo of some piece of native flora!  We’ve enjoyed The Briars, Coolart, and Somers.  Here’s some photos of native elements that caught my eye and will be seen in both my sketch book and my paintings.

loving these borer trails on this dead tree trunk

Tawny Frogmouth birds (not owls)

bridge at The Briars down to the beach

this pink tone features regularly in my paintings

my favourite tone of yellow, also my favourite colour

We’ve enjoyed a couple of beautiful lunches at home with friends this weekend.  I love this time of year for these occasions.  Always relaxing, generally spontaneous, and I just love catching up with friends when we can.  We need to do more of this during 2012 and make more regular trips to our dear Melbourne friends whom we weren’t able to get up to visit much last year.

LOVE bees & yellow

The latest issue of my favourite zine Dumbo Feather is out now and it features an interview with long admired artist Del Kathryn Barton, and a few other interesting people.  Definitely worth taking the time to grab yourself a copy and read.  You can hear the Editor Patrick Pittman describing here this fabulous latest edition of Dumbo Feather.  http://youtu.be/3erPwAbELFQ

Time for me to get stuck back into some class work now.  Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead, and I look forward to sharing more inspiration with you during the week to come.

Liza xxx


2 thoughts on “weekly inspiration

    • Google them you’ll find more images. My boys love owls and me, but these are local down here we’re we now live. I still don’t know a lot about them, but they’re beautiful the way they camoflage so beautifully against our bush tones. Lx

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